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Googleshng - September 27 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I noticed late this afternoon that Andrew forgot to change the mailto link to point my way yesterday. So, bear that in mind when reading today's letters. The other Andrew meanwhile should theoretically have passed off a bunch of answered questions about Japan to me today, but they aren't here. So basically, a lot of things aren't going according to plan around here. On the bright side, I threw a rant up this week about Underworld, which also didn't turn out like I thought it would. That's a good thing though, because what I was expecting was some sort of Matrix-ripoff.

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Why write out English but not Japanese?

Hola Cast Google, This news did make quite a shocker - I wouldn't have thought it would smack us in the face like that so soon, before the Tokyo Game Show. I think, given the scenerio of the movie, taking place 2 years after the game, it could be an enjoyable film. How they are going to explain Sephiroth's return though is anybody's guess. Also, is it just me, or does Cloud resemble Tidus?

I prefer the movie over the game. It's about time we get an FF movie that is based on an actual FF game, not that horrid FF anime made ages ago, or FF: SW, which might as well not have been titled Final Fantasy. However, I'll note that I enjoy Final Fantasy Unlimited, that anime was made execptionally well, if I do say so myself. Getting back to topic, while a FFVII-2 would have been interesting to play, I'm just as satified with a movie. At least it will have Japanese voice acting this time around. *prefers Jp over English when it comes to anime and other Jp movies*

As always,


I sense a great disturbance. As if a million fanboys screamed out in unison, and suddenly started flooding my inbox.

Seriously speaking though, setting something two years after FF7 is a pretty weird thing to do. I mean, the setting of the bulk of the game IS kinda reduced to a smouldering crater and all that. Oh, and yes high-res Cloud looks like Tidus, as do Squall, Sora, and that guy from The Bouncer. Tetsuya Nomura sucks at designing new main characters.

A question actually addressed to me!

Hello, my name is Paul. Although I do not have immediate access to this game anymore, I would like to know the words to the opener of the game. I am refering to the words that are almost like a poem. I hope you can help me out as soon as you can.

Thank you for your time,


Well, that's easy enough to check. Try to mention the name of the game in the body of the letter next time though, for the sake of yon readers. Anyway though, that bit from the beginning of FFT goes:

"A warrior takes sword in hand,
clasping a gem to his heart.

Engraving vanishing memories
into the sword,

He places finely honed skills
into the stone.

Spoken from the sword,
handed down from the stone...

Now the story can be told..."

Hooray for insomniacs!

Hey Goog,

Congratulations on your return to Q&A, I know this is something the Q&A faithful have been clamoring for. Anyway, just a few things I figured I'd touch on.

1)In response to Souji, Quest For Glory III is one of my favorite games of all time. I actually thought it had an outstanding soundtrack, terrific graphics, and a blowaway story. You don't even really need to have played the first two games to understand what's going on, although it helps to have done so. I highly recommend trying to find it, it's a really good game and you won't be sorry.

Roberta Williams games are spiffy yeah. I have entirely too little experience with them though.

2)I thought it was a neat idea to do a movie sequel to FF7, it's not what most people would have expected. However, I do think it would have been better if they did a game sequel. Not for anything, but the reason so many people thought it was such a great game was because it's a 40 hour long story that gives you plenty of time and events to get attached to the characters. On the other hand, having a story that takes place two years after the events of FF7 is a neat idea in theory, but for people who have never played/finished FF7, the story might not make much sense. Also, the danger of ruining the story of the original is there as well, if they were to do something along the lines of reviving Aeris. One of the cool things about FF7 was the ending was so open ended it left you wondering, and I think doing a sequel after people have spent 6 years wondering what happened after the final battle can be nothing but a letdown. Final Fantasy X is different, it's only been what, about a year or so since it came out? And besides, the ending wasn't very open ended, so they're able to pump out a sequel with no problem. I think making a sequel to FF7, regardless of the medium, is a mistake. Just remember how many people were disappointed and let down by Chrono Cross. No matter how good the game was, there was no way it was going to live up to the expectations and anticipation.

Robust Stu

Gold Reviewer/Swell Guy

Like I said up there. Big smouldering crater=closure in my book.

European date fun.

I think Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is a movie incase people who originally played Final Fantasy on Ps1 don't have a Ps2, like me. Can you imagine their disappointment at missing out on a sequel to one of the best RPGs on the Playstation 1 because they bought a Gamecube or Xbox instead of a Ps2? Also, when will Tales of Symphonia be coming out for the Gamecube in Europe?


As a general rule of thumb, it isn't a good idea try and find a concrete date for the release of a date in one country until after it hits in the last one. U.S. dates are nebulous prior to Japanese releases, PAL releases are in the air before U.S. dates.

The Last Laugh:

Me need sleep now. Oh hey, it's that special time of year when the sun isn't coming up at 6 AM. Rock on!

Googleshng "zzz"


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