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Googleshng - July 3 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Tomorrow is Independence Day in the U.S. The day we celebrate the beginning of the sci-fi renaissance of the 1990s by setting off various colorful explosions in the sky.

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Hopping off the DC

Being the resident Dreamcast fanatic, it's good to see that a lot of the old DC games have carried over to other platforms. The most recent: Jet Set Radio, going to.... gameboy advance...? *blink*
Anyway, my big concerns are Phantasy Star and Grandia. Is there any news regarding new installments in either of these series?

Since when am I the resident Dreamcast fanatic? I have less games for it than anyone I know.

Anyway, assuming you mean the actual Phantasy Star games and not PSO, the official word on them is that the creators of the series specifically said they weren't making any more past 4. That aside of course, Sonic Team is still cranking out the PSO games, and the originals are getting ported all over it seems.

As far as Grandia goes, there aren't any new ones on the horizon, but I've yet to see any indication that GameArts is done with'em.


Greetings (Menchi barks) Googleshng
Am I the only one who thinks that Menchi looks more like a cat than a dog? Maybe in a quest for power I should have a mighty afro, or maybe you should have one. When you mentioned wanting habedashery, maybe you should have the type of hat that Sasarai of the Suikoden series have. You could do well with a big blue marshmallow hat.
Imperial Mog

Menchi does look pretty darn cat like, but she looks even more like a particular breed of dog whose name I can't recall. Used to know someone who had one, barked CONSTANTLY.

Oh, and yes, I suppose big blue marshmellow hats are also fairly interesting. So are bowler hats and fedoras. Red mage hats are still the best though.


Hey Google,
Is there any MMORPG coming out that will allow player kills?

Given the rate at which they come out, I'd say that's a pretty safe bet.

where did the final fantasy 3(U.S.) icons go?!!i wanted to put them on my new computer .... :(

What, you mean these ones? They didn't go anywhere, it's just that nobody has gotten around to listing them in the new archives yet.

The Last Laugh:

Time for some weekendery.

Googleshng "So what exactly is the evolutionary advantage of having a little mouth in your mouth?"

"Well, it would help when stuff gets stuck in your teeth."

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