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Googleshng - November 1 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

No, I'm not going for some weird sorta french thing with that title. I'm going for some weird sorta cowboy thing. On which note, I recently had a chance of watching a flim by the name of Jessie James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter. I was, quite frankly, disappointed to see that it featured a distinct lack of monsters made from dead people, and a near total lack of Jessie James. It's also false advertising to say daughter when you really mean granddaugher, but that's the least of my complaints.

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Long question, short answer.

Hiya Goog!

Have been following along Final Fantasy XI for about 2 years now, and with the release date upon me, I discovered that we US players will be integrated into the already established Servers, containing mostly Japanese players. If you were to 'aquire' a copy of the game, would you be more encouraged now to try it, knowing that you will be able to play with those in Japan? (they have an ingame translator of words/phrases to boot)

I know I'm looking forward to it more now =D

Setting aside the shady way in which you said 'aquire' there, how would being dumped into servers where everyone is already on super high levels be a good thing? I mean, the only thing there really is to do in MMORPGs is mindlessly build your levels up, and then impress the newbies with the results. This incidently would be my reason for not wanting to touch the genre to begin with.

Bad Discs, Bad Systems, Bad Calls.


I have a question that I would dearly like answered, for it has been driving me utterly mad in many different ways: The second disc of my copy of Final Fantasy 9 won't play on either my PlayStation or my PlayStation 2. Is this a problem with the disc or a problem with my systems? I had someone tell me it was a problem with my systems but I told them it wasn't likely.

Also - Were there two little-known Legend of Zelda titles released that featured Zelda as a main playable character? I remember reading it somewhere a few years ago but I'm not sure. Can you help me out here?


Sephira Netzach

If only the one disc is causing you problems, on two seperate systems, both of which have no problems with anything else, then yes, the safe bet's on the disc having problems.

As far as the Zelda question goes, the answer is a resounding "Not really." Way back when, for some reason Nintendo lent out the Zelda license, allowing some random idiots to make awful CD-i games starring Link and Zelda.

Uh... wow.

So I got bored handing out treats to all the kids fleecing the neighbor....err Trick or treating, I made this. Enjoy.

I never noticed how hard it was to render the swords shield and dragon in pumpkin before. Impressive.


how do u get to the girl behind the king in the wter realm i mean jaba guy i cant do it so can u help me please.

Time to Ride!!!

I make it a point not to pick on people's spelling or grammar as a general rule, but when you send a letter to be printed in a Q&A column like this, there's no excuse not to write out the word "you" and capitalize your Is. That said, as you neglected to mention which game it was you were stuck on, pick whichever hint applies: Give him a fish. Shoot the cows.

Incidently, you could just as easily have found this info from a walkthrough on this site.

Will there ever be a tactics game for the PS2?

Uh, that's a rather vague question there. TRPGs in general? Those are already there. Games by Quest, in the vein of Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics? Doesn't look too likely no.

The Last Laugh:

Incredibly amusing Disgaea character here. Hint: He's green and shows up in the last chapter.

Googleshng "Expect Halloween goodness from me and The Simpsons at once."

Happy goodness. As opposed to uh, that other kind.

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