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   It's Snowing in October.  

Googleshng - October 19 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's October 19th, and it's snowing within an hour of here. That's just not right. Good thing I like the cold.

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This person is really off in his own little world.

Hey Google,

You know what I think sucks. The fact that in some RPG's, mostly Squaresoft RPG's, they don't always put everything in the US version, which is really stupid, basically since we are from the US, we are stupid, which is why they have started making most games alot easier because most people have started playing RPG's at FF7.

Anyways, one thing is Kingdom Hearts. I hate Kingdom Hearts, but when it was getting released for the US, I don't know if Square Japan or Square USA did it, probably Square USA. But "certain character" was the supposedly ultimate boss in the game, which I beat him like nothing on Level 77, the only time I got hit infact was when he used the Fallen Angel spell and when meteors were flying around the entire screen when he was almost dead. So because of that, Squaresoft released another in Japan for the secret boss they missed out on, so I'm pretty sure that Square USA is the one that thought of that.

And everything is always released over there first, but we always get the incomplete versions, and actually, the only games that I've played that I've read that are like that are Squaresoft's games. Like Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 10, and Final Fantasy Tactics, which of course are only Final Fantasy games, but theres alot of stuff they just didn't release for the US(except when Final Fantasy 4 was rereleased).

So yeah, I think Final Fantasy X-2 is going to suck(especially as seeing the video in UNLIIMTED Saga, which was idiotic, and then finding out that it's the opening movie), but seeing as how I own every FF that's been released in the US, then of course I'm going to get it(except the greatest hits versions, and the reprints of the games with the Square-Enix logo on them, because that would be just stupid). But even so I think that everyone that lives in US would rather own the complete game, because that just gives everyone more to do, even if the game does suck, where as the international versions are released in other countries other than Japan, like Europe which didn't get FF10, but got FF10 international(I hate FF10, but again what I said about wanting everything in the game).

The two reasons I think they give us the incomplete versions, is that, I think that Americans are considered stupid by them, or they just want to save money. I'm not rascist, I'm just stating the truth.

But anyways, what do you think Google?

OK, let me see if I have this straight. You are upset over the following things:

1- Game developers have been toning down difficulty over the years because most Americans started playing RPGs with FF7.

2- Unfinished versions of games are released in the U.S., proceded by finished versions in Japan.

3- You plan to purchase a game which you believe will suck.

Seeing how your first two points have absolutely no basis in reality, and the third would suggest some sort of mental disorder on your behalf, I'm hoping I'm seriously misinterpretting this letter.

The closest thing to a legitimate gripe I can see in here is that it wasn't until the European release of FF10 that it struck Square that the whole sphere grid notion needed work, but that I think can be discounted in light of the far larger number of games for which beneficial tweaks are made for the U.S. release, not to mention all the various ways in which life sucks for the Euro gamer.

Economics 101

Dear Googleshng,

I would just like to mention about the Suikoden II question posted recently. In my humble opinion surely enough it is indeed worth 80 bucks but that's because I'm a diehard fan of the series. Anyway, you're right about looking offline, but make sure to look in places you'd least suspect. I recently found a copy of it for 10 bucks the other day at FYE ( a music store near me). I didn't buy it since I've had it since the day it came out but, my point is to look for it in a store that doesn't know the resale value of it like a pawn shop.

Oh and if you could have the powers of lycanthropy or be a vampire which would you choose?

Uh, if you can find it for $10, it isn't worth $80. Getting things for the lowest price you can is rather vital to the fuction of a free market economy.

As for the nocturnal monster choice, that's a pretty darn easy call. Assuming we're talking about the most enjoyable variations of both (because the low end of being a werewolf just means you wake up nude in the woods once a month with half your friends dead), a vampire is unquestionably superior. I mean, a werewolf can turn into a wolf. A vampire can ALSO turn into a wolf, not to mention a cloud of mist, or the whole bat bit. Then they also have the whole mind control thing going, and the unearthly charisma, and a few other things most people forget.

More importantly, my lifestyle already relfects all the weaknesses of a vampire. I'm nocturnal, enjoy the taste of blood, and have an aversion to having wooden stakes shoved through my chest.

Really is weird all the FF7 letters these days.

Yo Google,

what the hell is the red thingy outside the golden scaucer in ff7?(or final fantasy 7) I think it's a form of weapon. can you give me tips on how to beat it?


That would be Ruby Weapon. The best way to kill it, like anything else in that game, would be to W-Summon Knights of the Round a few times.


Strife is a word. Ahem. That is all, you slime. I have had mine with you.

I never said it wasn't a word. What I said was that it wasn't a verb, and it isn't. Don't make me diagram a sentence.

The Last Laugh:

Bloody weather...

Googleshng "That'd be rather disturbing if literal."

Much like the notion of it raining cats and dogs.

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