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Googleshng - July 1 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I actually saw the title of today's column in a list of features today. I think computer terminology is officially in need of a larger vocabulary.

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Hey Google,

Earlier today I was digging through my box of Nintendo games, and came across Big Nose: The Caveman. I can't seem to remember too many other games from Codemasters or any of the other off brand names, but I do remember them being fun, and a nice break from the normal stuff everyone else was playing. As an added bonus I was the only kid on my block to have the game that was in the commercial for the Game Genie (but surprisingly had no codes listed for it in the Game Genie book, stupid Galoob)

Anyway what I'm trying to get at is are there any independent games for consoles anymore or is it just to darn expensive?


Here I have to ask what your definition of an "independent game" is. The term is thrown around a lot when it comes to movies, refering to those made without the help of the big hollywood studios. The closest analogy there would be games not published by the big dozen or so publishers. That's a bit of a tough line to draw though. Generally, every publisher out there is started by a developer trying to get their first game out on the market, but then if it does well they tend to expand, take some more dev teams under their wing, and before you know it they're a well known name in the industry.

All that said, there's still plenty of games from brand new developers being published by brand new publishers. Take a look at Mythri for example.


Hey! Another Excel Saga fan! I'm just up to episode 23 and can't wait to see the rest. Of course, I'm watching it subtitled--the dubbed version they show for free on Comcast Digital Cable is *awful*. Do you know if there is/will be another season of Excel Saga? Have you gotten a chance to read the newly translated graphic novel by Viz (if so, is it good?)? Thanks!


I haven't seen the Excel manga myself, but an ancient addage would make me assume it's good. Now then. What channel is this showing it dubbed?

Plug'em all you want, they have a referal program.

Um, both Koudelka and Shadow Hearts are extremely easy to find. Just go to Amazon and go to their pages for the two games and click on the links to buy used copies. How I got mine.

Free advertising aside, I just got to the second disc of Xenogears. I heard somewhere that they weren't able to quite do all they wanted to for the second disc, and I'm wondering if they didn't originally plan to have the whole half-the-population-mutating-into-Wels part turned into a slide show with a couple of battles and scenes mixed in. Oh well, I'm pretty intrigued with the story, to say the least.

-The Nameless Translation Dude

One would assume the origianl plan was that all those chair narations would be replaced with, you know, actual gameplay... or actual long slow text speed plot scenes, but you know.

Internal Affairs

Is getting rid of the gold links really a good idea? They're my best indication of when a new FAQ page is posted. Everything but the FAQs are posted on the Main News when they're updated. And who's the guy in charge of this redesign? What's their logic for getting rid of the links, huh?

-Mike Lemmer

Uh... no? As of last week, Guides updates are going right on the main page, as are Fan Art, Fan Fics, Reviews...

Anyway though, the idea behind this is that it frees up the space to allow for more items to be seen on the main page without scrolling down, and it eliminates redundancy. If you haven't noticed, when you mouseover the links on the left side of the page, it shows everything the gold links do. All that said I'm still worried about losing readers when that officially switches over.

Oh, and like all site design issues, this comes from the boss.


Is that it?


Yes, but where the deuce are you people FINDING it?

It's less cryptic if you see the subject line, really.

I must agree with you, that last episodes pretty funny. Were you disturbed as much as i was when Cosette revealed herself as a G cup? You gotta love Shioji's reaction to that.


Not so much disturbed, but that there scene singlehandedly changed my content index for the show on the anime page I have to get back to.

The Last Laugh:

I think I've heard the terms digital and analog used in the same description too.

Googleshng "Zoom!"


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