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Googleshng - October 28 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

There is something deeply wrong with the internet tonight. I have nearly no spam.

Onswah: Let the pontification begin!

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"I before E except after C," said the weird scientist.

You said Strife isn't a verb - which of course is true - however Strive is a verb and bares no resemblance to the word Strife. The letter which you were referring to when you said Strife isn't a verb didn't use Strife as a verb it used Strive as a verb. So in reality you weren't wrong in saying Strife was not a verb, you just had no business saying such as thing in response to the letter you were trying to ridicule.

Feel fre to make fun of me if I am somehow mistaken...

Hey their grammar cop, stop trying to ruin are fun.

Wasn't doing any ridicule, I'm just saying that for a proper spoofing of that tongue twister, you have to actually use the second half of the name. I'll pass on the making of fun though.

Still no hiding the recycling from last week.

In response to the guy who commented about Sephiroth's hair being now-short in FF7:AC:

Apparently, as I infer from interviews, that character is not Sephiroth.

Problem solved.

I think the least of my concerns over Advent Children was Sephiroth's haircut. Who knows maybe it will blow me away. Maybe his stylist was right short is all the rage this season.

Continuing my earlier point, it would be cheating to say, for example "How much wrath wouldst Sephiroth hath if Sephiroth doth hath wrath?"

There sure is a lot of backreference in this bin of lost letters.

My definition of band is broad, I mean anything from a philharmonic orchestra to britney spears and anything in between. Also, on a sidenote do you think Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Nicholas D. Wolfwood have the same tailor?

My question is do you think Shiva ( the "real" one) will send the creator of Final Fantasy into Hades for eternal damnation for using a blue mostly naked woman as his representative summon while Odin has a semi correct interpretation?

While it is tempting to think of Hironobu Sakaguchi rotting in the 6th circle of hell for that atrocity, I'm sure Shiva's punishment will be less overt and far more vicious. How humiliating will it be to be the only one in the after life not invited to Shiva's Halloween party.

Hindu gods aren't generally much up for sending people to Hades. That's more the sort of thing Poseidon would do. I'd think Shiva would honestly be less upset over exchanging a pair of arms for a pair of boobs than getting stuck as the ice summon. What part of dancing death and destruction includes making snow cones?

Oh yes, and the point still stands on the music bit, although a game making use of a full orchestra could be neat from time to time.

Comic type things.

Wasn't a gal named Queen of Dorks makin' some sorta comic a while back? Haven't seen it in a while. If she's quit, I could take over. I draw the most incredible stick figures, and I don't require 3 emails a day to stay motivated.

I can even draw ASCII comics!

O It's hot!
--- /
It's cold!
(_) /


Your grasp of ASCII, while remarkable, lacks a certain fauve aspect that I have come to expect from the high art of Q&A. Alas I must defer to the demagogue of this illustrious column in such matters as to what to hang in the gallery. </pretentious ass>

There's actually quite a long history of cheesy little comics getting inserted into Q&A columns. It started like five years ago when some loser started attaching these stupid little comics about slimes to letters, along with the occassional screwed up bit of image edittery. But then I didn't have time to make those anymore, being too busy writing the column. Since then there's been that little one of Radrisol's, until he burned out, the silly stuff Chesh used to send in before landing a gig, and Queenie's comics there. Of course, she vanished mysteriously at the same time Andrew did, which I suppose leaves the door open for someone else to start flinging wacky in-joke doodles my way.

I don't THINK this is the same Queenie...

Hey Goog,

Sorry about the unclarity (Is that even a word?? o_0) of my last email. I meant to define classics as games from the Super NES and down. And also, I never meant to say that Legend of Mana was a "Classic", that's why I put it in parentheses. Anyway...

I've been playing Super Mario RPG lately (Almost beat it!) and, like I said before, it rocks. I also loved Paper Mario for the N64, and I'm eagerly awaiting Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for the GBA. Is it just me, or is Nintendo just REALLY GOOD at making RPGs? They should do that more often... if they did, Nintendo could become the RPG kings again! Maybe they could make a Zelda RPG... Hmm...

Also, I was ecstatic when Square announced their Kingdom Hearts sequel (Not to mention the GBA game, wheee!! ^_^) and what really caught my eye was when they said that there would be more FF Characters in it... Could this mean that there will be some characters from 9 and 6!? I highly doubt it because FF6 and 9 characters were made by different people, but hey, it's good to dream... Heheh... Zidane and Locke, in full polygons... *Drool* [/fangirl]

So that's my email... what do you think on these issues? Oh, and here's a message for your cats: Meow! Mew mew myaaaa! Woof? MYAAAH!!! *Gets mauled by cats* Ow...

"Prepare to meet IRON SKILLET!!!!"
~Queenie Z

My only foray into Mario on the RPG front was Legend of the Seven Stars but I liked it a lot so Superstar saga is on my Christmas list.

This weekend I finally got around to beating Kingdom Hearts, and after about 36 seconds of mulling it over I was happy that this got changed from Brave Fencer Musashi 2. It's not that I didn't like the first one it's just well... To put it better there are only so many culinary monikers to be doled out. Could you imagine taking advice from Knight Cheesegrater?

Not enough people played Paper Mario. Shame that, it's a great game.

Anyway though, if memory serves, the concept of Kingdom Hearts originally came from Tetsuya Nomura, the character designers from FFs 7 8 and 10. So, odds are those are the only games from which characters will likely be pulled.

The Last Laugh:

Onswah: Well so ends another illuminating column; Today I learned to never trust e-mail.

Google: Oh yes, while they came in a bit after a bell, two people got that Earthbound quote already. So ~ and ~. This is why they're usually a bit more obscure.

Googleshng "Frelling Sami having to stay alive..."

I could handle this mission no problem if I didn't have to worry about keeping her alive...

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