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Googleshng - July 30 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Before I say anything else, here is a link to a big long freaking rant about my stay in Japan. Now then, on with the letters.

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Three Quick Questions

Hello Goog,

Wasn't Dragon force that game on Saturn that you had all kinds of troops and things? I don't really know anything about it, so could you enlighten me?

That's a bit of a vague description. You've got 8 countries, you pick one to play as and go conquer the rest, and fights take place on a huge open field, in real time, with each side having up to 100 troops that you give mass orders to. Extremely fun. Why I own a Saturn.

Also, would you agree that Vandal Hearts 2, which made an abhorrent attempt to implement that simultaneous attack battle system, sucked a whole bunch?

Yes, but that wasn't the only reason it sucked. There's also the contrast between the dull fights of VH2 and the brilliantly gimmicky fights of the game it claims as its predecessor.

Finally, was Japan everthing that Megatokyo makes it out to be?


I wouldn't know first hand, but probably not. I'm pretty sure I'm the only nerd with a popular web page who went to Japan and didn't spend the whole trip in Tokyo.

Hey look, people ARE interested!

So how's Dragon Force 2? The original was the one reason I traded my precious copy of Xenogears for a Saturn. It was worth it. Is the second one as good as the first?


Let's see, some of the perks. The big one is that you can command two unit types at once, and there's twice as many to choose from. So you can have for example, harpies backed up by archers. Other nice new features include castles that keep their troop supplies and affiliation even with nobody in them, caves to go character build in, and unique graphics for every single general. There's also voice acting in all plot scenes which I SUPPOSE could be considered an improvement.

More questions on DF2

Two things, Goog-- The last kana (which presumably would be for 'gu') in your katakana for Mog is wrong. You probably already spotted that, but just in case... The second thing being I'm likely the only person here who does care about Dragon Force 2! How far are you in it?

I'd say about halfway through.

Are there any returning characters?

There's at least Frest and Teiris. I'd assume at least a few of the demonic folk and maybe Gigg too.

Is the computer controlled charas any smarter?

Erm, yes.

~Smart "I'll miss Rutger" Laine

Yes. Enemy commanders actually know how to use archers now. Plus troops themselves are a bit smarter.

Of Weaponry and Release Dates

Hail, O Noble and Mighty Well-Traveled Gender-Confused Slimy One: Okay, first of all, to the person who wrote in yesterday commenting on the lack of barrel in Squall's Gunblade: I am currently sitting here looking at a large poster of Squall holding his gunblade that came with my FF8 strategy guide. A revolver-like barrel is clearly visible. Therefore it has a barrel. And I cannot believe I'm actually participating in this discussion because.... That said, ALL OF YOU need to GET A FREAKING LIFE. It's a game; it's a fantasy game; Gunblades do not exist outside of FF8; shut up and go home, you all need new obsessions. *coughcough*spoken by the woman who's memorized the FF6 script*coughcough* Anyway, to get to my actual question: Not long ago there was a news article mentioning a release date for Fire Emblem. Is this truly a Stateside release, because if it is, I will probably wake up my roommates screaming with joy XD Lassarina Aoibhell Webmaster, The RPG Place

Yes. November 3rd. Go scream. Oh, and as I've mentioned before from time to time, gunblades actually DO exist in real life. Dueling sabers with derringers built into the hilts. The idea being that you challenge someone to a duel, then shoot'em in the face, and then uh... I suppose panic because there's no way you can make the bullet hole look like the sword did it.

Even more on DF2

Do you think that SEGA will ever realize that making sequels or re-made copies of old games will make them lots of money?
For instance, shining force series on PS2 or another console, or shining the holy ark.
AND more importantly if Dragon force was/is (and still is to me at least) the best stradegy game in existence, then why not make a U.S sequel..!??!
I'm more mind boggled to the fact that they haven't made the shining force series on any newer systems, its truly sad and truly stupid that they haven't Hope all is well, and have fun playing dragon force 2, i know i did ;-)

Mike H. - Longisland NY

Well Sega's marketting department has always been pretty clueless. Otherwise they would have advertised all their stuff like Dragon Force and PDS over garbage like Fighting Vipers. They have been getting on the nostalgia bandwagon though, so they might pick the DF games up eventually. Doubt they could get WD for translation again though unfortunately.

In any case though, I'd like to see the Dragon Force games on systems people have heard of almost as much as I want to see Resident Evil 2 get the sort of remake the first one did.

The great grand correction.

Whoa.. you really messed that one up buddy.. For that kid who wants to make the Imperial Mog drawing but didn't know how to write it.. I've attached a .gif of how the word Imperial is actually spelled in Japanese. (What you wrote was imubirialru. You forgot that when the nasal 'n' sound appears before a b* or p* sound, the 'n' becomes 'm'.. we just choose to romanize it as an N but that doens't mean it always sounds like an N. I can understand someone getting it wrong since in this case they decided to base the Japanese pronunciation on the spelling rather than how it really sounds and that's why it includes a "pe" instead of a "pi" but I would think you'd know how to write MOG.. MO - GU.. But you went and wrote MO - VU putting the dokuten on the katakana U is not correct Japanese and won't be found much in print.. Just weird slang used for foreigner's names like "Dave" or something.

I thought the Kanji for the word Imperial also looked pretty cool so I included that too. It's pronounced TeiKoku if you are interested. 5 versions of each for each of the 5 Japanese fonts I have..

Yes, as in Teikokukageidan, the wonderfully long term for your party in the Sakura Wars series. Anyway though, this is just more proof that this here katakana font sucks, and I should really do all such things by hand. That and I should double check such things a little better.

The Last Laugh:

Ahhhhh... good to be back. Now off I go to take over Bozack.

Googleshng "Oh yeah, don't forget the big honkin' rant link up top."

Dagnabit, where'd they hide melee?

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