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Googleshng - October 5 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

At some point this weekend, I somehow ended up getting into a conversation about the possibilities of making horror themed games in genres besides Adventure. I mean, just picture a variant of Tetris where blood drips down the sides of the screen, and raspy breathing gets louder as stuff starts stacking up too high. Most of these concepts are of course lame, but I think there's some potential with rhythm games. You know, instead of having to hit various directions to sorta dance, you hit various directions to dodge zombie arms bursting through walls.

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Fun with dates.

is october the 28 or 29 the real date that rpg maker 2 comes out cause if it change again i will give up on it this time i'am starting to get board of the game and i have not even played it yet....

Everyone seems to agree on some time late this month, yes.

Kingdom Heart Attack

Hey there Google,

A couple of days ago I saw Kingdom Hearts 2 (cooooool :P ) me that I needed to get everything for the first game after finishing it. I was planning on doing this but stuff happend in between, stuff like Front Mission 3 and Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 for you)... you know how it goes.
So I was completing al the side-quests from a list and i'm at the 101 Dalmatians, i just need to get into Mostro and the Ma d Hatters room, but i can't seem to find the Mad Hatters room and Monsto's disappeard. Are they really one time events or am I just a complete loser??? If they are on time events it will mean i'll never be able to finish it 100% and see the secret movie (saw it on the internet already, but i want to see it on my save) without starting over again....

So uhmmm..... yeah that's it....


If you want back into Monstro, just fly around where he shows up, without warping. I can't really help much with Wonderland though because, quite frankly, the level design there is a complete mess. Someone may have written a workable walkthrough for it, but it sure wasn't me.

TRC (edited in later):
Luckily someone did . I hope that helps, considering that is what I used also, the guides forum is your friend. IF you need an answer to a question, it should be able to be answered there. If not Rico can make fun of you mercilessly, which really, is just the same.

Euro Woes

Heya Goog

It's been awhile since I wrote in last time, but I understand you haven't been around lately, so it really doesn't matter.

Well, first the bad news... I'm european, so Disgaea, forget it! Which is kind of sad since I've heard so many good things about it. Same with Xenosaga. Do you really think it is smart of develeopers and publishers to ignore europe with these titles, I mean, they're only loosing out on cash. I can also name som other games I was looking forward to, that never got published here, but I wont. (Coughxenogearschronocrossfinalfantasytacticscough)

So, you're playing Silent Hill 3 eh? You like? Personally I thought it was the worst game in the series. Nothing compared to SH2. But still, I thinnk it's an enjoyable game. Have you gotten to the alternative Brookhaven hospital yet, thats a shoccker.

Oh, sorry, I'm rambling...

Anyhow, my question is: Is there any chance Disgaea or Xenogears is coming out in europe in the next year or am I f***ed. I know I could import, but then I would have to chip my PS2 and take over the world using the help of Dr. Wily! (Aaahhh, Mega Man nostalgia)

Love Dave.

(Hohum, dont hurt me. Sorry for my spelling and such, but english is not my first language and I seem to be a bit drunk. Don't know how that happende.)

Well, Xenogears being a five year old game for a dead system, it's pretty darn safe to say you won't be getting it. As far as Disgaea goes though, you're really asking the wrong person. It wasn't published by one of your big-name multinational powerhouses, so if you want a european release, you'll have to find a small-time European publisher and suggest they grab it.

Fun with quotes.

Hi Google. Long time reader, first time writer. Anyway, on to the question:

I've been reading RPGamer for years now, almost since the beginning. And in this entire time, I have loved the quotes that go on the title bar of the main page, current example being the, "If you want to attack a girl, there's a cute one right there!" However, I have never been able to figure out where those quotes come from. Are they from actual games, and if so, how did I somehow manage to miss all those games? Where exactly do you people find them?


They come from various RPGs, change every week, and people have been throwing in guesses on what they're from for as long as I've been here. Beats me how you've missed so much.

I'm being asked to bash Suikoden. This could have some repercussions.

I was wondering what you think the biggest faults of Suikoden are. If you feel like it, the same goes with Suikoden II. I'm trying to decide whether to buy them or not, and your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Suikoden is a very generic 10 hour long RPG where 107 people join your party. That pretty much sums up my gripes with it. I mean, the only thing the game really has going for it is the gimmick of getting over 100 characters, and the development team clearly didn't want to really deal with implementing that. Most people seem to agree that Suikoden 2 is pretty spiffy on the other hand.


That's easy. Don't use a foam padded quarterstaff.

Well I wasn't exactly planning on doing any LARPing myself, but I'm fairly certain they tend to have rules against, you know, smacking people around with hardwood sticks.

The Last Laugh:

Quick reminder to people. A copy of he Arc collection for S.H. Silver there will pop you into his seat.

Googleshng "Overlord! Overlord!"


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