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Googleshng - October 6 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yesterday I ended up watching a mini-marathon of Zim episodes I didn't know existed. Good stuff. Not so good is this day old reheated Dunkin Donuts hot choolate. I believe I'll be throwing this out now.

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Imports tildes and Koudelka


I meant of course XenoSAGA, not Xenogears in yesterday's letter about the european release thing. I've checked some sites, and there seems to be some mixed opinion about wheter its coming or not. Anyway, it was my typo, my fault, but I think you should have figured it out, beeing the slime you are.

And the quote, from the mainpage: Grandia 2, I belive. Millenia says it to Ryudo at some point. Ah, Grandia 2, it has some great qoutes.

And Horror Tetris would be great. "Tetris: Falling blocks of blood and pus! Buy now!"

You're a Koudelka fan, right? I have it and love it and adore it and make love to... Ahem! I've been thinkning about buying Shadow Hearts, but it doesn't seem that great, pluss I get the impression most of the Koudelka charm has been lost. Any thoughts?

Oh well, I'll go send some E-mails to some low-budget publishers and see if they'll get Disgaea over here. Is it all that it's cranked up to be? Is it as good as, say, Vandel Hearts?


Well, yes, Xenosaga makes more sense, but you'd be surprised how often people ask if 5 year old games will be brought over. Anyway, the official word as best I can figure is that it is getting a Euro release, but no date has ever been given.

As far as Shadow Hearts goes though, while it loses a lot of the atmosphere Koudelka had (dropping the voice acting didn't help there), it's still quite a good game.

Oh yes, and you really can't compare Disgaea to Vandal Hearts. Disgaea's great for a completely different set of reasons.

That Crazy Konami

Hey Google,

I agree with you on the Silent Hill 3 thing. It's not as good as Silent Hill 2. Granted, it still scares the hell out of me but other factors kind of negated that, like the subpar music (compared to SH2's soundtrack anyway) and the way the story kicked off just wasn't very cool. The SH2 references were amusing though.

Just for the sake of asking Goog, do you think Konami will modify Suikoden IV's battle system into something near or will they go back to the system they had going in 1 and 2?

Switching back to sprites couldn't hurt either...

- Arekusu Ikari

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that Konami is the most insane company in the industry, and that they're never going to take a series where I expect them to.

Birthday Recommendations

Greetings (Monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I have to announce that it's my birthday today. Now if I can only have some love from fangirls now. Though I'd really want someone to love forever in a really sappy sort of way, *yes people, I am a heartless romantic*. Though I have to ask your opinion Goog as to what games are good right now for getting? That and are you going to ACen next spring as well? I want to also try this.... *grabs Vrumugun's hood and shows everyone his silly bald spot*. That and he should avoid any Kenny's from South Park since they both have the same flaw.
Imperial Mog

Wll happy birthday then. Good games of the day seem to include Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. There's been an odd drought in the field of traditional RPGs for some time now.

As for ACen, I'll say the same thing I said to someone about E3 today. At present, there is no way I could even consider it, but if I get some sort of income between now and then, I'll be there.

.cough .wheeze

Hey Goog, have you played any of the .hack games? I was just wondering what you thought of them since I've heard very mixed reviews. The concept sounds really great, but concept bundled with bad and repetitive gameplay (which I'm told it has) doesn't mix well. Opinions?


I personally haven't touched the .hack series, because quite frankly, I have no interest in playing a $200 dungeon crawl. Being based on a genre of games I don't like by way of an anime series I hear is mediocre doesn't exactly thrill me either.




You know, I really wish Laharl had a better voice actor... in both languages.

The Last Laugh:

So, tomorrow S.H. Silver will once again be guest hosting, so send in plenty of letters.

Googleshng "Peter Gabriel is great, but I can't hear this song without thinking of those annoying banner ads"

Shock the monkey! (... and win $20)

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