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Googleshng - October 12 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

For some strange reason, various people I know have been struck with a strange twinge of generousity, and decided to give me a number of devices that do something I could do anyway, but work somewhat better. A decent DVD player, a Saturn memory card, and a GBA Player. Makes me feel guilty having all this stuff really.

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ok, are my questions that can only be answered by an RPGamer champ like you.

1) Do you know any slow or special people?

Everyone is special. No two people are not on fire.

2) Are those downloadable PC RPG makers out there decently functional programs or are they bug infested? I have a PII 266 mhz computer. Any reccomendations?

Some are good, some likely suck, I'd recommend learning how to actually program over any of them, but Coldstone seems pretty good.

3)Why dont the jets gain experience points so they can level up to playofff status? Maybe Chad Pennington can be cured with a Fenix down.

Because the plot won't let them get out to the world map right now.

4)Would you say Gamecube likely has a nice amount of Japanese upcoming RPG's being released in the US?

Thanks and feel free to edit errors

Let's see. Baten Kaitos seems to have a good deal of potential. Knight N'Knight scores big points just by being from a developer with an outstanding track record. Nintendo seems to have finally come around on flinging Fire Emblems our way. FF:CC and Tales of Symphonia have a lot of sway with people. That's actually a much more robust list than I would have figured. Huh.

Oh, and if you're the sort who counts Zelda games as RPGs, nice pickings there too.

ODD logic.


In response to the question about "The Point of No Return"... I don't know about other systems, but thanks to the large amount of disc space on DVD's used by the PS2, this shouldn't be as big a problem from now on, or at least until they start having multi-DVD games. As far as I know, anything you might have missed in games like FFX and Xenosaga, you should be able to go back and get them. Hope this trend continues to stick around.

Laredo Jaste- room 302 of the Asylum

Uh, what? How could the amount of storage space available on the disc possibly effect a developer's decision whether to allow you back into areas you've left? The whole game has to be on the disc to begin with, so it isn't like games could save space by only letting you into areas at a certain point in the game. Even if they could, storing maps takes negligible space on an optical storage medium to begin with. The entirety of FF7 for example can be found on all 3 discs, it's only the movies that differ between them.


Arbitrary Wild ARMs Spoilage
Hey Google,

I knew they were going to put Calamity Jane as a character in the remake of Wild Arms, although I didn't think Mcdullen would have been I character, I thought either Boomerang or Boomerang Flash would have been a secret character once you beat him in the tournament, because that would have been pretty cool, someone who was your enemy the entire game, and then finally dies protecting your characters, and coming back, and you defeat him and he joins you.

Anyways, off the topic of RPGs, have you ever played Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs. Zeon, or Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo. Both awesome non-RPG, with alot of replay value, so if you can get Federation vs. Zeon anywhere new or not scratched but used, then you should. But avoid Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeonic Front, it was cool at first, except for the fact you did the same thing the entire time, which is all you did is move and use one button to attack, while you had some consumable abilities, but they are all worthless, I beat the game and then again on the hard mode you're given once you beat it, and I sold it because it was extremely boring. So stay away from it. But if you've seen the others, or if you own them, what do you think of them?

-andrew- -kupomogli-

Once again, I have to point out that remaking Wild ARMs 1 to be more like WA2 is a flat out bad idea.

As far as Gundam games go, I don't care for the franchaise in any incarnation, so no never played'em.

The Last Laugh:

One good thing about my neighbor's chainsaw addiction strikes me. If my town is ever overrun with zombies, I know where to find one of the best things to use against them.

Googleshng "Brains and so forth."

"Spleeeeeeeeeeennnsss!!!!" just doesn't have the right ring.

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