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Googleshng - October 11 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I believe it's fairly common knowledge at this point that I am not a morning person, if only by the number of columns I end by mentioning the sun rising in the background. That said, I was decidedly unimpressed when my next door neighbor decided to take up the hobby of hacking up bits of scrap wood with a chainsaw just for the heck of it in the morning... right outside my window.

So uh, I haven't had a decent night's sleep in a while is what I'm saying here.

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So many birthdays these past two months. After wishing a lot of my friends a happy birthday, it's my turn. I don't know whether I should be happy I share my birthday with the Lion King re-release (Lion King fans will be so jealous! ;) ), or be unhappy that I share my birthday with the debut of a console that is surely going to flop.

I'll just be happy I share it with Poe's death. A nice, spooky occasion. *Mourns Poe for a moment.*

I got FFIX for my birthday (it came a day before, and I already opened it), so here's the question: if you were in my situation for a moment, like a Quantum Leap thing, would you have me finish the last disc of FFVIII, or jump right to FFIX, knowing that the end result of beating one of those two games is likely to make me a better person, and gives me the ambition to win a major award, or something. (Who knows how Ziggy calculates these things, anyway?)
"Bonne fete a moi... accents? What accents?"

I'd finish FF8 before starting 9 myself. I never really like to have two games of the same genre going on at once.

Staying on top of things.

Hey Goog,

It's hard for me to keep up with what's going on in the world of rpg. I don't subscribe to any one and I can only use a decent computer every two weeks at me dad's. any tips on what else I could do.


P.S. Do you know if Square plans to make any other games in the same style as Kingdom Hearts?

Here's three options in increasing order of practicality. #1- Donate several thousand dollars to us so we can start up a print mag. #2- Swing around every two weeks and dig through the news archives. #3- Get one of those new fangled modern type cell phone things that let you check headlines from anywhere.

Oh, and I would think that the recently announced Kingdom Hearts sequels would count there.

There's no going back!

To the genderless slime:

You brought up a good point about an RPG flaw in your last column: The Point of No Return! (dum dum duuuuuum!)

This phenomenon occurs when you reach certain points in an RPG and are unable to return to certain towns, preventing you from completing sidequests, getting all abilities, special items, etc.

This really drove me insane in FF6, especially. When I first reached the world of ruin, I was so surprised of my inability to return that I wound up letting Shadow die, killing Cid, and eventually myself in that stupid collapsing house. Even when I restarted, I was shy about completing the Floating Continent event and returning to the WOR, for fear that I missed something.

To this day, it haunts me. Fortunately, the only thing I missed in my save data was Mog's snowball jazz dance (and dances suck anyhow), so I'm OK. You may be pleased to know I defeated Kefka for the first time about four days ago. Considering I've had the PS remake for about two years now, that's a little sad.

Anyhow, can you think of any other games that have this severe problem? I think most every FF game has one such point, but there must be others, too.


"A horse weiner!?! Now THAT'S dangerous!"

A lot of RPGs suffer from that problem really. Perhaps the majority. Bugged me more in SO2 and FF7 than anything really. I've never liked the concept though myself. I like being able to backtrack and do things at my leisure in games.


Hold on, in the Oct 6 episode, were you talking about those Season 2 episodes that never aired in this country? How the heck did you get ahold of those?! Are they being sold anywhere?


Yes. Yes I was. Someone just kinda threw'em to me the other day. As far as I can tell, since they had a bunch of episodes they weren't allowed to air, someone just flung'em up on the net somewhere.

The Last Laugh:

I wouldn't mind so much if he had a reason to be doing this, but evidently it's just for fun.

Googleshng "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!"


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