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Googleshng - September 29 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today some distant relatives were here and wanted to hear about my trip to Japan. People really can't seem to believe that jellyfish is actually crunchy when you cook it. Nor that octopus tastes like lobster.

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Them there new classes.

Hi Google-

Just a quick Disgaea question for you, since I know you're playing it. Are you creating a new character each time an upgraded type of a certain class becomes available (i.e. creating a pugilist once your brawler gets to level 5)? I'm having fun levelling up in this game, but I'd hate to trash my rogue, who I had a heck of a time levelling up just to do it all over again. How are you handling this?

Thanks, and it's good to see you back in the saddle again.


Personally, I just keep one of each class/gender combination handy, and transmigrate them up when the opportunity arises. Let's me get attached to characters, gives me a really nice stat growth bonus, and they catch back up to their former levels at a speed that quite frankly baffles me. In fact, my doubley transmigrated brawler types are on higher levels than most of my party right now.

I thought I covered this yesterday...

Hey Google,

I don't really see why people are so happy about the Final Fantasy 7 movie. The game itself just sucked, and with the time it took to beat it, unlike one person said how you get attached to the characters through the storyline, it's just that you don't. There is nothing in the game that let's you get attached to the characters, except for Cloud and Sephiroth, the fact being that they are psychotic and thats about the only thing you find out about anyone in the game, unless you take those really small pieces of information like; Barret is from Corel, Vincent's girlfriend gets raped by Hojo and Sephiroth is born, Cids dream to fly into outerspace was ruined, Yuffie is a thief/ninja, then Tifa's background which is told along with Cloud's. Anyways, so after you beat Final Fantasy 7, all the evil is gone, the spirit of Sephiroth is dead, and Shinra has been destroyed, where no evil is left in the world(no real bad evil). So the fact that they're making a sequel of it a few years later, is extremely stupid. Just like Final Fantasy 7 itself, boring, repetitve, and very little gameplay other than attacking or using the same spells over and over, where the only reason it's everyones favorite is the fact that they probably haven't played a true RPG until the PSX.

I try to reserve judgement of things until I have some actual experience with them, but I've never felt any strong need to see the aftermath of FF7. Like I've been saying all week, after reducing the setting to a big crater, you're usually done.

Also, get a move on Google(kidding), I beat Disgaea five days after it was released, and still play it. The thing about the game is it's so addictive, the storyline and battle system are excellent, and just like they talk about in the storyline about some games are addicting, Disgaea is one of them. Only thing I couldn't really judge is which is better; Disgaea or Tactics Ogre, because bother of them are excellent games, completely different storylines, completely different battle systems, both have many secrets like the secret places you can teleport to battle in Disgaea, or the Hell's Gate in Tactics Ogre, but anyways,both are excellent. So if anyone hasn't gotten this game they need to get it.

Well to be fair, I didn't have a chance to start playing Disgaea until after I had FFTA in the can, and I've had a lot of work to do lately. I'd also be seconding your cry for it's obtainment by the masses incidently, but I figure people are sick of Disgaea's praises being sung from the rooftops these days.

Next game that will be decent I'm waiting for is Front Mission 4. It better be released here, maybe it will actually be a good Squaresoft game(and the reason I use Squaresoft, is the fact that, Front Mission/Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy are developed by teams that were already working for Squaresoft, and Dragon Warrior(only Enix games I like)are developed by a team working for Enix, and that from what I can tell is that they haven't developed any games together yet). to be released in a long time(very long time).

-andrew- -kupomogli-

One upside to the Square/Enix merger: It seems to be getting people to finally start differentiating between development teams and publishers.

The Last Laugh:

Today's column seems to be a bit on the skimpy side, but I didn't think everyone wanted to sit hear reading a dozen letters each saying "WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! MORE FINAL FANTASY 7! MAYBE THEY REVIVE AERIS!!!" and "Wow. That sure looks like a complete trainwreck waiting to happen." I mean, that's what message boards are for.

Also, tomorrow one S.H. Silver will be guest hosting to kick off a new Games for Guest Hosting chain, so send in plenty of questions. Oh, and if you'd like to guest host a few columns yourself and get a free hard to find game out of the deal, just toss S.H. there a copy of Arc the Lad Collection, Earthbound, Suikoden II, Final Fantasy Chronicles, Super Mario RPG, or Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

Googleshng "Whee, guest hosts are fun."

Thursday's cool.

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