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   Someone sent me a Zero Wing reference.  

Googleshng - August 6 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

When a joke is run so thoroughly into the ground as that one, you have to wait a good decade for it to even have a chance at being amusing again.

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Don't you hate it when people ignore established facts when trying to argue a point?

Hello, Google.

*sigh* Like Heath and everyone else before you, you have made the mistake of saying that Xenosaga Episode 5 will be a remake of Xenogears. Last time I wrote Q&A regarding this a few weeks ago, I pointed out the main logical issues against that idea. Namely:

That reminds me. I need to look through all those columns that went up while I was in Japan.

1.) The timeline in Xenogears Perfect works describes Episodes 1 and 2 as Abel's story. Therefore, Abel, who only appears for 1 second in Xenosaga episode 1, would have to become an insta-hero in Episode 2 for Xenosaga to follow the Perfect Work's timeline.

2.) Xenosaga's story seems more focused on KOS-MOS, the URTVs, and MOMO, elemttents which have no impact whatsoever on Xenoggears. Therefore, the storylines do not seem to be able to establish any connection.

3.) Tetsuya Takahashi (creator of the Xenogames) SAYS it's a different, only SLIGHTLY related story arc.

I don't really see how that's three different points, or in conflict with anything I've said. When you take what was previously a sketchy idea you were using as backstory, and and expand it into something like an RPG, you're going to change your focus and add a truckload more detail. That's how things work.

Well, since I've already argued the logical standpoint for why Xenosaga Episode 5 will not be a remake of Xenogears, so lets look at... THE LEGAL STANDPOINT.

Squaresoft, now Square Enix, holds all legal copyrights to Xenogears; the game is sadly not creative property, but company property. Therefore, remaking Xenogears would involve copyright infingement, and a small company like Monolithsoft would NOT want to get sued by Square Enix.

Well, I've had my rant. Time to glare at you all.

*glares at Q&A staff members*

~Himizujin Eternia

OK. First of all, you seem to have absolutely no idea what the difference is between a publisher and a developer based on how you phrased that. Publishers get the legal rights to the games they publish, so yes, while Square Enix has the current rights to Xenogears, Namco owns Xenosaga, not Monolith. A much bigger company in which Square Enix owns a pretty decent chunk of stock, which is why they're perfectly fine with the Xenosaga series using all the various characters from Xenogears. Which, incidently they've already been doing.

All that said, let me again point out that I threw a bunch of words like probably in that timeline yesterday, so you really shouldn't have any cause to be upset even if your logic wasn't so flawed.

LoD spoiler. That doesn't happen too often.

To the person who asked about the LOD sequel...Didn't you pay attention at all to the story at the end of the game?! Haschel's daughter is Dart's mother, who was killed by The Black Monster. If I'm not mistaken, the entire deal was explained when Haschel was forced to fight her one-on-one.


3 Quickies=1 full letter it seems.

Hey Google,

First off: Have you ever been outcasted for being a slime? If so, by who?

I don't believe outcasted is an actual word, but I'm fairly certain nobody has ever had such a problem regardless.

Second: Have you seen the cartoon Gary The Rat? I love this show, especially Bud, Cheese Delivery Dude. It's sometimes witty, and I think Kelsey Grammar does a great job as the voice.

I believe I did once when someone was encouraging me to gawk at the pressence of new Ren and Stimpy episodes, but I didn't pay enough attention to form an opinion.

Third: What would you do with millions of dollars, a pristine art collection, and a collection of large animal toys?

Lastly: Monkeys man, monkeys...

Ricky Takare

Well, I suppose I'd spend the money and give most of the rest away, except for the monkies which I would probably try to train into some sort of crack commando squad to rain monkey fury down on my enemies. Or something.

Misinformation Abounds

I think it was last year when I saw on a another website that LSSS 3 is underdevelopment for the PS2. It was an interview of a Working Design official. Any news on what happened to it.? I hope it was not canned since i love the Lunar game franchise as much as i love the Final Fantasy and DQ series.

By the way can ask about the title of this NES classic game where it has a background song of Cyndi Lauper. I played this game when I was only 6 and I forgot the title. Please tell me.

Thank you

Well, your memory seems rather flawed there. The most I've ever heard about a third Lunar game is that Game Arts has been considering making a third game about Dyne for the better part of a decade, but thusfar they've been too busy making remakes and lousy Grandia games to get around to it. Plus if such an announcement were made, it wouldn't be made by someone from Working Designs, nor would it be made in an interview.

As for your Cyndi Lauper NES game, I'm reasonably certain that doesn't exist. If I'm wrong about that, feel free to correct me though.

Fun with security!

I have noticed that you have had no news on Ragnarok Online for a looooong time. I was wondering if there was any plans to have a story, especially with whats going on now. What's happening now is that the last 3 days have been on and off hacking by this person who go GM privleges by simply making a screen name starting with iROGM. There are talks off more rolling back as the hacker has dropped many super rare items. Gravity has yet to say a single thing about the hacks, and has cut off all contact with it's users. Please release some news on this, as I believe it would help things if a great site like this released a story, making it more public so Gravity stops ignoring us. Thank you for reading this, hope to see a story soon.


Well, last I checked RO was still officially in beta testing, so having problems is a given. For that matter, it's also a given for PC games to be in need of major bug fixes after their release, and for online RPGs to have massive easily exploitable security holes. So, there isn't really a news story to be written there, but hey, sucks to be paying money for such a thing.



What questions are not being asked that you'd *like* to answer?


Wow, going zen on me there. I suppose those questions which aren't being asked because people are too shy to ask them. Those not being asked because nobody cares what the answers are I probably shouldn't bother with.

The Last Laugh:

Ah, clarifying confising issues, that's what life's all about!

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