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Googleshng - August 11 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

For those who didn't catch the end of Thursday's column, I have been rather abruptly kicked to the curb. So as this would seem to be my last Q&A column around here, there's going to be a lot of goodbye letters. If those aren't your thing, just scroll past'em.

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A Truckload of tear-jerking letters.

So, why'd they kick you out?

You do a much better job then the replacements they had while you where in Japan.


Heya Goog,

I've always liked your stuff, but if someone up top feels it's time for you to go, then I guess I can't do anything to keep you. I have enjoyed your writing, on both RPGamer and your personal website, for years now, and hope to continue doing so. I've always appreciated your good judgement and the insight offered by you in your opinions. For many of us, you have become a part of daily life, of routine. I look forward to seeing you make headway on your many ambitious projects.


P.S. Think maybe you can throw up some more short stories on your page? I love the ones that are there.

I...I don't know what to say. Q&A will never be the same. :(



All right, first off, I'm sorry to see you go. You've been one of, if not the best, Q&A host for a long time now, and I've been reading since Thor's first few columns.

Second off, WHAT THE SMURF IS TPTB SMOKING/INHALING/OTHERWISE INGESTING?! I can't see a single thing wrong with your columns; you know your RPGs and are consistent with updates; you're not nearly as abrupt as Andrew (nothing wrong with that, but I'm sure he has garnered his fair share of complaints.) and as far as I know, there's been no huge controversy over something you've written. So, aside from my and other's sadness and anger at seeing you go, why are you being kicked out? If it is something as moronic as 'the winds of change have blown' or you're too 'bland' compared to Andrew, I swear to God that I will never visit RPGamer again, and I doubt many other site devotees will be incredibly pleased, either.

Hi, Google;

I think it sucks that you should be dislodged in such a way. It makes me fear that we'll end up with a raucous 16-year-old who can't spell, type, or compose a complete sentence, meanwhile bashing games that make one THINK. Andrew Long would be okay, though (wouldn't THAT be confusing? Ask Andrew - no the other one).

I will be very sorry to see you go, and I hope that you might participate in RPGamer in some other capacity, if not Q&A.

Thanks for the mature views



Just want to let that guy know that 'Star Ocean: The Second Story' and the 'Tales of' games were made by the same developers.. under a different development team name.

Why must Googleshng leave? After what's become of the weekend Q & A, I'm afraid of what's going to happen to the weekdays..

-Big B

OMG!!! does that mean you'll never be a Q&A host again??!!! *starts to cry* GOOGLE I LOVE YOU!!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!

I'll never accept it...BWHAHAHAHA!!! we must do sumthing to overpower the system!!! GAMERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!!!

seriously, who decided this? can i have their email address? even if i cant change it i can annoy the hell out of them. muhahaha. i'll send them 10000000 emails from different screen names (u can make sns on yahoo for free! bwhahah) i can send like 100 per day!!! they'll think im not one person but 100!!!! BWHAHAHAHHAHA!! im so smart, my master plan!!!!!

*sniff* are you still gonna be here? cause u've been here for as long as i can remember... (i hardly even write, but i've been reading for a long a few years or sumthing) thats so so saaddd!! I promise i will do watever i can to stop them...!!!!! i'll never accept another Q&A host!!! you're the coolest!!!!!!!


and if the said plan doesnt work, i can always send my herd of evil monkeys to eat the RPGamer Rulers' brains. yay brains! ^^


You are the main reason I was drawn to the site in the first place, so if you quit doing Q&A I really don't have a purpose for looking at RPGamer now do I? Heck, at least I'll still have your rants... The decision could have at least been approached slowly, making a single day a random guest host day or something. The whole situation just makes me grumpy. So what duties will you be given in the meantime untill this new plan falls through?

Hmmm, I'm not in the proper mood to think of a good RPG question at the moment so I'll just take a page from your book and say SMURF...


Dearest Googleshng,

Now that you are leaving us, will you tell us your true gender? Also, did you know that one plus one equals one in a bun. Futhermore, when the clock strikes three, a rainbow will await thee.

Sincerely, _________

P.S. The owls are not what they seem, nor is all well on Parma.

What!? You can't leave! You practically ARE Q&A! *cries*

1. Is this the decision of RPGamer, or your own decision due to schedule conflicts? I'm just curious.

2. Will you still be working for RPGamer? If not, will you finally reveal your name and gender? It'd make it a lot easier to stalk you. Err, by stalk, I mean not stalk, of course.

*cries some more*

BL Alien

No! How will we live without our daily slime from the ball of slime!?!



Well, maybe not, but still, I think you are the best host since Kaufmann or Thor, and I hate to see you go. I do however BEG AND PLEAD that you disclose the true reason for this atrocity... so I can mull over it and move on with life. I mean, we all know that slimes don't reach level 30.

I know I'm probably the rarest writer that has submitted to the column, but best wishes, don't go crazy working on the rest of the site, and try to work a deal so that you aren't totally out of the loop with Q&A. Oh, and make sure that you pull some weight so that Andrew doesn't become the main Q&A guy. I love the man, but I can't take more than three days of him at a time. X_X

Maybe you could help resurrect the circle of sages? (if that was the one where someone different did a Q&A every day)

Yes, yes, I know, the policy is there to prevent hosts from burnout. I understand that.

Good luck, and this time may you make the leap home. *bows*

-Xero "Googleshng fell! You got 1 GP!" Zohar

I'm sorry to hear that you're going. Good luck wherever you go.

Now that you're leaving, will you finally tell us your gender?


Good day, Miss(?) Google.

First, thank you for the tilde. I will always cherish it.

Second, I absolutely positively wish that you're forced to relinquish control of the weekday Q & A. I have read your columns for a couple of years now, and I loved how you were either kind or cruel with your readers. I honestly wish you would stay around on the RPGamer Q & A for a few years more. Well, at least you accomplished the # 1 dream of most RPGamers by going to Japan for 2 weeks. You could take solace in that fact at least.

Suffice to say, I wish you well on your endeavors after Q & A.
Good luck and Godspeed to your future pursuits.

Have a nice day.

Puppet NineTails

But... But... Google, where are you going? Nooooooo! STAY! I LOVE YOU!
I'll chain myself to a server somewhere, I swear I will!

It's WAY too early for an April Fool's joke, Google!

... Google?

... google?


I'll have you know that I ask a friend of mine that regularly, after she told me that she could feel her uterus.

What's the deal with you being canned?

Hey Goog,

I just wanted to say thanks for all the time you've spent doing Q&A over the years. But I've got a couple questions...

1)Are you going to be staying on at RPGamer doing other stuff, or are you going to be completely gone after today?

2)Okay, since this may very well be the last we ever hear from you, and in case nobody else asks, please set the record straight...are you a guy or a girl? And what is your REAL name?

3)Why don't I stop asking all these stupid questions?

Well, if we never see you again, good luck in whatever you wind up doing, and don't forget to put a link to your personal webpage in the column so we can stay up to date on your rantings.

Robust Stu

GOOGLESHNG AND Q&A FOREVER! And seeing as how they went through columnists before you its pretty safe to say you'll be back.


What's Q&A without Google?

Who decided this!? I will personally hunt them down and cause a large tree to fall on them by chopping it down with a herring.

And what's Logan's Run?

Seriously, bad news. You're Q&A has been one of the highlights of my day.

- J. Lavode

Are you really no longer going to do Q&A? The other hosts were okay but it wasn't as great as always having a constant host. Why don't they have you be a regular host and rotate the others as guest hosting with you. That way there would be someone keeping it constant, but also a new voice every day. I'm going to miss you making fun of everyone. Why don't you send a resume into G4TV to be the host of Q&A tv show.


Logan's Run style policy, hm? Does that mean you'd need to go through a fiery ritual of... uh... I'm drawing a blank at a parallel. Oh well.

In all seriousness, you'll be missed. Play some more games in your newly acquired time - you've earned it.



This sucks big time. *cries*

-True Illusion

Not knowing the story, I'd like to thank you for all of the informative daily columns that you have written. I like your effort and obscure references more than the mean sarcasm of other guest hosts.

I hope the future works out for you.

Zach "I Guest-Hosted With You Once" Welhouse

Well, it does indeed appear you are leaving by your outro. Which, really sucks. Cause you and Andrew do such a good job on Q&A. Well, good luck to you on any further jobs!

Nick "Mac" Macrina AKA, Sonne.


Don't let it be true!


You're leaving? I can't believe they're giving your job to someone else. This is probably the 2nd depressing cancellation this year...the first being Farscape's. I really don't enjoy most of the other Q&A Hosts sense of humor, so I probably won't even bother to check out the site religiously like I have been.

I wish there was something we could do in order to change their (Mike's?) mind. You've been an integral part of my work day for the last 3 years, and its going to be a real shame if you are gone.

I'll still try to check your Rants page, and hope you enjoy your extra time.

You will be missed!


Ah, this really stinks. Sorry to see you go. You always actually answered questions without insults or sex jokes, which I always appreciated. Oh well, I just hope they aren't going with the continually changing guest host format....



I've only sent a couple emails (since answers to most questions can be answered by the various FAQs rabid fans post mere days after a game's release), but I've read the Q&A Column for several years (I think I started just before or after you started doing it). I can't imagine why you'd be kicked out. This comes as much more of a surprise than if you just got sick of it and wanted to stop doing it. Obviously you still have other duties on the site, but it's still quite a shock. Oh well, this is a pretty pointless email as far as the topic of Q&A goes. Hey, if you're definitely "getting the boot," perhaps "the powers that be" will let you guest host when the need arises, like many of the other former staff/Q&A members do. Wow, "Googleshng's column" and "RPGamer's Q&A" have become interchangeable in my mind (not to disrespect the weekend hosts). For some reason I never even considered it happening this way. Good luck!


*sniffle* I'll get over this. Yeah, I can do it. I guess all good things must come to an end, but it's still hard to deal. Now what will I read every day? At least have some kind of a live journal-type page for RPG discussions? Entertain meeee~!


I am just writing to let you know you have my appreciation for your years of dedicated Q&Aing. You rank up there with the greats; The Original - Andrew Kaufman, The Fan Favorite - Thor, and You. I'll miss your insights and personal style as a Q & A host - I've been with you since the beginning. Good luck, and keep dropping in the Q & A section!

- Ben Ford

You made Pedro cry. *In referring to Goog's hasty dismissal*

Just found out you're leaving Q&A (guess I should catch up fully on the columns before I send off a letter).

I've been visiting this site since Thor was the Q&A person. I've enjoyed your stint. You'll be greatly missed.

Au revoir,


does this at least mean you will put up more rants?

Google, you will be missed.

Hey Google,

There's no need to print this letter or anything. Just wanted to say I liked your columns and I'm sad to see you go from that duty. Farewell, and hope to keep seeing your fingers in the pie around the site :).


This is a joke right?

...I really enjoyed reading your columns every weekday over the past few years, it's a shame to see you go. I trust that you will be retained to some other duties on Good luck on future endeavors and the like.

Russell "sephiruss" Goss

Ohaiyo Google,

I've taken the liberty to learn just enough Japanese to say a few things, so here goes, I'll put subtitles of what I think it's supposed to mean, so correct me if I'm wrong.

O genki desu ka?(How are you)
Watashi wa genki desu. (I'm fine)
Hajime mashite dozo yoro shiku. (Nice to meet you)

Well, that's about it... I'm trying to learn more though. Since this is your last day, I suppose I'll give you the best question I can think of. What's the big smurfin' deal, slime? Why are you leaving us? Is this some sick game that Mike is playing, to see how frantic and upset we get? Sorry, it's just that I've been reading this column for almost 4 years, and you are the only one that's been here the whole time. I watched as Chesh, the Lohracle, and even Mr. Sexy pants himself go down in the history books, but I was really hoping your career wouldn't be cut short.

I think I speak for all of us readers, except the losers, that you have become an integral part of our daily routine, and while Duff is funny, he doesn't have your suave and tone. You make condescending remarks sound like a compliment. Argh, man, argh. Well, I hope you have a good time doing whatever it is you'll be doing. I wish you luck in your wants to become a writer. Also, can you put up the link to your site one last time?

Arigatou Gozaimasu,
Ricky Takare

Well, Flying Zombie-Penguins! I miss reading the column for three days and I find out that you're no longer going to be Q&A host. *sniff* Saddened as I am, I do hope that you'll do some more work on Anecrophilia ..

May the zombies be with you,



Wow. After such a long run, it was quite a surprise to open up the letters column and read that you're going to be leaving. It's been fun, Goog--and I've enjoyed reading your columns. Thanks for helping to get the word out about Mythri years ago, everyone at Team XKalibur appreciated it.

I'm not so good at internet column farewell letters, I guess--so good luck at wherever you head off to (will you still be doing any work at RPGamer?). Stay in touch, man.

... wow. That's a lot of upset people there, and I'm sure there's a lot more elsewhere. I'll reply to all that down in the closing, but in the meantime, we have some people here who have questions in need of answering.

Changes and so forth.

I heard there were going to be some scene changes for the US version of FFX-2. Do you have any idea of what they might be?

If details were available on the matter, they would have been listed in the story mentioning this, so you'll just have to sit tight.

Here's an odd one.

Seriously though, what ever happened to Anime RPGs? Lunar, Lunar 2, and Thousand Arms were all really good games, why doesn't anyone ever make anymore games like those?

Eagerly awaiting a response,
Kristoff of The Fire

What exactly do you mean by "Anime RPGs?" RPGs with anime cutscenes? People still make those. Pretty constantly in fact. Recent examples include Wild ARMs 3


Hey Goog,
Just wanted to know your opinion on the nokia N-Gage looks pretty and all but costs more than any console right now. Do you think this will prove to be a contender in the handheld (monopoly) wars or will it be a flop? What is the likely hood that Nintendo will come out with a new handheld in responce to the N-Gage? What are the chances of there ever being a virtualboy thats actualy in color instead of red, black, and gray. If they came out with one would you buy it?
Not quite sure if it was you or andrew that needed questions but there you are. btw the N-Gage game cases are spiffy.

Disgrunted"This letter has too many questions"Dwarf (Well I'm not realy a dwarf:)

Well, this was actually one of of the topics for a roundtable discussion which I honestly thought would be up by now for you to read. Short form, you shouldn't bother trying to compete with the GBA, particularly if all you are is a $300 cellphone.

Pushing buttons

Hey Google,

You really have to hit 14 buttons to get a level up in FF10(if you'd even call that leveling up)?

Let's see if I remember this properly. Triangle, down twice to get to sphere grid, X to open it, X to open the submenu, X for move, then after picking a destination, X twice to confirm, X to select the sphere option, down to the sphere you want, X to pick it, X twice to confirm using it, triangle to leave the screen, and I think one last confirm. I'm not even getting into all the joystick movement trying to select a given space. Whereas in most RPGs, going up a level requires no button presses.

Harvest Moon Question


I'll get to my ranting later, first and actual honest-to-smurf RPG type question. In Harvest Moon GB(the original, not the colour remake) how in the heck do you get the sprinkler? Every FAQ I've read says it becomes available on the 19th of Spring, but when I go to the tool shop, no sprinkler. Is their some special condition I need to fufil? Help would be appreciated.

Now, for a short, poingient rant.

Best. Host. EVAR.

End rant.

Thirdly, you might want to reveal your gender to those who are unable to figure it out. I mean, it's pretty darn obvious if you look at your website, unless of course your parents were so cruel as to...well we won't contemplate that.


Mauler "Starkly astounding space opera adventure!" Mithel

I seem to recall that you can't get a sprinkler until the second spring, but it's been a while. Almost positive you don't have to do anything special on that one.

tri and tri-Again.

Googie Howser M.D.

Yes. I said it.

Hey man, it sucks to see your sliminess flodgening (it's my made up verb for how slimes move) away from the seat you've made such a home in. I've had good times reading your letters, only equalled by those times reading Thor's.

Actual question. Why do so many people bash the Star Ocean series by saying it's a rip-off of the Tales series? I can understand that the first game in each series has a time traveling element and that they both have the same composer and development teams, but if anything, that justifies any ripping-off that ensues. By the time Second Story rolled around, the two series were almost nothing alike. The battle systems aren't really all that simmilar, and even if they are, it's the Tri-Ace for god's sakes. Valkyrie Profile was the only game I've played that wasn't somehow Action-oriented.

Bon Voyage, oh Captain of the clothes hamper of Justice. The Justice Hamper.


Wow, previously only I have ever sunk to THAT joke. Anyway, I'd blame it on how people always think that games are made by publishers, not dev teams.

Popular game that

Hey *Googleshng sings* "Me,"

When I first read that you were being permanently replaced, which is how I read it, I was confused, appalled, enraged, then confused again. You have been around longer than any other hosts combined, which you have pointed out in the past, and you've had quite a run. I can say that because I've been reading the Q & A since the days of Q & AK, which was something like 6 or 7 years ago. Anyway, you will be missed.

Now I do actually have a question. I read somewhere that if you finish FF6 with only the 3 required characters in the WoR (Celes, Edgar, and Setzer), you get a special super ending. I spent my summer off (as a teacher) going back through all the FF's on my PSX in chronological order. Now I'm back to 6, and just wondered if it would be worth my trouble to put myself through that kind of ordeal.


Captain Modifier

You don't get any special ending, just a rather short ending and a lot of bragging rights.


Hi, do you know anything about shenmue 3?

I want to know if it will be released for DC.

Well, it probably won't be released period, and, nothing will be released for the DC again.

The Last Laugh:

So, to answer the various questions people asked me up there, no, I'm not leaving by choice. Quite frankly I always figured I'd be doing this until I died or the site went under. So uh, best four years of my life and whatnot. I'm evidently taking over roundtables. Oh, and you should all really bookmark my page of rantings because I can't really plug it anymore. Oh yes, and as far as that real name question people keep asking, you do realize that I sign all sorts of stuff with it right?

Googleshng "Bye"

Well, this week certainly sucked.

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