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Googleshng - September 21 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I had six major items on my plate today, and got them all taken care of. In contrast, if I only have one thing to work on in a given day, odds are I won't get it done. Strange psychological phenominon that. I wonder, if I promised myself to work on 100 things in one day, would I be able to trancend the laws of time and space?

Most likely not, but I think we have the potential for a superhero story there.

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Good to see you back on the scene! Just noticed the new things are FFT-A and Disgaea, which I both love with my entire body. Even thought I picked up an English copy of FFT-A, and I am not getting used to understanding what everyone is saying. It turns into a different game when you can actually read every law for everyday instead of having to look up what it means. Funny thing that is. Anyways, glad to see you back!


I tried playing FFTA in Japanese, but not for very long. I couldn't imagine trying to puzzle out the Mimic law with no help.

Final Fantasy Tictacs Advance

Nice to see ya back Goog.

There's one thing I've been wondering about for a very long time. In TRPG's like Disgaea and Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis, why is there stats for speed? Those game have your team go and then the other team goes, speed stats shouldn't even exist, and that takes out a lot of the strategy. Also, FFTA has lost a ton of strategy. When you casted a spell in FFT, it took a couple of turns in order for it to work, and u had to check the turn list to see who goes first and all that good stuff. But now in FFTA, the spells are all automatically casted, and it's just not as fun. True, the game is still fun and made great, but i'm just not as addicted to it as I am to the old FFT. Oh well, enough rambling.

Peace out

Adam <strategical master> B.

The removal of delayed effects does simplify things quite a bit, but also really helps balancing. I mean, mages in FFT1 were more or less worthless. Personally, I think the biggest problem gameplay wise is how incredibly stupid the AI can be. For example, when they have a choice of targets, 80% of the time enemy archers will shoot at the one character I have with Return Fire.

As for speed stats in games where your whole party moves at once, there aren't exactly fixed standards on what the names of all stats have to mean. Aside from determining turn order, speed stats can be used to determine how far you can move, how well you can dodge, or in some games, the accuracy of your attacks.

See a trend here?

Hey Google,

Great to have you back. So basically Disgaea is awesome. This may just be the best tactical RPG I've ever played. Not only is the storyline hilarious, but the battle engine is perfect. My only quibble with the game (and it is very minor) is that my characters, aside from Laharal, don't seem to level up as fast as the enemies. But since the game makes replaying levels fun, this really isn't a problem.

-- Kalledon --

I've been hearing all sorts of wonderful things about Disgaea. I look forward to playing it tomorrow now that I've finished FFTA.

The shift key is your friend.

i just wanted to if it would be better if konami would remix the gameboy advance castlevainas "Circle of the moon, Harmony of dissonance,and Aria of sorrow" and put it on the playstation and make it look like Symphony of the night it would so cool if they did that and put it on the ps1. is there anyway konami would do that for other castlevaina fans i just wanted to konw?

You won't see Konami porting the GBA Castlevanias to the Playstation for the same reason you won't see a remake of Golden Sun for the Dreamcast, or Metroid Fusion for the SNES. People don't generally port games to dead hardware.

Speaking of remakes...

Hey Goog,

So now that they're remaking Wild ARMs, do you think they're going to be able to make it a good game? I played through it once, and it was the most arduous RPG I've ever had to play through. It made Breath of Fire 3 look like Final Fantasy 6 by comparison. I thought the game sucked and literally had to force myself to finish it, and have purposely avoided reviewing it because that means I have to think about it and look at those horrible graphics again. So while we're on the subject, do you think we'll get a remake of Beyond the Beyond, the Granstream Saga, and Robotrek next? That would be pretty cool, you know.

Robust Stu

A graphical update would be one thing, but they're changing around game mechanics and the plot, to be more like the later games. The thing there is, everyone seems to agree that the original Wild ARMs is the best of the lot. I say if you want to remake any of them, remake 2. It could use the work.

The Last Laugh:

OK, that's not a very good sign. One second I felt just fine, the next I feel like I have the flu. So either I'm pregnant, that fish I had an hour ago is lousy, or sleep deprivation is finally catching up with me. That list is in increasing order of likelyhood mind you.

By the way, I meant to mention this yesterday. A month ago, I was getting ready to announce that I was going to start up that whole games for guest hosting deal again. I was side tracked for obvious reasons, but assuming the thousand or so people who were evidently boycotting this site in my absence clue in fast enough (and yes, I had another flood of letters along those lines today), I might as well kick it off now.

For those who don't recall what the deal was, it goes something like this. Reader A gets to guest host for 3 weeks, and asks for some old hard to find game they've been looking for forever. Reader B sends that game to reader A, and gets to guest host for 3 weeks plugging their request, etc. etc. etc.

I can't make any guarentees on reliability mind you, since I don't have a good gauge on current levels of reader generousity, but if anyone is interested, we can try to get another round of this stuff rolling with a donation of Phantasy Star 3, Phantasy Star 4, the original Toejam and Earl, that GBA remake of Super Dodge Ball, or in a pinch, Silent Hill 3.

Oh, and before anyone gripes about me getting a total freebie at kickoff, I recently donated several games of mine to needy nerds, so my personal karma's balanced out just fine.

Googleshng "You can set FFTA to hide the items you can't equip?!?"

I've been using a dragoon too. Gah.

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