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Googleshng - July 9 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Me: Any last notes from anyone before I go to Japan? 50 people I don't know: BUY ME SOMETHING!

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A plethora of questions.

Hello Googleshng,

First, some RPG related content so this letter stands a chance of being published.

1.) I was playing Final Fantasy IX, and something occurred to me. The chocobos saw 'kweh', instead of the more traditional 'wark'. I was wondering, which do you prefer?

Wark. More fun to say.

2.) Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, yea or nay?

I'm not really big on the series myself. Zen character building is all well and good, but only when you have some goal to work towards.

Second, non-RPG content.

1.) While your in Japan will you pick me up a copy of Yakitate!! Japan volume 1?

See intro.

2.) I seem to remember you writing somewhere that you had read the Lensmen series by E.E "Doc" Smith, did you ever do that, or am I just crazy?

I've read them, but you might still be crazy.

3.) Make sure to buy and/or aquire lots of swag on your trip, I bet you could make some cash selling it on eBay when you got home.

- Mauler "Starkly Astounding Space Opera Adventure!" Mithel

I would, except that I lack the money to do so.


It seems to me that the learning curve for Unlimited Saga is rather steep. I'm two adventures into the game and I can't beat any of the bosses in any of the other adventures. Since you can't level up, what am I supposed to do? The stat increases after adventures are random from what I've read, so I doubt I could start over and become stronger during the first two adventures. Is there any way to become stronger in this game? I don't mind running around levelling up Saga Frontier style, but it doesn't even seem like you can do that.

It's more of a learning wall.

If you read that stat increases are random, well, whatever you're reading was pretty darn clueless. Your stats depend on what you have in your skill grid. You can check what will change when you're assigning them, and the general theory behind it is that making nice patterns with skills that share the same icon works best. So, make a triangle out of pick locks disarm traps and eavesdrop, make a nice line of all your unarmed weapon skills, stuff like that. Oh, and side quests you really should hold off on until you have the seven characters you want. Make sure you can get'em all built up nicely.


Make sure you go around insisting you are Shidou Hikaru, Ryuuzaki Umi, and Houuji Fuu combined.

Hm, a question. All the talk about which system FFIII should come for in the reaction thread, I was wondering what system YOU think it should come for. I'm HOPING for PSX, so that it can go alongside the other rereleases and be available to anyone who owns and is able to use the other rereleases, but what's your thoughts? This is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games so naturally I'm probably a little biased toward personal ability to get to play any domestic release it might get. But anyway yeah, what system do you think it should shoot for? And why?


Most people probably wouldn't get the reference believe it or not. Anyway, I figure they should release it for whatever it'll sell the most copies on. Which is probably what they'll do. GBA maybe, that or PSX I'd guess.

The Last Laugh:

I have to get up in 5 hours. Joy.

Googleshng "Zoom!"

Well, 13 hours isn't really zooming...

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