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Googleshng - August 5 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow. I almost posted this without an intro or title. That would have been pretty strange.

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Too darn many Hearts games out there...

I'm sure I won't be the only one to say this, but are you sure there's no KH2 in development? I was under the impression that Square had announced it at some point...I think a couple of sites said they told Reuters it was in development, slated for release sometime next year. There's certainly something going on with the additions to KH for Final Mix and the Special Secret movies (Another Side, Another Story and Deep Dive) that you can get for beating the game perfectly (Deep Dive only in Final Mix...I want Final Mix! *sigh*).

Hmmm...rather than just whinily point out perceived errors, I should ask a question....OK. What do you think about Kingdom Hearts and its alleged sequel? Do you think it needs one, what do you think about the aforementioned movies, etc...

Fare well,

Timothy Collett

I'm not SURE it isn't in development no, but it hasn't been officially announced, and this isn't particularly the time of year to be sitting on announcements. It's more or less a given that they have such a sequel planned sure, they just haven't officially started working on one.

Ask an ambiguous question...

where the****can i find pics of roy??????? i've looked 4 hours straight and i can't find a single pic!!!!!!


Well, that really depends on which Roy it is you're looking for pictures of. If you're talking about this Roy, then I'm rather surprised you didn't find things like this right away. If you're looking for a picture of one of the world's many many other Roys, then you really should have been more specific. Actually, you should have been more specific either way really.

Don't get many oppertunities like this!

Hey Google,

I don't see why the wont make a sequel to LOD i thought it was a very good game and i think there was a big opening at the end for a sequel like does hechel ever find his daughter and so forth.


Well, let's see. The biggest reason would be the lack of demand for one, seeing as you are in a very small minority when it comes to liking the thing. Then you have the fact that it somehow took them three whole years to get LoD out the door, so you'd have to give quite a bit of time to them if you expect them to crank out another. All that said though, I don't recall ever seeing a formal announcement that they refuse to make a sequel to it, so I don't really see where you're coming from here.

Did that bunny thing remind everyone else of a Puchu?


I'm a bit confused about the timeline for the six Xenosaga games. Could you give me an idea so that I can in turn give it to my friends so that they won't be confused? It's hard sitting around blabbering about a game series you're madly in love with and not having the correct information...creates rifts, you know.

And while we're talking about Xenosaga, was that bit with the weird bunny in the Encephalon forest really nescessary to the game or was it just part of the Segment door quest?


"You can't sneak up on an Elvish ranger!"

Yeah, playing with the bunny is optional. Anyway, timeline for you. Let's see, from present day, you skip a couple thousand years, then you've got Xenosaga, a rather short hop over to Xenosaga 2, then presumably 3 and 4 will be stuck in the tens or hundreds of thousands year gap between there and 5 which would presumably be a remake of Xenogears fixing inconsistancies that crop up along the way, and then a 6 set some time after. If you want anything more specific, you'll have to wait until there's more points you can officially stick on this timeline, or check if things still jive with the timeline from Xenogears Perfect Works.

More on this subject...

Hi Goog,

Actually, there IS lots of evidence that KH2 is currently being created-- for one, there's the trippy "Deep Dive" FMV trailer that seems to be a sequel to the Special Secret FMV. I'm just praying Kuzco will be in the next Square-Disney game.

So, how's the Utena dub? Please don't tell me the music is dubbed too... I hate it when they do that. Oh, and I bought some French Utena manga last week. Not that anyone'd care, but I don't have anything actually interesting to say. Manga-Akio is amazing, but there's an astounding lack of Nanami in the books... Oh well. ^__^


I already covered the KH bit above I'm fairly certain. As far as Utena goes, well, it's translated by Software Sculptors. They do a pretty good job when it comes to most aspects of translation, but I've yet to see a dub from them that failed to be hideous in some form or another. In this case everybody comes off way too relaxed and happy.

The Quicky So Nice They Sent It Twice

I don't give a flying smurf about graphics.

Yeah, well, I didn't mean people stopped saying it, just that the majority of current RPGamers don't.

I don't give a flying smurf about graphics.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... my wittiness unit seems to have temporarily become dislodged. Sorry.

Googleshng "What? I'm not a robot!"

Really, I'm not!

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