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Googleshng - November 3 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It strikes me that Johnny Mneumonic would be a much shorter movie if more people saved their documents as plain text. Just a thought.

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Greetings Googleshng,

First time writer for your column...etc. etc. This should be interesting. Here I go. How was your Halloween? Take your cats trick-or-treating? So last night, I was talkin to Theresa, then I killed her! No wait, that was THURSDAY!! Hmmm... What are your thoughts about the storylines in games? For example, the planet getting revenge in CC, or the lifestream in FFVII, what do you like? Now, I must bring Theresa back up to her cage in the attic. You know...the one that I once kept you in before you escaped. Til another day, and another time...


O' Shrouded One

My Halloween was rather dull really, although I made various presents for you people in my Halloween rant there. As for your question there though, that's more than a little obtuse. What do I think of games having stories? Well, they're a bit of a necessity really. How would I rate the story of the average game? Generally pretty cliché ridden. What sort do I like? The few that aren't so predictable I suppose.


Your quote about MMORPGs is almost totally correct. Indeed, most players in such games are reduced to nothing more than item hording, stat grabbing noob stompers.

However, should you have a decent base of friends whom are also interested in the game, this can change. You can have tons of fun simply ignoring the other 99% of the population and just questing out on your own.

Of course, if you want to do that, maybe D&D is a better investment. Way cheaper. Way more fun, not nearly as limiting.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth. -Reflection

Well even if you have friends with whom to mindlessly build levels, there really isn't any reward for doing so. I mean, I can just as easily sit here with a friend mastering every weapon in Secret of Mana, the difference is that it costs a whole lot less and we can eventually go win the game and see a nice little ending.


Dude. That wasn't a reference to Kirby. Lololocke is obviously a reference to the old Nintendo game 'Adventures of Lolo' the one where you're a radish or something, and you have to rescue the princess onion, or something along these lines.

Indirectly yes, but you see, yon reader said "Lolololocke." As you may recall, the Lolo of which you speak moonlights as a reoccuring boss in the Kirby games, under the name Lololo. I believe you're also confusing two games there.


there there your googleness!

Do you know of any software (free or otherwise) that i could use to extract movies or images out of PSX or PS2 disks?

and when playing ff11 on your ps2 is it difficult to communicate with other players since you don't have a keyboard?


I know of several such programs, but I couldn't recommend one without knowing exactly what you wanted it for, and even then I'm really not the best of sources to ask there.

As far as your FF11 question goes, it'd be rather moot in my case really. Assuming I actually had FF11, a PS2 modem, and a desire to play it, I'm typing this here column on a USB keyboard, which to my understanding I could hook up to yon console easily enough.

As far as non-keyboard input goes though, I'm told you can get by. You can't get any complex thoughts out at a reasonable pace of course, but bones are thrown.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow is Onswah's last guest hosting day, as a copy of Dual Hearts has been flung his way. Make sure you all give him a nice send-off, particularly with any questions you may have regarding Square games, the Lunar series, etc.

Googleshng "That tickles!"

You all did notice the easter egg if you fail to drag candy onto Coach Z yes?

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