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Googleshng - October 18 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Having obtained it from S.H. Silver, I just played through Phantasy Star 3 again. It really is astounding how poorly that game delivers on the branching story bit.

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Fun with weird gimmicks

Do you know if there gonna bring over that first person Dragon Quest game to America?

If not can you recommend and importer?

Assuming you're refering to Swordmaster Dragon Quest there, it's a bit too soon to say either way if it'll be released outside Japan.

Fire Emblem and so forth.

Hey, Google,
What's goin on with the new look? I've been really outta the scene for a couple of months, so what happened to the page? It looks, I dare say, professional...
But anyway, back on topic. What do you think of the Fire Emblem game that's getting imported? Is it worth buying? And more importantly, isn't it like the seventh in the series? Curse them and their holding out on us americans all the time...
I swear though, them Japenese have had minidiscs since we were still using those God Forsaken Laser Discs, the movie discs you couldn't fit more than three of in a friggin' Hummer, they were huge, and they JUST sent them to america... I have got something to say to them...

Kristoff of the Fire
"God Save the Queen! No, really, I mean it..."

New look? Uh, the last time there was a major site redesign around here was like, January 2000. Also, laser discs lasted a heck of a lot longer in Japan than they did in the U.S. so I don't know what you're talking about there.

Anyway though, Fire Emblem. I have, obviously, never had a chance to play any of them, but I've always heard good things about the series, and there's rarely a TRPG that isn't up my alley, so I for one plan to get it.

This is

Hey, Goog.

This is kind of an inane question, but I can't find it in any FAQ's. In Final Fantasy X , is there any way to see how many battle I've been in? I can't seem to get Wakka's fourth overdrive to appear as a Blitzball prize, and I know you need 450 battles, but I have no idea how many I've been in.


That Guy

Hmm... there might be one of your standard weird old men off in the corner somewhere who tracks all your stats, but either way, if you're at the end of the game with everyone's best equipment, it's probably a safe bet you've finished enough fights for it to show.

Digging old games up.

I've been out of the RPG loop for a while. Decided I wanted to go back and get all the games I missed out on.

One of them was Suikoden 2. I really liked the first one, and played a bit of the third one and it seemed fun. But when I went to look on,, and, the cheapest I could find a copy for was around $80.

Now, I know that the game is a few years old, but $80? Is it really worth that much?

Well, seeing as it's a general rule of thumb that games can be found cheaper and cheaper the longer they've been around, I'd say $80 is way too much to pay for Suikoden 2. You should be able to find it somewhere for 10 or 20 bucks if you look hard enough. Especially if you look offline.


How many clouds could a Cloud Strife strive for if a Cloud Strife could strive for clouds?


Wait a second, strife isn't even a verb!

The Last Laugh:

Regarding this here pair of quickies I'm not printing: Please don't send intentionally stupid things in hopes of getting printed. Real letters are a lot more likely to get printed, and are far less pathetic.

Googleshng "Nooooo..... I'm a taco."

Zim good.

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