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Googleshng - September 23 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ditsy angels summoning zombies is also quite amusing. Definitely one of the best games I've played in a while this.

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Speaking of exploding penguins...


Okay, so you know how you can pick up characters in Disgaea and throw them? You know that if you throw two creatures of the same race at each other they combine levels and stats? Is that possible with the Pvt. Prinnies? Every time I throw one of the penguins at another, they both die in a horrible explosion. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, I want to welcome you back and let you know that Alethea and Andrew Duff are good hosts, and Andrew Long is a moronic lunatic.

-dartagnan "Pretty darn creepy" 84

Actually, they don't even have to be the same type of monster. I tossed a ghost into a hobbit just a few minutes ago. Presumably it works on enemy humanoids too, but when you chuck prinnies, their volatile nature takes precedence.

Oh, and no insulting Q&A hosts, especially when they're writing the next day's column.

Important matters.


I have a friend that has a Japanese PS2. I only have a U.S. made PS2 and a PSX. My point is is that I have some imported games and an import player ,because you can't play Japanese games on a U.S. system. But since my friend has a Japanese PS2 he says he can't play any U.S. games on his system. Is this true? It has been bugging me for a long time and need some of your professional help here! Thank you.


Yes, import lock-outs run both ways. Without modification, Japanese PS2s can only play Japanese games, American American, European European. Same with any other system the has import lockouts.

Gender confusion and audio recording.

To answer your question about cassette tapes to MP3s, if your computer has a normal 1/8" stereo input port (like most Macs and some PCs), then you can just take a handy male-male (nothing to do with fanfiction) stereo cable, available at Radioshack and similar stores, and plug one end into the stereo output (headphone) port and the other into your computer. You then run some sort of audio recording program (the normally useless Sound Recorder utility that comes with Windows works and some shareware audio editor like Amadeus for the Mac is even better). If your computer doesn't have a stereo input port, then some sound cards include them, or you could use some USB device, which I forget the name of, that adds several stereo outputs and inputs.

When I first looked in the instruction booklet for Xenosaga I thought chaos (why is it lowercase?) was a girl. A rather hot one at that. The bulge kind of clued me in...

-The Nameless Translation Dude

Yes, there's various ways to jury-rig such an audio set-up yeah, but you'd figure someone out there would have made a little box you can pop a tape in, run a USB cable to your comp, and it'd do the dirty work of making the MP3s for you. While you're at it, you could add in an 8-track deck and record player.

Anyway though, speaking of gender confusion, I sure have been mistaking the genders of a lot of Disgaea classes. It was something of a shock the first time my thief attacked for instance. I should really change his name.


"Do I need to buy any periphrals? Someone said I need a 3D controller and memory card to play Nights. Is this true? Saturn parts are remarkably hard to find here, so I would prefer not to get anything unless I absolutely have to."

You don't need the 3D Controller for NiGHTS, but it does make the game a little easier. And you don't need a memory card eather, since you can save straight to the Saturn.

Oh, and yes there was an internet adapter for the Saturn, and the only game I can remember that used it was Duke Nukem 3D... I think.


Once again, I completely fail to see the appeal of Nights. Speaking of Saturn memory cards though, I could really use one of those. The internal memory holds quite a bit sure, but all the games I end up playing for it have to save a staggering amount of data.

The Last Laugh:

OK, so here is the deal, as I understand it. People throw Andrew questions about living in Japan. He answers them in a little special feature tucked into Saturday's column. Meanwhile, RPG type questions get thrown towards the other Andrew for the next three days. Also meanwhile, I go back to harassing Senator Jesus and talking to gangsters who live in candy.

Googleshng "You know, it's rather hard to talk about Disgaea and not sound completely insane."

Fortunately for me, that's no different from how I usually sound.

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