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Googleshng - November 4 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's times like this I wish I wasn't such a slave to convention. If I didn't always do my intro first I could get a nice zing in after this next line.

Onswah: It's amazing how fast three weeks can go.

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Xenosaga spoilers in here somewhere

Greetings, Your Sliminess and Onswah.

Has no one yet mentioned that "Fuzzy pickles!" is what your party says in Earthbound when the camera guy drops in? Apologies if I missed that letter; I've been shamefully shirking my readership duties the past week.

On to questions.

1. I've been excited about Star Ocean 3, though I felt Star Ocean 2 was a letdown in the second half. Has either of you put down pre-order money for SO3 yet? That and Xenosaga 2 could be the only games I preorder in the near future.

1. Seeing as I really don't have gobs and gobs of excesses cash I have been holding off on pre-ordering and buying games. However, if there is a really great preorder bonus I'm totally doing it. I would like to get SO3 when it comes out, and if all goes well I should be done with SO2 by then as well.

Didn't much care for SO2, so I'll be giving 3 a miss.

2. Spoilers!

Do you think there is some chance KOS-MOS and chaos are early incarnations of Fei and Elly? I've thought so for a while, and Elly and Nephilim (whom I believe inhabits KOS-MOS) do share a voice actress. It seems to me that Nephilim is acting through KOS-MOS whenever her eyes turn blue.

I seem to remember a rumor somewhere that said that the name of the asteroid area would be an important theme in the series. Pleroma being a Gnostic term associated with duality and all, it would make sense if those two opposite forces were the same ones that would go on to become the interacting statues in the Nisan Sanctuary and the hero and heroine we loved in the first game.

Of course, deviations from the original Xenosaga plot could ruin all the speculation there, but there's not anything more I can do.


2. Interesting... I'm still not too sure what to make of most of Der Wille zur Macht. Yeah I'm just gonna play that instead of answering the rest of these questions.

I'm largely against the whole wild speculization deal.

3. Does anyone else get the idea that the Galka will be neglected in FFFXI? Everything I've heard about magic being necessary later on might make people play as the other races, but that could mean Galka will be especially valuable.

3. Mac User


4. Doesn't the first hair color on the fourth female Hume look just like Laguna?

4. Again Mac User. Well to be fair on these points, I really don't care for MMORPGs so it's not like I'm waiting with baited breath for the PS2 version to come out.

Ditto once more.

5. Was anyone else mildly disappointed with the GBA Lunar game? One of the things I love about Lunar is how hard it can be at times compared to the average game out there nowadays, and I blew through an imported version of that game without breaking a sweat or being able to read Japanese.

5. Nothing could be greater than taking a game you really like, having another company translate it, dumbing down all aspects of it, and making it portable. 1 out of 3...lemme check the math..... Yep 33% F-.

The PSX port of Lunar was handled very nicely and had a Working Designs translation. The GBA port is two big steps back.

6. If you were a gaming console, which one would you be?

6. I'd like to be a TurboGraphix16, all sweet and awesome with my ability to play my games on the really beautiful handheld device, but in my heart I know I'm a VirtualBoy; awkward.

Atari 5200. Born at the beginning of the 80s and broke 9 times out of 10.

7. Of all the textbooks you have ever used, which was your favorite?


7. Composition in Counterpoint By Salzer and Schacter

I've never seen one that didn't suck to be honest.

Some people need a vist from the goddess Apearlo I think.

Hey Google,

I just wanted to say I agreed with what you said on UNLIMITED Saga. The map on UNLIMITED Saga is just like a map on any other RPG say like Final Fantasy 7 which everyone seems so fascinated by for some strange reason. The only thing is the fact that you move your character one space at a time, which I think is a stupid reason for anyone to hate the game. The only reason I'd see to hate the game is the reel system outside of battle, you only get to see one spot before the place it stops, and the fact that the PS2 controller has that effect about how hard you press it, making it suck badly for UNLIMITED Saga, where you have to press down on the X button hard in order for it to stop right where you want it when you want it, or else you'll hear the sound, and then it will keep going, and the other stop sound will stop a second later. So it's just like any other RPG but it's alot more difficult and involves a sortof strategy in battles.

Also, I don't know about putting everything with Wild Arms 2 in the original Wild Arms, but hopefully they won't use that FP system for every ability in the game that they used for the second(mainly when firing ARMs, because needing FP to fire your ARMs as well as having a certain amount of bullets for them, made all of Ashley's ARM's basically worthless).

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Um... 42?

It worked well enough in WA3 where everyone used an ARM, but the FP system doesn't lend itself to the others at all.

Very bad. Not good. Go around.


I was rummaging through the games index and I came across Final Fantasy OAV. Do you know whether there's anyway I could still get it, or whether it's even worth trying to find?


Wasn't there something about Final Fantasy Unlimited having the letter OAV attached to it? If it is indeed FF Unlimited my source on all things anime says it's a good buy.

No, the FF OAV series is much older than FFU there. Both are however by nearly all accounts complete garbage not even worth a glance. I can attest to that first hand with the OAV by the way.

Fun with the industry.

Hi, Goog & Onswah,

I was catching up on the Q&A column & read that the publisher gets the rights to sequels rather than the developer. I don't understand how this works. My little brain keeps trying to compare the relationship to writers & publishers; yet it seems in the video game world, the developers get the short end of the stick (imagine Stephen King's publisher telling him that Danielle Steele is going to write the next book in the "Dark Tower" series!). Could you please explain how this works?

Onswah, hope you had fun as guest writer. Enjoy Dual Hearts!


To my understanding the publisher either bankrolls the project or buys the game after it is completed. The developer makes the game, because that is what their company does. The publisher then distributes the game because that's what their company does. Both make decent scratch and the cycle continues. How'd I do Google?

Both of you are pretty much on the money yeah. The same sort of thing also applies incidently to non-electronic games and movies incidently.


You know, even if most people had keyboards for PS2 FF11, do you really think "complex thoughts" would get typed anyway?

Remember PSO. "u GOT any RArEZ? i duP em"


My brief foray into Everquest has made me realize that most of the people playing the games are.....Story time! One of my best friends is a die hard EQ fan. He's been playing since it came out and he has become hopelessly addicted, he doesn't work all he does is play. He has driven 2 hours away from his best friends who all took off work just so they could hang out together just to go back and raid VT...whatever the hell that is. Anyways moral of the story: MMORPGs will suck your soul out.

I got out of PSO well before the period when it started occuring to people to make obscene smiley faces and such actually. I find most people playing MMORPGs though either don't talk at all, or run around in their underwear hitting on people.


I don't think that guy was referring to Lololo at all. I think he was trying to say "laughing out loud out loud out loud out Locke". He was making a reference to stupid people who think that just LOL isn't obnoxious enough.

BL Alien

He was actually using the shorthand version of the phrase "look over lower on left ok?" but he probably just assumed it was common knowledge by now.

Leave me to my odd jokes you!

The Last Laugh:

Onswah: Alright it looks like this is my last time doing this. Google it has been a blast. A quick thanks to everyone who wrote in and Googleshng for starting back up the Guest Host for games. Oh and before I go I figure I might as well plug my website, Peace.

Google: Yup, new guest next week presumably.

Googleshng "There's no such thing as playing a little Civilization."

Curse ye Firaxis.

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