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Googleshng - October 4 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I recently had a chance to check out Silent Hill 3. Upon seeing how th sound effects from the nurses are all delayed by a second or two, I can no longer think of the series without picturing the entire dev team sitting around wearing black turtlenecks and berets. Plus this is still a good representation of what the screen looks like at any given time. Not to say I don't still dig the game mind you, but there's a big difference between moody lighting and absolute darkness.

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Searching for that which doesn't exist.

Slimey necromantic one,
I seem to recall you talking about a manga based on xenogears that goes into at least some detail about the ship seen in the intro.. I'm looking for the name of the manga, and anything else you can tell me about it.. like if you know offhand of a site that sells it? ;)

Thanks a bundle,

Unfortunately, you recall incorrectly. No such thing as a Xenogears manga out there.

A whole lot of Disgaea questions.

Hey Goog,

Since you're probably just as obsessed about Disgaea as I am right now, I thought I'd ask you a couple of questions about it...

1. How far are you?

I'm currently in episode 6, just about to battle the Prism Rangers. The dialogue before that fight actually made me laugh, something that I haven't done with a game in a long time.

2. What is your current party?

Right now I don't have anything spectacular. I'm mostly just building up the prerequisites for the better classes like angel. I'm still working with the base classes until the get enough mana to transmigrate into something better. I know, I could just make new characters, but I'm so attached to my rag-tag party now that I can't bear to let them go :)

3. What party are you trying to make, if different from #2?

I'm thinking of going for a mix of ronins, knights, scouts, and galaxy mages. And of course Laharl as his badass self. I don't know if I'll work my way up to angels or majin, but if this game stays as addictive as I think it's going to, I'll probalby end up with a couple of those in my party as well.

Well, that's all for now.


I'm about halfway through Chapter 11 at the moment, trying to use one of every humanoid really. The only things I'm really letting fall by the wayside are the special characters. Hoggmeister I've used like once total for example.

Those wonderful item worlds.

140 hours into Disgaea and I just found out there is no difference between killing every monster on a level in the item world and just skipping. Except for the Item Bosses, make sure to kill the item bosses. *sigh* Oh well, I got my super Cosmic Sword that does 250+k damage finally. Now to go kill the Ultimate Overlord and make him all nice and Prinny like.

Oh yeah, question. Did you watch Smallville this Wednesday, or are you not into the Superman adaptation? Just curious.


Yes, the various normal enemies in the item worlds you can just ignore. Good thing too, sometimes it's a royal pain to reach them all. There's also no reason not to take a break every 10 floors and heal up. While we're dispensing tips here though, I really feel I should point out the importance of killing specialists with regular attacks/special moves, as opposed to geo panel combos.

It's a star!

Hi Googleshng. For some strange reason, I highly value your opinion on RPGs. Maybe its cause you've played so many, neh?

Anyways, on to my question. I have never been a Star Ocean fan, mostly because I've never played or even known anything about the games. But I've seen some info on the new Star Ocean PS2 game, and it actually looks pretty cool. I guess I like the idea of a more "classical" style RPG (i.e. turn-based combat, parties, etc.) and Xenosaga was such a disappointment.

So, should I pick up and play SO2? I keep seeing mixed it worth my time? Do you think I'll get more enjoyment out of SO:TTEOT if I've played SO2?

Thanks for your valuable advice.


I personally am not a big fan of the Star Ocean games, nor the Tales games. Combat is action based really, and the various other gimmicks really lose their appeal to me in the face of the rigid linearity. Essentially, once you leave Town A in SO2 and head to Town B, you can never go back to Town A. Well, not until much later in the game at least.

Fun with Vaguery

Hi Goog,

I was just wondering a little about Disgaea. First off, are there any of those creatures that live in items that give bonus experience in battle? Also, are there any alternate endings or anything, and if so how do I get them because the plot seemed to be extemely linear...

Hmmm... I am really suprised to learn that Cid doesn't have to die at the beginning of the World of Ruin in FFVI... Needless to say, I must have killed him 20 or so times so far! Ah, I am glad to finally have found justification to play the game again. Now I am extremely happy that I always read the roundtables... Thanks and so forth for just mentioning it, you know what I am saying?

"Sigh... I'm better than Zelgadis any day!!!"

Well, the wording on your first Disgaea question is far too vague for me to decipher, but to answer the second, yes, there are a wide variety of endings in Disgaea, mostly hinging on how many of your own characters you kill, and which weird side-quests you finish.

Rampant Speculation

In the ending of FF7, the human race was destroyed by Holy. Therefore, I conclude that the pictures from the movie we've seen of Cloud and Sephiroth are actually robots that have been painstakingly built by Red XIII.

Does anyone else find it humorous that FF7 and FF8 all had exactly one black person in the entire game? Barret and Kiros, respectively. Plenty of previous games had quite a lot of black people... there were a good number of black mages in FF4, for instance.


That is officially the most amusing bit of speculation I've heard in quite some time. Anyway though, yes, it is rather odd to apply the Token Black Guy concept to an entire world like that. I could have sworn there were one or two others in the background SOMEWHERE though. One could also argue how odd it is that Gallows is the only character in the whole Wild ARMs series who ever managed to get a sun tan living on a desert planet.


ff7: Advent Children--If Cloud cross-dresses again, I'll cry.

I never had any problem with the cross-dressing itself, it was just the gathering of materials to do so. To this day I won't set foot in a Wal-Mart, just by association.

The Last Laugh:

Funny thought just struck me. A quarterstaff is a hideously impractical weapon in a LARP environment, as wood weighs just as much as metal when it's made of foam rubber.

Googleshng "Honestly, what sort of person would even THINK of doing something that disgusting?"

The best part is, the last time I played Silent Hill 2, I fished out the wallet but didn't bother with the safe.

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