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Googleshng - October 26 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not only did I finally get a decent night's sleep thanks to rain beating chainsaws, but Daylight Savings has ended, causing the rest of the country to agree with me about what time it is again. Well, fine, rest of the timezone. Still.

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My page'o'rants was missing?

Hello, Mighty Slime,

I was just browsing through the Games listing and just poking around and I came across the "Tri-Ace Mystery RPG" that was Posted back in October 2002. And then Nothing about it ever sense. And sense these are the same People also Do Star Ocean series, and they tend to keep with one game at a time. So seeing as Star Ocean 3 is coming out, wouldn't the Tri-Ace Mystery RPG BE Star Ocean 3?? just curious as to what is going on.

BTW I just found your Ranting page... your rants are scary... ALL FEAR THE MIGHT GOOGLE SLIME.

Marie "I haven't Lost it! I never had it to begin with it!"

Uh, I'm fairly sure you're underestimating the output levels of tri-Ace there, but yeah, whatever it was they were mysteriously hinting at a while back has probably been announced since.

I can think of other famous musicians named Edward, but they all tend to go by Eddie.

Greetings, Googleshng-

So I'll take a cue from Andrew Long's topic prompt and ask you: what, if anything, are you intending to be for Halloween? I was going to be a pirate as a tribute to my favorite film of this summer, but I got coerce... er, VOLUNTEERED by the Halloween Haunted House committee of my dorm. For some reason they think I look like Sadako, from "Ring," so that's who I get to be.

Oh, by the way, you now have seven days to live.

On the topic of RPGs, am I the only person in the universe who doesn't hate Edward from FF IV? Everyone I talk to says he's a whiny little wimp with no practical use at all who runs for it when things get tough. Personally, I think the running is funny (a product of playing FF Tactics and having the person I'm trying to save run into combat and get slaughtered) but that's beside the point. The point is, in MY game, he does slightly less damage then Cecil. Did I do something weird, or is my game being screwed up by the evil electronics demons again?


Well, like I mentioned in this here rant, I will most likely be stuck here at home, so no going with my Frankenstein costume notion (the actual doctor rather than the monster, I like costume concepts people don't get).

Anyway though, Edward. He isn't really bad to have in a fight no. It's just that he's a complete dork who pretty much bribes his way onto your party by giving you a new vehicle. He's a lot like Enrique from Skies of Arcadia in that sense come to think of it.

Hi Fantasy

Salutations Goog, been probably over a year now since I've written you. Last time I wrote was regarding Skies of Arcadia way back when it was on Dreamcast, but I sincerely doubt anyone remembers that.

I've been playing Pen and Paper RPG's for around a decade now, and I've yet to run across a skill based fantasy setting one. I'm not the biggest fan of class based games, so I'm somewhat irritated with this lack. The only game I play anywhere near currently is Shadowrun, which as we all know, isn't fantasy. It's cyberpunk, or whatever they want to call it. Would you happen to know of any good ones out there? Highly customizable preferably, since I use a lot of custom classes and abilities in fantasy games I'm forced into playing (ie D&D, Palladium, etc.).

Lastly, my suggestion is to upload more Tyranny stuff. Tyranny looks good, now if only I could get enough people together to play it. Makes me want to create an artifact weapon scythe and play with people. Yum.


Hmm... a fantasy RPG that places more emphasis on skills than classes eh? I'd suggest Palladium but you already mentioned it. I'm actually surprisingly at a loss here. GURPS could work for you. Past that all I can really think of fantasy wise is Dawnfire, but I honestly don't know a heck of a lot about it.

Could have sworn this was on that there FAQ...

I was looking in one of my old playstation magazines and i noticed that they said many playstation rpg's are going to be remade for playstation 2, is it true and if it is have you heard anything about remakes of the final fantasys 7-9?

That notion was scrapped a good while back.

The Last Laugh:

Hooray for sleep. Hooray for standard time. Not so hooray for extra-greasy pizza.

Googleshng "Never let someone pick where to order pizza from if they have no loyalty."

Oh hey, no more baseball. Time for Futurama.

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