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Googleshng - October 14 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

One problem I have with the GBA player. I tend to keep my GC on the floor. The floor is carpetted. The Player's cart slot isn't elevated in any way.

S.H. Silver: So I went to Kill Bill Vol. 1 and it was honestly amazing. The anime is awful but I enjoyed it a lot. I have also decided to go to Beijing this summer so lots of planning and saving ahead. I also had a dream where my friend I was carrying turned into a pepperoni sub that I then ate. I think my last strands of sanity are now gone.

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I was just wondering, S.H. Silver, if you dislike TRPGs so much, why do you want Arc the Lad Collection? From what I've seen, it looks very strategy based, but I could be wrong.

Speaking of which, Google-sama, which game do you feel has a smaller frustration factor: FFTA or Disgaea? Only one decent action RPG has been released in recent history, and there's no way I'm gonna go outside to play video games. On the other hand, I tend to suck at strategy games, so I'm not looking for anything too difficult. Thanks in advance!

BL Alien

S.H. Silver:
I wanted Arc so bad due to the number of games that have been released in the series. I really wanted to check out the way the games set up. It also seemed like at least one of the games was a bit old school giving some challenge and not needing 5 hours to beat or 60. I'm a triple major so I need a game I can get into and beat quicker.

Your second question doesn't really apply to me but I feel that the GBA is annoying. That said, I still love having one incase mother 1-3 comes out in the states.

I'd have to say FFTA is more frustrating, despite being mindnumbingly easy. Nothing like forgetting that healing counts as holy, or that the mime law only applies to copying your own characters to put a damper on your day.

Don't blame me for the lack of striping.

dear hi ho silver and away
Since you are guest hosting I thought I would get to know you a little bit
better with an informal survey.

What show did you prefer on Public Television. Reading Rainbow or Wishbone

If you were a major league baseball player what color bat would you use?
Red, Lt. Brown, Drk Brown, or Black

Which member of the rat pack was your favorite?

which member of the brat pack was your favoirte?

If you were a doughnut what kind would you be?

Do you prefer Frogs or Toads?

What do you think of Belgians?

What is your favorite Denny's entree?

What is your favorite lawn decoration?

What is your favorite holiday?

What are you going to dress up as for haloween this year?

And finally, Do you have a sister, and if yes, what is her phone number?

Your future pal,

S.H. Silver:
Reading Rainbow, Black, Sammy (cool with one eye is a positive in my book), Micheal Anthony Hall, long john, toads, make good waffles and are surprisingly good at tennis, cheese and bacon omelette, lawn gnome, boxing day (good football on the tellie), Tony Danza, Yes I do and her number is (***) ***-***5

I maintain that Levar Burton, along with Dick Clark, Michael J. Fox, and some fourth guy whose name escapes me, should all star in a remake of Highlander as themselves, in that none of them seem to have aged in my lifetime. I mean, just think about it. "There can be only one! ... but you don't have to take MY word for it."

Mr. Saturn


Somehow, one of my cousins obtained a copy of Earthbound for SNES. He allowed me to borrow it, so that's what I've spent my time on lately.

I am completely surprised by it's insane level of craziness. From fighting an enemy called New Age Retro Hippie to traveling to 'Happy-Happy Town,' everything is just so zany. And yet, it is absurdly fun to play. So, my question has two parts.

First of all, what is the over-all weirdest RPG you've ever played? Earthbound tops my list right now.

Second of all, are there any RPGs out that are half as zany and silly as Earthbound, and, if not, why not? So many RPGs seem to try to be as epic as possible, and hardly any have more than one enemy as weird as, say, Unassuming local guy. I'd love to play a RPG that had nothing to do with saving the world and focused on character development and multiple stories. Or, better yet, I'd love to play a RPG where, at the end, you could choose whether or not you save the world.

An ending that showed the world splitting into billions of pieces would be an interesting change.


"Believe in your luck. And believe in your doctor. He believes in his luck."

S.H. Silver:
I guess I would go with Secret of Evermore just due to some of the things your dog turns into and the bad guys and all. Not anything really funny crazy I can think of.
I hear Disagea is like that but since I have yet to get the interest to buy it yet, I have no idea.

The only odd thing your dog turns into in Evermore is a laser shooting toaster, which really fails to measure up against transmigrating the souls of your whole party into robots to go back in time. The only RPG I can name that comes close to Earthbound in terms of being that messed up is Mother 1. I suppose a case could be made for the Megami Tensei games though, but they take themselves too seriously. Or there's Sakura Wars, where your party rides around in big steampunk mecha whose stats are directly connected to how they feel that day. Disgaea is fairly silly too yes, but it isn't quite so off the wall about it. Well, except for prinnies, or when you're randomly attacked by Power Rangers, or Etna's insane episode previews, or how about halfway through the game one of Etna's insane previews actually comes to pass, radically altering the plot for the rest of the game. It's still no where near Earthbound though.

Thou hast defeated the slime!

hark ye fair google,

Thine answers to fair peasants plees are indeed wise beyond many years. For this I beseach thee to answerth mine question. Whence will there be-th a rpg in ye olde english release-th? Why must all mine games have subtitles without proper "th" ending striketh. Why also are no villianious scum clept in twine?


S.H. Silver:
I was surprised Chrono Cross was without a character who spoke in England English (like 1700-1850) but other games have people who speak formally. As for why, look at how GD annoying chrono cross' dialogue was. And the immortal for genesis has plenty of blood shed. The real question is why no one asked about Kill Bill Vol. 1. Most violent movie I have ever seen.

That's actually not a bad question. It's probably due to the fact that if anyone tried to give a game the sort of localization job Dragon Warrior got in this day and age, they'd be lynched. There's something to be said for those verbose EXP and cash reward statements though.

For those just joining us, the subject is whether chainsaws are a good weapon to use on zombies.

See, I'm just saying. If it doesn't blow up, or have a chick in tight black leather, then there's just not a whole lot of thrillage involved. Zombies should die, just like everything else on God's green earth, by being involved in a large explosion. Except the Terminator. He should die by being crushed. Multiple times. Next to a female terminator. Woo. But the point still stands that chainsaws won't work on the terminator.

S.H. Silver:
I would say that a good sword and knowing how to wield it can be much cooler than combustion. Just watch some old samurai movies or have watched crouching tiger, hidden dragon on TNT last night. Those movies kick ass.

I was actually recently plotting out a story about someone who fights zombies with a pair of katanas. Odd coincidence there. Or at least it would be if not for how often zombies are in my thoughts.

Anyway though, as for YOU there Mr. Nameless Reader, given your tastes in movies, I feel it would only be fitting for a cute little mongoose to EAT YOUR BRAIN!

I'm guessing about 10% of you pick up on the reference. If so, have a cookie.

So how are we defining "classics" here? RPGs from the latter years of the SNES?

Yo guys!

It's me again! Anyway, today I have a good topic for all y'all (Contrary to popular belief, "y'all" is singular and "all y'all" is plural. Any bonafied Texan, namely me, would know that.)

Anyway, the topic is the classics. Which classics do you love and which do you hate? Personally, I liked Final Fantasy 6, Lufia, Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG. I really liked FF6 mainly because of one character: KEFKA! He's one of the greatest villians of all time. Mostly 'cuz of his durn cool laugh! Lufia is good, old school fun too, although the graphics look as though someone squished the entire world with their bum. Chrono Trigger = 2nd favorite game of all time. (The first is Zelda: The Wind Waker). And finally, Super Mario RPG is great because of it's strange silliness and some good 'ol Mario jumpin' fun.

I can only recall one classic that I DIDN'T like, and that was Secret of Mana. I'm sure it had a good plot and other stuff, but what I didn't like about it was the battle system. I could not understand ONE THING about that battle system. It was REALLY frustrating. The same goes to its sequal, Legend of Mana.

There you have it, the opinions of me. I'm gonna go now, because I need to work on my l33t techno/electronic mix of "To Zanarkand".

Oh yeah, I totally agree, Strong Bad r0x y0ur s0x.

"I don't like food anymore!"

~Queenie Z

S.H. Silver:
I agree that Chrono Trigger is absolutely an excellent game. I loved FFVI and have not played much of Lufia (seemed cool). That said Secret of Mana is my favorite RPG that isn't an FF game. I really like the battle system because it was different but LoM's was awful. Those games aren't really classics unless you're about 12. Otherwise it's FFI and Dragon Warrior. Haven't played Super Mario RPG.

Y'all is a contraction for "you all" so popular usage or not, it's only meant to be used as the plural.

Anyway though, as mentioned above, I'd need a more clearly defined definition of classic there, particularly since a classic is traditionally defined as something which maintains greatness even over the passage of several years. By that definition, I'd love all classics.

Anyway though, what's not to understand about SoM's combat? Walk up to monster, hit attack button. Or if you want to use a special move, hold down button for a while, walk up to monster, let go. Seems pretty darn straight forward to me.


Heya Goog, SH Ag.

No real questions, but I have a horrible secret to admit... I am one of the three people not related to the creators who bought Thousand Arms. Yes, that miserable RPG where you had to date girls in order to level up your weapons. Bleh. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


S.H. Silver:
This game sounds like an incredible epic adventure. I must aquire a copy. To the local used game store! (Gamers, actually quite a good place even though they rejected my application twice) And my mom bought the LoD strategy guide. She buys guides when I ask her to pick up games because I did one time. I also have two copies of Secret of Evermore...which I actually like.

I briefly owned Lagoon. A 3rd rate Ys clone. Ugh.


is ther going to be zelda majora's mask for gamecube?

S.H. Silver:God I hope not. I believe that it said it would be on it but here's a way to find out: look for the news about the compilation disk coming out. Read said article. Then you shall know.
Google:MM is in that Zelda bundle yes.

The Last Laugh:

S.H. Silver: Well, no letters about my LoD strategy guide but I am still satisfied. If I get my game this week, you should have a new guest host next week. If not, just Goog. Anyway, it was fun and I am now inspired to go and beat all of my games. Too bad I have a midterm this week and lots of Chinese. And now I leave you.

Google: Yes, pending a bit of verification, new guest host next week, thanks to a generous donation to S.H. there of the Arc Collection. For now though, enjoy your three day Andrew ration, and this rant I somehow went all week without plugging again.

Googleshng "It should be noted that an 'instant classic' is by definition impossible."

Unless maybe you get quantum singularities involved.

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