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Googleshng - July 7 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The most annoying part about having Andrew disappear without writing a Sunday column is that the lack of a properly pointed mailto keeps people from sending me letters for Monday. I don't get to write it, you don't get to read it.

As some consolation, have a rant. Oh, and I spent the weekend learning the ins and outs of Unlimited Saga, so if anyone has any questions on it, lay'em on me.

Oh yeah, and here's a weird little word game for you: Starting with a 1 letter word, add letters, one at a time, to either side of it in such a way that you always get a valid word, trying to get the longest one possible. I know someone who managed to score 8 points like this: A, AS, HAS, HAST, HASTE, CHASTE, CHASTEN, CHASTENS.

I hope my mention of this doesn't fill tomorrow's column with pointless quickies.

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