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Googleshng - July 31 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

In case I didn't mention it, I rather missed doing this when I was in Japan, but the week is over so back I go into the basement I'm stored in for the weekends.

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See, this is the sort of problem that comes from too many games just using swords.

Hey Goog,
I've been writing a story, and was using different weapons for all the characters, and I wanted to use the weapon that the hero from Suikoden II uses, but I can't find the name of the weapon anywhere. So, I guess my question is, do you know the name of said weapon, or do I need to make one up for it?
Ricky Takare

If I'm not looking at a screwed up piece of artwork here, those would seem to be tonfas.

No, it isn't from THAT Thor.

Hey Goog!

First of all, I'd like to say that I'm glad to have you back!

Second, Your trip to Japan sounded like lots of fun..( Except for the whole airport scene ) I need to go, but I have no money...

Third, How is Dragon Force 2?

Umm.. I know I had another question, but I forgot..
Yeah, you should really read Shadow Puppets! That book kicked!


"Fool! All we do in hell is play DDR "

Dragon Force 2 is quiet spiffy. I thought I implied that I read Shaddow Puppets somewhere or other too. It was also fairly spiffy, but it strikes me as being a couple hundred pages longer than it needs to be. I just hope he isn't planning on some sort of Children of the Mind style followup here.

It's ARMs tanjit! Respect the forced accronym!

So yeah, don't you think Wild Arms Episode 1: Reloaded is gonna be the sweetest? If you don't...then...umm...oh well. Well after all that time with fanboys crying over an FF7 remake it's nice to see a game that really deserves a remake get it's comeuppance. I mean, I like FF7 as much as the next guy, but does it really need to be remade? That's like a rewrite of Dickens or the Bible (wait, the second one's been done, but you know what I mean).

Wild Arms deserves this though, because it never really got the opportunity to shine on its on, partially due to the soon-after release of FF7 and partly due to it's poor translation. It's nice to see the underdog get a second chance.

I honestly have my doubts on the remake in question. Most people tend to agree that WA1 is the best in the series, largely due to the lack of bad polygonal graphics on the map screen, and that it doesn't have that weird MP doesn't actually get spent system. Sony's translational skills have gone way downhill since too. I am fairly curious how it'll actually turn out though.

Links and Bacon

Good day, Sir(?) Google.

First, could you have someone restore the link to Andrew's column from last Saturday on July 26th? I am a big fan of this website's Q & A column, and I hate to miss out on a column if I can help it. So, could you help restore the link to that specific column on your Q & A and the archives?

Second, the phrase "But why is there a pig in my house?" refers to that moment in Illusion of Gaia when Will meets Kara for the first time in the entire SNES RPG and yells at her about why Hamlet is inside Will's house. Am I right or wrong about that guess?

Have a good day.
Please recover well from your jet lag.

Puppet NineTails

I'll look into the link thing, and you're right about the quote. Have a tilde. ~


You actually went to a karaoke bar named after a Trigun song?

Japan is officially the coolest place in the world.

"It's a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Plus, the beer is watered down!"

Yeah, what sucks though is that nobody else I was with noticed the fact. That and I couldn't find said song in the book.

I had a dream where gas prices went up again because the goverment made stations empty their tanks in order to make room for the secret installation of Eva power cables.

I woke up with an entirely new take on the Enron scandal.


Now see, that'd be a price hike people wouldn't mind.

Heya, Google-sama! Welcome back! I would've written you a letter yesterday, but I was too busy watching anime all day.

Chicago might be many things, but it is not Hell. I live in the Chicago suburbs, and I've been downtown twice in the last week. It's surprisingly cool this time of the year. Not too many tourists either. I still wouldn't recommend it as a vacation spot though, considering you'd be bored of the city in half a day. Well, unless you're really into sports, which I doubt you are.

BL Alien

Turns out the hell in question that brought this up was Arizona. I don't agree with that assessment though on account of the fact it at least has some nice scenery. Chicago I had to mention though, because I was once there in may and it was hot enough to bend a CD in half.

The Last Laugh:

Now off I go for now.

Googleshng "Poof"


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