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Googleshng - September 22 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Inoticed that the title screen music in Disgaea reminded me of some TMBG song, but couldn't remember what it was. It was driving me crazy all day, but I finally realized what it was just now. Hint: Look at the column title. Anyway though, the resemblence is pretty darn faint, but you'd figure I'd remember since there's only 2 TMBG albums I own on CD.

On a related note, how does one go about converting from audio tape to MP3? You'd figure devices for doing so would be more common.

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Dear Google
"You can set FFTA to hide items you can't equip?!?"
Really? Could you tell me how?


System -> Options -> Scroll way down.

Wicked Little Critta

Hi Google! Glad to see you back again!

I just bought a Sega Saturn at a yard sale with a ton of games for ten bucks. I really don't know that much about it, but some of the games caught my eye. So...I have a few questions for you.

Do I need to buy any periphrals? Someone said I need a 3D controller and memory card to play Nights. Is this true? Saturn parts are remarkably hard to find here, so I would prefer not to get anything unless I absolutely have to.

Was there actually an internet adaptor for the Saturn?

What games would you recommend for me? We have mostly shooters, racing, and sports games right now. The only platformers we have are Nights and Sonic, and the only RPG is Panzer Dragoon.



You got a Saturn with Panzer Dragoon Saga for ten dollars? That's insane. Anyway though, I've never understood the appeal of Nights myself, but don't recall any peripherals being necessary for it. Other Saturn games of particular niftiness though include just about anything translated by Working Designs, particularly Dragon Force, and a variety of games that were never released in this country. Shining Force 3 is fairly nifty too if you can find it, and don't mind missing out on 2/3 of the game.

She Thinks She's Edith Head

Hello Googleshng,

I just read the Saturday the 13th Roundtable Discussion, and was pondering at part 3, the challenge of modern RPGs. I do very much agree that almost every RPG release now can have some challenge, but after a point, every game gets outstandingly easy, for example in Wild Arms 3, once you get Valiant you are unstoppable. But there have been some games, 2 I can think of, that have come out recently that have redefined challenging in a game.

Unlimited Saga and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter are the hardest RPGs I have played in my life, and that is why they are amazing. They kick your but and kepp you coming back asking for more. I have gotten to the point in US that I play for 2-3 hours, and put it down for a couple weeks, but it is very fun. Dragon Quarter goes against all the others in the series by not allowing you to go into a dragon every battle and kill everything.

What I don't understand, though, is why the entire gaming community won't even merit these two titles. I beleive that the whole of gaming websites and magazines are mostly written by very new people to the video game industry, and have been spoiled on all these easy RPGs, and when one comes out that is HARDCORE, they give it horrible ratings.

I do agree with many people that the SaGa series is not for those weak of heart, every game in the series has been harder than the one before it, but if a game is too easy, why are you playing it?

Well, that was more of some opinions rather than questions, oh well, I think I made my point.


I like the level of challenge to be had in the SaGa games, but the most recent two bother me a bit. While I'm not necessarily going to do it, I always like to have the option of wandering off and character building for a while. The only game where I didn't mind having limited monster resources was Valkyrie Profile, and that was really just because that's the whole point of the game.

Istanbul. I like Flood better.


Just wanted to add my letter to the stack of those that boycotted the RPGamer Q&A until now(since you're back) and say Rock on.


back for good?

that'd be sweet :D
holy mother of god id never thought id see the day googleshng would return now i have to make my triumphant return (althogh i wasnt that huge) and now im back mwahahahaha

You know how it is, challenge the Q&A guys to a battle, get defeated, grow disheartened, no real motive... yeah... anyway, it's late in coming but glad yer back as well.

- Galvatron

Thought I'd give you all a look at the sort of stuff I've been getting all week. I've been avoiding the printing of these things all week, but when they're still coming in on day 3, figured I should observe my policy of printing anything people keep saying.

So anyway, I really appreciate all the... appreciation, but assuming you missed my style of answering questions, you might want to get back to asking them. 8)

The Last Laugh:

Couple quick announcements. First, it seems I am indeed restarting the games for guest hosting chain. Expect the first guest a week from tomorrow. Second, Andrew Duff will be starting up a funky little feature next week, or rather, later this week, which I'll plug in more detail tomorrow.

Googleshng "Dude!"

You've gotta love battle-penguins that can be used as grenades.

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