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   Boy is it ever Monday.  

Googleshng - October 20 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today's column is brought to you by the letter ψ and the number e.

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Dares are fun.

i was wondering. at media play they have the realeas date for ff11 in to be in january. let me know what you think. they could just be messing something up.

Let's see... end of the month for PC, early January PS2. Yeah, that's about right.

Order in the Court

Hiya Goog, I was wondering if you had any tips for dealing with the Dark Assembly in Disgaea. I'm loving just about every aspect of this game but that, though I think I might just need to be a bit more patient. All I can come up with by way of immediate or long term strategy is to bribe every high-level senator in attendance at every session until I run out of items they're interested in, regardless of whether or not I need to do so to pass the measure. This is pretty slow going, to say the least. Not having access to the warehouse while bribing is a real killer and guarantees you'll never swing a tough vote your way in a single session, but then I guess that might make it too easy. Anyhoo, just wondering if you had come up with anything more fiendishly brilliant than that. Thanks and enjoy your stay!


No, that pretty much covers it. Except for the fact that every time you enter the assembly screen, you get a different influence rating, which determines the total level of senators you'll pull in, and the fact that bribing someone up to love seems to make them more likely to show.

More fun with vampires and stuff.

Hey Googleshng,

I'd like to state that in my response yesterday the point I was trying to get at was that if you can't luck out and find a copy of it for 10 bucks, then I'd wholeheartedly say it's worth 80 bucks. But again that's just me.

Anyway, the real reason I wrote back is about your choice in powers. Choosing Vampire is a great choice but, don't forget that even though they're much stronger, they're much easier to kill since none of things you need are rare. For example, garlic is staple product in the U.S. A wooden stake can found just about anywhere there is wood, which is just about anywhere. To kill the werewolf you'd need a silver bullet and I'm pretty sure that beer and the car don't count.

Finally, if you could have any band compose a soundtrack for a game who would it be? To narrow it down and make it easier for you, how about any that has a cult following and is not extremely mainstream. Just for the record I'd go with Finger Eleven.

Well yes, but my point is, anyone who spends long enough digging through used game bins shouldn't have much trouble finding Suikoden 2 for $10.

As far as vampires being easier to kill than werewolves, you forgot the whole bit about being left totally vulnerable during the day. It still stands though that nobody out there to my knowledge has any reason to want to kill me, and if they did, getting ahold of some silver wouldn't be too hard. Oh yes, and I've never heard of vampires being KILLED by garlic, they just don't like it.

As far as your music question goes, unless we're using very different definitions of the word band, I don't think any would work too well.

Just a quick trim.

Sephiroth's hair is gone in the movie screenshots. Where did it go? Did he get hard for cash and have to sell it as a wig? Or did Yuffie seduce him and cut it off in his sleep? Will Sephie's hair reappear on someone else? Maybe Palmer? Can I buy his hair from Square!? It would make an awesome collector's item!!!!

The scary thing is how many people would go for that.


Why the hell hasn't Square made a new Einhander?

Well, there's a few reasons I'd think. Lack of demand for example.

Its October 19th and its still 100+ degrees here every day. I'll trade you.

Dear gods no!

The Last Laugh:

OK, so tomorrow Onswah will be guest hosting, having flung Arc the Lad at S.H. Silver. So make sure to send in lots of questions, particularly those on Square games, Xeno, Arc, Lunar or Zelda.

Oh, and if you'd like to guest host and get a free old game out of the deal, just toss Onswah a copy of Dual Hearts, Earthbound, or FFTA.

Googleshng "Monday ever it is."

Is Monday ever it?

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