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Googleshng - June 30 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So, this weekend I wandered off to do all the various things I do on the weekends (which mainly entailed watching Excel Saga through to the end), had a lot of fun, and then came back to find all sorts of morbid things. I think there was enough dwelling on that Friday though, so getting back to the beginning of this paragraph, dear gods is the last episode of Excel Saga ever funny.

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The names have been changed, but the problems remain the same.

I have been waiting for this awesome title. Lately, however, many friends have been telling me that ToD2 is not coming to the states anymore. Is this true? If it is, what is the logic behind this foolish act from Namco anyways? I canŐt figure it out?

Also, do you know a way for me to send my complaint to Namco? The only email address I could find on official Namco USA website was for broken copies of games.

Thank you for your time and you are the best! J


The US release of the Japanese ToD2 hasn't been cancelled, because it was never announced in the first place. The title of the game has been used for another game in the series though, creating a big fat headache for everyone. As far as knowing an e-mail address through which to gripe at Namco, well, if I knew one that couldn't be found on their main page, odds are I wouldn't be allowed to give it out.

On my parting thoughts last week.

"If I make a new section for letters like this and call it "The XYY Files" do you think enough people would get the joke to be offended by it?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... That justified my taking freshman year biology.


Quite a few people were amused by that weird little joke, but someone actually WAS offended oddly enough. Go figure.

Random Fun

The Dark Aeons and Penance appear only in FFX International, and yes, I realize that about 100 people will write in to say the same thing.

Surprisingly enough they didn't. I find it rather odd though that I never heard a word about them sticking extra bosses in there.

Is Xenosaga worth repairing/replacing my PS2 (which boots all of my other games perfectly) or should I just give it up as a lost cause and sell my copy? Keep in mind that my funds are very limited.

Uh, if every game but Xenosaga works fine, why are you assuming it's a problem with the system and not the game?

And, uh, does Ramen ever go bad? It doesn't seem to have an expiration date, but I have a few packages that frighten me considerably...getting hungry though...


Well I suppose if a package of Ramen noodles were to lose its job, have its girlfriend dump it, and find out its favorite show was cancelled all on the same day, it might turn to a life of crime. They have a pretty darn good shelf life though, being not much more than dried pasta and salt.

Final hack

I know this might have been answered elsewhere but here goes. To get the most out of the .hack series of games and anime does one need to watch .hack//SIGN prior to playing the games? On a second note: Is there any hope of a US port of Final Fantasy 3 that is Japan was release for the Famicom? thanks in advance.

From what I understand, the .hack games and anime aren't tied together strongly enough for you to have to hit them in order.

As far as FF3 goes, well, there haven't been any announcements along those lines, but they've been rereleasing all the others so one would think they'll probably get to it eventually.

Once again the things I was taught in school are proven to be wrong.

Actually, contrary to popular belief, men with the genotype XYY on their sex chromosomes are not of below average intelligence, nor are they more prone to be sexual predators. There have been studies done that suggested these results, though they have been disproved after examining statistical data that relate to the frequency of dumb sexual predators in the normal population. The only noticeable effect of the XYY genotype is...large stature. (I'm a bio student...can you tell? ; ) ) And that one's been proven. That said, I love the idea for the new section, even though it was just a joke. ;)

So, because I know you just love random pointless answers to your hypothetical questions, I'll add a dash of RPG questions in here. Building on the question yesterday about Shadow Hearts and Koudelka, I've had a passing interest in them ever since I've seen them mentioned in the column. It seems that they're out of print and somewhat rare, so I'm just curious if, in your experience, they tend to pop up in used game racks from time to time, or if I'll have to go to eBay, or what. I probably won't be able to get them for a while regardless, seeing as I'm poor, lazy, and with less free time than I expected, but such is life, ne? Thanks!


I wouldn't think they'd be that hard to find. Koudelka was purchased by roughly 10 people so I'm sure there's some more copies floating around. Shadow Hearts was better known, so it might be harder to find. Of course Koudelka is older... oh wait, I don't need to give specific odds here. You can probably find both if you dig enough.

The Last Laugh:

There's a letter in my inbox calling me by my full name. That's pretty darn creepy. Last I checked only about 5 people in the world know my middle name, and they all live in caves.

On an unrelated note, those of you who get to Q&A via the big gold link on the main page might want to get into the habit of using those links on the left side of every page instead. Redesign is pending you see.

Googleshng "This Guy! That Guy Over There! This Guy Over Here!..."

Wacky is good.

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