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Googleshng - November 8 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Twenty degree weather plus windows open=Sick Google. Of course, when I say that, what I really mean is broken skylights, not open windows.

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I thought this guy here was dead...

rudyxx: FF VII is basically about a group of radical left-wing militants who are fighting an evil corporation for its misdeeds against the environment, ultimately resulting in the deaths of many innocents and employees of the company all for "the greater good".

Once again, rudy is confusing FF7 with Captain Planet. Make him stop, please.

-- LB

You know, I always found it odd that they even bothered summoning him. Any given one of those rings quite frankly was just as effective by itself, and they weren't rendered useless by styrofome containers either.


Just thought you might get a kick outta this


That's interesting, but I'd be much more impressed by actual ultra-cute Lovecraftian horrors than little girls dressed as them.

Where's the beef?

Hey Google,

You and Onswah said that it was his last time as guest host. I didn't even see that it said he got the game or anything. But anyways, did he get the game, and what game was it?

Also, when Onswah said that another company translated it and redoes it and puts it on a portable system. I personally think Lunar sucks anyways, it being too repetitive, as there are less than five abilities for each character. But the thing that I was going to say, is that Lunar: Legend was done by the original company, that working designs didn't redo the game. They only did the PSX versions of them and did a really good job in translating them, it's just the games sucked to begin with.

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Not sure if Onswah has gotten his copy of Dual Hearts yet, but he's since been hired by the news department around here, so I'll double check soon enough.

As for your confusingly worded comments on the Lunar series, I feel the need to point out that Working Designs didn't just handle the PSX ports of the Lunar games. They also did the original translations way back when.

The Last Laugh:

Bah to being sick. I need to go spend a day drinking the spinal fluid out of a few goats or something to get back in the swing of things, so tomorrow you'll have a substitute. Don't go doing that thing where you all trade names just to mess with him, or there'll be a pop quiz Monday.

Googleshng "What a bizarre way to depict a fallen angel."

Frelling microbes...

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