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Googleshng - November 2 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I really need to get myself in the habit of plugging rants in them there Saturday columns. There's some spiffy stuff in there this week though. Oh yes, and somehow I managed to neglect to properly credit Onswah with the creation of that RPGamer pumpkin there.

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I'm not Square-Enix PR #1

Why did SquareEnix decided to make the movie now instead of making a side game like Final Fantasy VII-2.You know like Final Fantasy X-2.We all know what happens in the end of VII,it was cliffhanger.So why now they would make a movie instead of a game? im sure Final Fantasy fans would like to know

Here's two possibilities for you. 1- They wanted to do some more high end rendered stuff and couldn't find any other scripts. 2- They didn't have enough story to make a full game.

I'm not Square-Enix PR #2

This Latest game in the SaGa Series was a BOMB!!!!! Why did the Japanese assume that us americans would like a game like Unlimited SaGa? That game was so bad.My question is.Why was Unlimited SaGa not like SaGa Frontier 1 and 2 ? The game should of been at least like SaGa Frontier 1.Because the game was good but the graphics needed more artwork.They made Unlimted SaGa into a Milton Bradley Board game, that is mainly why the game was bad.Another question is. Why does game developers make their first installment interesting but the sequel totally different????example. Parasite Eve 1 was like Vagrant Story,but Parasite Eve 2 was a very poor wannabe replica of Resident Evil.

First off, I have a problem with people implying that Japan is a North Pole sort of magical place that creates games solely for the benefit of American audiences. That said, how is Unlimited Saga not like the SaGa Frontier games? It crams the whole seven character notion from 1 together with the graphical style and lack of backtracking from 2. The only thing different from both is the whole spartan boardgame style look when exploring dungeons, but if that's your only problem, I don't think you should be complaining so much.

As for why sequels often have nothing in common with the original game, the blame there usually goes to the publisher, not the developer. While I don't know off-hand if this is the case with Parasite Eve 2, as the sequel writes for a game go to the company that published it, rather than the people who actually developed it, publishers will frequently hire a new development team to make a sequel to someone else's popular game. This often yields garbage like Parasite Eve 2, Vandal Hearts 2, or Phantasy Star 3. On the other side of the coin of course, you do occassionally also get situations where switching dev teams gives you a game like Robopon 2, which is a great many times more enjoyable than the first one... although I still wouldn't really recommend it.

The name game.

I have thought of clever names for my FF11 character. They are all totally original and very awesome. But I cannot decide! Help me. My choices are:

1) Squallystrife

2) Sephcloudaeristhreeway

3) Kefkiroth

4) Frogtrigger

5) Lolololocke

6) Tifasbreastises

Please be very careful in your decision as I will use whichever you pick for me!

I assume you're joking here, but what's really scary is that those are probably all taken already. Not to mention all possible variants of Cid. On the off chance you're actually serious, I suppose I'd have to go with #5. You just don't see enough references to obscure Kirby characters.

Pretty sure I've mentioned this a few times before.

Hey googleshng, I don't know if it was you or someone else that said this, but didn't you like the original Wild Arms? If it was you, what do you think of the remake? Good, bad, or ugly?

I'm rather fond of Wild ARMs yes, and to a lesser extent the whole series. It stems largely from being perpetually hard up for a good adventure game fix. I'm not looking forward to the remake though, as the biggest changes advertised are adopting the odd mechanics that made me like the sequels a good deal less than the original.

The Last Laugh:

Once again go read this rant. It has nice happy treats you should all enjoy. Well, at least one of the treats should hold appeal to you at least.

Googleshng "It's like candy based on Schindler's List"

- Thor's reaction to the Fruit Drop tin.

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