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Googleshng - August 4 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

You want a good conversation stopper? Just shout "Undead monkey!" and watch people stare.

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Hey Google,

First off, thanks for the name of the weapon. Because of you I can continue my story.

Secondly, reading through Andrew's column yesterday was interesting. Final Fantasy 7 seems to be less liked by people as time passes. Either that, or more people are speaking out. I've always felt that it wasn't even in the top 3 of the series. Horrible in-game graphics, redundant magic system that let every character be the same, undecisive plot, and the boring side-quests. I'll stop now. This will probably start some kind of war, and as we all know, if anyone has different views, and expresses them, the terrorists have won.

The rule of thumb is that you can't bash Final Fantasy n until Final Fantasy n+1 is released, and at that you have to keep it as a comparison between the two until Final Fantasy n+2 hits the shelves. So anyway yes, FF7 bashing is perfectly acceptable today.

Next, what's your favorite movie, anime and non-anime. I'd like to recommend for the three other people out there who decided to see Gigli this weekend instead of American Wedding, to go and rent Chasing Amy.

Let's go with... something by Miyazaki and Dark City.

What'd you think of Wind Waker? I thought it was extremely easy, and not long enough. I beat it quicker then Ocarina. The graphics were alright, and the story did have it's moment. Yes, singular. The rest of the game just seemed to be bleh.

I loved it. Incidently, it isn't really any shorter or easier than any other Zelda game, your perspective is likely just distorted from playing the Oracles back to back.

Last, to put some sort of game question... What are your views on the next 4 Final Fantasys? CC, X-2, T-A, and XI. For some reason, FFCC is the one that really caught my attention above the rest. It will probably be the reason I buy my brothers GameCube, plus Super Smash Brothers is like crack to me, and I never beat the new Metroid for it either, which I need to finish once I can.

Thanks for your time,
Ricky Takare

Let's see, FF:CC- No opinion really. FF10-2- Well, half of what I know about it I absolutely love, the other half I can't stand, so I suppose I'm apprehensively anxious. FFTA I intend to get the second it hits the shelves, and finally FF11, like all MMORPGs, I dislike it on general principal.

Old FFs and Mark Hammil

I'm at an impasse. I can't decide whether to play FF: Chronicles or FF: Origins first. I'm gonna play them both eventually, but which should I get though first? I would make the decision on my own but I'm thinking of a job in public office and I need the practice of having other tell me what to do. And now for something completely different. I've just resently gotten through Grandia Extreme. I saw on the back that Mark Hammil was a voice actor in the thing along with Dean Cain. So, I put the game in and hear Evann's voice for three seconds. Hmmm... That sounds like Luke Skywalker! Mark! Noooooo. I get to the credits and find out that Dean Cain played Evann and Mark Hammil played Kroitz, the gruff, not so nice guy. This makes me upset. I was cursing Mark Hammil for going back on his good voice acting in Castle in the Sky and the Batman animated TV series (he was the joker for those who didn't know). So, I have respect for the guy again, but now I have to have respect for Dean Cain for sounding like Mark Hammil acting badly...and I...*brain explodes*...

Jamie "..." Harper >8^()

Well, the games in the FFO bundle are older, and the games in FFC are classics. So if you really insist on playing all 4 you might as well go chronologically, but I can't recommend playing FFO at all in good conscience.

Non-FF Games

Oh my eyes. They're almost sore by looking at those screens. I've never liked a Dragon Quest/Warrior game I've played but this is so pretty I've just got to have it. Oh, such a tool I am. And you can see your characters on the battle screen! Heaven!!!

You know, there was a time not all that long ago when every single RPGamer in the world proudly proclaimed that they didn't give a flying smurf about graphics... although probably not in those exact words.

Ooops, no question. Ok, I've got one. I know how you praise Unlimited SaGa and I'm going to pick up a copy as soon as it comes out in Europe (I hate living here for that single reason. Note to self: modify PS2 to play american games too as soon as you can afford it). My question is; do you still play the game and do you consider it to be worth its price?

I know it's a crappy question but it was the only one I could come up with. Please forgive me.

Butch Sam.

... Since when do I praise Unlimited Saga? I have the mental fortitute to finish a SaGa game, and it's a pretty decent example of one, but I'm pretty sure the strongest I've had to say about it was "you'll probably like it if you're into that sort of thing." Not exactly high praise. Anyway though, if you liked the multiple plotlines of SaGa Frontier, and the lack of sci-fi stuff, non-human characters, or chances to go off and character build from SaGa Frontier 2, you'll love Unlimited Saga. Both of you. Well, unless the chest traps turn you off.


hey, i saw on that it says the third installment of dothack is being released on august 5th, but on the website it says it wont be shipped until october 10th. what is the accurate release date of the titled?

thanks, i appreciate it.


I'd go with the October date. Then I'd make a mental note to fix ours after I upload this column.

This'll be a short answer.

Hey i have a question but i don't know if you'll know anyway i wanted to know if its true that a second part of kingdom hearts is really coming out if you or anyone you know can tell me or tell me another website that i can ask this very same question.I'll appreciate it very much ^_^ thank you very much o and please thanx ^_-

Shelsea B.K.A BabyBoricua

There is no Kingdom Hearts 2 currently in development.

The Last Laugh:

Some notes on capitalization before I go: The series is SaGa, as are all the games except for Unlimited Saga. Wild ARMs is a rather odd bit of capitalization, but the A.R.M. stands for Ancient Relic Machines.

Googleshng "Hey, Utena DVDs!"

Time for some badly dubbed fun!

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