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Googleshng - September 28 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Whenever someone brings up the topic of zombie love, they always seem to be talking to me, or at least, bringing it up somewhere I'm going to see it. Recent examples include Sharkey's rant about the Silent Hill games, the movie Dead Alive, the end of Episode 7 of Disgaea, and, well, this link someone just sent me.

Seriously though? Why me? It's not like I have a weird fixation on zombies, or I'm working on some sort of comic called- Er, yeah. Anyway, column.

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Took me forever to even notice the pun.

Here's a question for you:

Who's bright idea was it to release a game that uses the sun at the onset of winter?

[No pun intended...]


Uh, "the onset of winter" you say? I don't know about you, but where I'm from we have this little thing called fall first. In any event, I'd rather not wait the extra half a year for Boktai, would you? Well, I have to wait around that long anyway seeing as I lack the cash, but still.

A Lack of Birds of Burden

Hey buddy, what's up? I am now 12 hours into FFTA and it has become aparent to me that there are no chocoboss to recruit for your team. Chocobos ruled in FFT for PS1. Twords the end of it had to sacrifice my beloved purple chocobo to distract enemies though. He was my father. If they decided to take out the ability to have chocobos in your party, what's their problem? Also, I've kinda fell out of the anime loop, could you give me a little back story on Final Fantasy Unlimited. Has it been brought over seas and dubbed? Is it a new story set in the FF universe? Is it good?
-Ben "Boggie Down Bronx" Stillman

It would be rather hard to get a Chocobo on your party seeing how FFTA replaced monsters on your party with the morpher class. They aren't around as monsters period though, just the trusty steeds of the judges.

As far as FFU there goes though, just about the only thing I've ever heard about it is that it's an unwatchable piece of garbage not worth a moment's thought, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

The old problem.

yo what's up? I am currently playing through Xenosaga and I am trying to get decoder 8. I have already gone through the Song of Nephilim, but after finishing it, the woman who I'm supposed to give the ring I have is no longer in the bar. Do you know where she is?

This happens all too often. Someone plays a game while constantly consulting a walkthrough, finds a situation where the walkthrough isn't 100% accurate, and asks me what to do. In 90% of these situations, I end up saying "play for about five more minutes." The other 10% it's that someone transposed west and east, but that wouldn't apply here. In any case though, the only things you can miss in Xenosaga are items stolen from bosses, so playing through the next plot point and checking back couldn't hurt.

The Last Laugh:

One of Etna's Next Episode bits seems to be accurate for once. Creepy.

Googleshng "Now prepare your brain, filthy beast of meat and hair! Your magical Luv adventure begins now!"

Zim has such great quotes.

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