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Googleshng - October 21 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hmmm... I'm pretty darn sure I sent out more letters than I got back here. Seems some of today's letters got stuck in a time warp. I'm sure they'll turn up eventually, but in the meantime...

Onswah: Hey everyone I'm Onswah. I figured I do the standard spiel about me... Um.... Err... Let's see I live in Cleveland and uh..a Music major. Seriously though, I've been frequenting this website since someone chewwed out a letter claiming to be from someone's mother about... I'm rambling. Suffice to say it was a while ago. I could bore you with 598 other boring things, but I think you get the idea. Letters ho!

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Hey Google, Since I've never heard of the guest host you have, I'll just pretend that he's not there, and maybe he'll go away. It's not working... Oh well. Guess it's hello to Onswah too. What do you think about rock music in RPGs, specifically heavy metal? I think it's great when a game uses some good rock for something like a battle theme. The FF VII boss battle theme comes to mind. It's really cool when they actually get a real band to do it, at least I think it was a real band, aounded like it, like the song they use while you're fighting one of the final bosses in FF X (not saying which one, no spoilers to those who haven't played it). Insane rambling over, off to watch the new Strong Bad email. Murdoc the Mad "Sometimes the towns we'd attack would catch fire. On accident. You know how those things happen."

I always hate to say this but it is true: music should be another character. Sure it's trite, but seriously how much flavor can you attribute to a games music. It would be great if the composers in the RPG market got a little more experimental. Then there would be even cooler things that probably about 10 people would enjoy. How much fun would it be to have an irregular meter map airship theme or an atonal love theme? The possibilities are limitless...

Electric guitars are a bit underused yes, but heavy metal just doesn't fit with most RPGs. There's a few times when it would be nice to have final boss music that sounded a bit like Rammstein sure, but in your traditional classical setting, you're better off sticking with something classical, or folky. Prog always seems to work though, just look at Valkyrie Profile.

Tactical Goodness

Sigh... Hello Goog and guest,

Did either of you find the abundance of great and fun to use characters in Arc 2 annoying? There really was no easy way to have them evenly leveled and not be squashed by a higher level monster. Well... This probelm didn't really start for me until the final dungeon so I guess it is not so bad. Now that I think of it, I hate it when a game cuts off previous areas as the party enters the final area.

By the way, is it possible to get Mid-Boss as a party member in Disgaea? I've played through it once, but I know I missed a couple of hidden characters.


Well the leveling part I didn't have too much of a problem with , thanks to an absurd amount of time spent in the Forbidden Ruins. 71 levels of goodness, and if you decide to hike it back to the surface, it's 142. Fie on shortcuts!

I always prefer being able to use my entire party in any game, but in those instances where I can't, I tend towards picking a few favorites and leaving the rest to rot.

Oh, and no. No Mid-Boss for you.


keep in touch jim let me know how college is going

Onswah:College is very fun with books and booze and girls. Please send money they are all expensive.
Google:I'm fairly certain On here isn't named Jim, and I'm sure I'm not. I also recieved spam today adressed to a guy named Jonathan and a girl named Jake. I'm some sort of J-name magnet today it seems.

The Last Laugh:

Onswah: Random thought: I recently stumbled across some old choose your own adventures books. I always loved how they never really gave you a good choice. It was always "Turn to page 54 if you want to go off for a week of exciting adventures or page 3 if you want to stare at the wall."

For next week I'd like to offer this topic: Do you prefer serious plot lines or more light-hearted affairs? Hopefully that gets some good ones. Until next time...
You were right Googleshng, this chair IS comfy.

Google: What I always hated was CYOA books that cheated. You know, like whichever of the three mercenaries you hire, he turns out to be the evil mage in disguise, or you find the island whether you sail east or west...

Anyway. Sleep now.

Googleshng "It's 5 AM. Do you know where your letters are?"

Please, no sports jokes.

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