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Googleshng - July 2 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

"Hey, do you know how to get around the anti-piracy measures in WarCraft 3?"


In other news, this is one of them there oddly Quicky based days it seems.

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I'm not actually printing them in the Quickies section though. Looks better this way.

i dont know if u have played it yet but do you know how to get anrietta the secret character ive looked it said do mission 90 and give her the flowers.....i gave her the flowers.....then it said wait till mission 100 and i got there and when she said can i become a hunter...i said what im suppose ta....."Are you serious"......shes suppose to join my party......not leave......i know i gave her the flowers cause she mentions it before she leaves........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get entirely too many questions like this. Basicly, what we have here is someone who is clearly playing a game by doing everything said in a walkthrough, either using a walkthrough with an error in it or misreading it. In either case I would suggest sending your gripes to the author of it before asking someone like me, or better yet, trying to actually play the game for yourself instead of putting blind faith in a guide.

All that said, from what I recall, you picked the wrong option at the end of mission 100 there. Oh, and if you're trying to go for a perfectionist game, bear in mind that you fail that mission if you take her.

Yesterday's title...

Optical Digital Audio

Audit a digital format...using an optical transport

Makes sense to me...but then again I'm an engineer

I'm not saying I don't understand what it means, I'm just saying that when the terminology you're using results in the term "optical audio," something is seriously wrong. Optical cable isn't a very good term to begin with really. It makes it sound like they use optical nerves to make it or something.

Fun with technicalities.

There is kinda a second season to excel saga. It's call puni puni poemi and it consisted of 2 episodes before it was taken off the air. After watching it I can understand why.

Well no, PPP would be a spin-off, not a second season. Plus, seeing how it's an OAV, it was never on the air to begin with. All that said though, I still need to see that sucker.

The Last Laugh:

Wow. My second youngest cousin just randomly wandered in here, took a look around at all my hundreds of games, and proceded to play Duck Hunt. There's some deep philosophical point to be made here, but I'll leave that to you.

Googleshng "Game droughts suck."

A Square-Enix release is what's needed here I'd think. Too bad SaGas don't count.

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