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Googleshng - October 7 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I'm a tad behind schedule tonight, thanks to helping out entirely too many people. Also, sorting out MP3s raises some interesting issues. Banner ads can ruin songs for you. I really abuse the heading of Hip Hop/Rap. I need to hear the whole album Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto is from some day.

S.H. Silver: Hey, S.H. Silver here, back again for another stint as the guest host. I hope to help you in anyway possible and possibly entertain you. Oh, and next week, ask lots of questions about your old favorites since I have no idea about anything recent. Now, on to your questions.

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Discussing older games.

Being a fan of Star Ocean 2... I've played it a few times. I can understand why you dislike it... honestly, the story is petty lackluster, and the translation is BORING... I found the battles to be fun, though. Granted, annoying things like when a party member or enemy casts one of the mid-upper level spells that stop the action, that's a bit annoying, but it never bothered me too much.

But anyway, I saw you say a few days ago that you can't revisit old towns once you pass them until later in the game. This is a false statement. The only time you can't go back to a town is when you can't get to the world map, which is only when Lacour is getting invaded. Oh yeah, and during that scenario, it wouldn't surprise me if you couldn't take the ship back to Herlie from Hilton... but I think that's it.

Unless you meant going back to the first disc world when you're on the second disc. Then you're right. Once you hit the second disc, no going back until... well... pretty much the end of the game. But there isn't really all that much you'd want to go back for, is there? :P

Oh, and there's a lot of black NPCs in FF7. Just (try to) look at the skintones of some of the NPCs you come across in Midgar, at least. Funny how I used to think that game had great graphics, when all the non-pre-rendered graphics were just colored polygons without textures... Been playing it lately, and while I won't say it's the BEST RPG EVER! or that it sucks... I must say, it's a solid, and just plain good game.

My rant done.


S.H. Silver:
I've played about a total of 4-5 hours of SO2 and thought pretty much meh. It was not that much fun and I didn't really want to continue.

I agree with you on FF7. It is a very good game but quite honestly not the best. It deserves about 8.5-9 out of 10. A good game to replay is Chrono Trigger. You can get the story real quick with the New Game+ and it is visually pleasing.

I didn't say you could never go back to old towns, but it happens entirely too often for my tastes. I finish a plot point, I lose access to a town. I get on a boat, I lose access to a continent. I finish a dungeon, I lose access to a planet.

This actually came in after the bell last week.

A few shots for S.H. Silver and Googleshng.

1. In FFTA, missions vanish from the pubs if you don't accept them in time. Girl in Love was one I couldn't accept since I didn't have the required item until after it disappeared and the mission has yet to come back. Will this one and any others I miss reappear, or are they gone for good?

S.H. Silver:
1. I would say that most square games allow you to do things at multiple points so I would assume that it will come back again. I dunno, I really just can't commit to buying FFTA at the moment since I hate that damn small screen.

That's what the GBA Player is for. FFTA is even optimized for it. Anyway though, yeah, mission availability is pretty random, and you can never really miss them entirely. There's a few missions I've done like five times in fact.

2. We've been seeing quite a barrage of RPG's lately, and most of them have something in common: they don't really grab my attention. Have you felt this when seeing the newest batch of games just around the corner? Any other ideas why this might be?

S.H. Silver:
2. I really hadn't noticed that there was a barrage of RPGs so that goes with your theory of not having any attention grabbers out there. I am looking forward to Crystal Chronicles and Suikoden IV and that's about it. I may sadly be moving past my video games phase.

You're not getting too old. There just really haven't been any mentionable RPGs lately, except for these here TRPGs of late. I think we're still reeling from getting everything we were looking forward to at once a few years back. FF10-2 actually looks pretty promising though.

3. Upon hearing the words "Atlus" and "Tactical" I quickly ran out to grab a copy of Disgaea, being that TRPGs released by the company seem to be in limited numbers. Then I notice that this one seems to be not as rare as previous tactical goodness. Do you suppose publishers have seen the demand for such games and are now actually producing enough to satisfy demand?

S.H. Silver:
3. Publishers may be getting wise or it just may be that this one company had a list of quick sell-outs so they figured they'd gamble and give them more copies. That'd be my guess. I mean publishers are not so smart sometimes (LOD still has copies at my local Best Buy).

Atlus releases everything in low numbers. I think you just got lucky is all.

4. This one be for Google: What are the odds that you can bring back the columns I guest hosted (Mar 23 & 30, 2001)? They've been missing from the archives since the site move.

Hope you enjoy your guest hosting as much as I did Silver. As Google can tell you, I got something far more valuable and wonderful than any game out of the experience.

The Crusader

Anything that disappeared in a site move is nigh impossible to replace. Unless of course it's just due to that pesky little rpguru/ask symlink breaking for the hundreth time or something. I'll poke around later I suppose.

Odd sorta theme today...

Final Fantasy tactics. Tch, good game. How dare you give it a 7 it deserves better. It has absorbed all my time since it comes out. You can virtually play it anywhere (as depicted in a penny arcade comic). IF you have 2 minutes to spare, that's okay, it takes 30 seconds to start up the game, and you have the ability to save virtually every 10-15 seconds, so You could possibly play a turn during a red light while driving. The game is amazing, just absolutely fantastic. I love it, definitely best GBA game of the year so far. Oh, and I agree this FF7 movie sounds a little stupid, but no one in their right minds would dare call FF7 boring...except for the guy yesterday. Finally, the new LOTR trailer absolutely rocks, can't wait till December 16. I'm gonna be one of those bozo's who is going to see all three back to back to back.

-The mysterious Andrew Geczy out of the void...for now.

S.H. Silver:
You see, we live in a free society so people are able to have their own opinions. The GBA is a good system but I try not to play it while driving as that is insanely dangerous. I say that FF7 is not boring but it is not too action packed. I know rotten eggs will be thrown my way but when Aeris bit it, I just said, "Damn, I just got her level 4 limit break." Then, "Oh well, no more of her dumb dialogue." Aeris was dumb, if she is revived I will go on a rampage and destroy downtown Tokyo.

I have half a mind to add this sort of thing to the FAQ page. Let me just break out the form response.

First off, I don't know what planet you're from (or a lot of other people who review games), but around here, a 7 out of 10 is a really good ranking for a game. That translates to something like "Well above average for the time and system it was released." A good deal of my favorite games have gotten 7s in fact, poke around the review archives.

More importantly, RPGamer's reviews are not composed of a single number in the middle of a page. There's also a big wad of text there, explaining everything the reviewer feels is important to mention about the game, good and bad, which is gone over with a fine toothed comb to ensure that when people say "Why don't you say this game is perfect?!?" There's several points you can readily point to.

Incidently, this is precisely why not of the reviews on my page have any sort of scoring system.

I also say for what it's worth that the human mind isn't actually capable of giving scores on a scale with more than 5 points: Kill-it, Pretty-lame, Pretty-good, Quite-good, I-wanna-have-its-baby. A lot of people when making 10 point scales asign values of 6-10 to those points. RPGamer assigns 1-5, then doubles the result... if that makes any sense.


Heya, Goog,

Just a minor correction: There appears to indeed be a Xenogears manga, called "Xenogears Comic Anthology". See and for evidence. File this with the rest of the corrections on this, all 3 of them.

Have a nice day, and give me some of your game playing time so I can actually get to playing SH3...
Reyn Xero

S.H. Silver:
Thanks for the update. I actually enjoy it when there are helpful corrections but not when people nitpick.

First point, in order for you to be correcting me, I'd have to have mentioned this in an old column. I never did so, and I'm guessing that person was thinking of Perfect Works there.

Much more importantly, you do realize that that there is a collection of comics by fans, and not official background material for the game, right? Because I really don't have time to go into detail about the concept of doujinshi tonight.

Incidently though, the prefered method of time transference (paying people to do stuff for you), I'm pretty much always up for.


Dear So and So,
I have been working very hard to level up in paper mario, best rpg ever by the by, but whenever i discuss this with females they don't seem to be interested. I also tryed discussing other rpgs like evolution, but I get the same response. I was wondering what rpg's are good to get girls? are there any? If not, why don't they make one? Also do you have any tips in general about what to talk about when talking to ladies?

Your pal,

S.H. Silver:
The panty raider games are always a good talking point. That or Zelda cause the ladies think Link is a cutie. For the phillies in general, I find using lines from Zap Branagan really work. Like, "I often find the most errotic part of the woman to be the boobies."

I am of course the worst person in the world to ask such things, but most girls I know only seem to agree on the enjoyability of paper RPGs. Well, them and FF8 for some odd reason. Don't think there really are any RPGs with specific girl-appeal. Especially Rhapsody.

The Last Laugh:

S.H. Silver: Hey all, that was a somewhat pathetic showing of questions. I did sacrifice a game for this so a higher turnout would be nice. So send 'em in next Monday and I'll tell you that I have no idea what you are talking about. That and have a nice day and a pleasant tomorrow.

Google: Well put. Oh and hey, did I forget to plug my latest rant to you all? Anyway, enjoy Andrew.

Googleshng "SLEEP!"

It's what's for dinner.

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