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Googleshng - June 24 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have reason to believe some malevolent evil spirit has somehow attached itself to me recently. Aside from column delays brought on from early morning construction yesterday, and the mail server having a brain tumor all day today, there's a few other things that point to forces of darkness swirlling about me. Relatives forgetting my birthday entirely, various services all hiking their rates up at once, and then there's the dog thing. Dogs have been barking at me lately. Moreso than usual I mean. Like on a typical day, walking around the block, one or two dogs might see me and start barking. Today on the other hand, 200 dogs. From like a block away. Weren't barking at anyone else either, just me.

Come to think of it, I've also been running across an inordinate number of flayed corpses of exotic animals in stone circles on the beach.

For the record, I'm not making up or exagerating any of that, although in fairness I should point out it was just the one flayed owl corpse, but one is still an inordinate number in this case.

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Look children! It's an elitist!


Don't you find it interesting how ninety percent of the people who write in with their love of anime don't know about anything they haven't seen on Cartoon Network. They're just too lazy to go out and search for the good stuff, so they settle for poorly subbed, dumbed down, B-rate crap. Oh well, maybe I'm just bitter because I'll be another year older on Wednesday, but seriously people! Get off your butts and be proactive in your quest for good anime.


While I'd agree that anyone who said "I'm the biggest anime fan evar! I watch everything on the carton netwrk!" would be a bit of a loser, those people don't tend to throw letters about it my way. I get more of the "All the anime I've seen is stuff off the Cartoon Network. Can you recommend some stuff with which to broaden my horizons?" Can't fault that. I mean, if people didn't seek out opinions, we'd still have countless people being exposed to uh... dagnabit. I can't think of an example that won't make people jump down my throat.

So am I going to have to flag rhetorical questions now?


This letter is being written in response to watcher's letter about the explanation of the term "mad as a hatter".

The way a hat was made then was relatively simple. Mold a piece of leather to fit a human head (usually done with a simple wooden ball), then tie it up so it holds its shape and submerge it in a vat of mercury to cure. When the hat was done, it was brough out and untied and woule retain its shape forever.

Now, as a hatter usually had very many orders at a time, they most likely used very large vats of mercury, which, not knowing of the dangers of the substance, would keep these vats inside the shop, where they sometimes lived as well as worked. This constant exposure to mercury and its vapors would erode parts of the brain and cause the hatter to go mad.

Well, there's my explanation of the mercury.


Please don't send me 20 letters tomorrow like this:

"So am I going to have to flag rhetorical questions now?"


So anyway, the point still stands that you'd figure the scarcity of mercury would keep anyone from thinking of this, let alone it becoming a standard practice. Of course, on the other hand, that's some fun stuff to play with.


Guten Tag Googleshng,

Was that quote "The Sleeper has awakened!" a hail to Lord Woot of Elf Only Inn fame, or was it something else?


"Maybe he's not really evil. Maybe he's just a warm-n-fuzzy person gone slightly awry."

It's a Dune quote. Shame on you for not knowing that.

That quote is actually from Warcraft 3 as well:)

"The Sleeper Has Awakened!"


Right, but I try to avoid quoting quotations to avoid headaches.

The Last Laugh:

Tomorrow's column should be up at a more reasonable hour, unless I'm beset upon by rampaging hordes of sho'goth or something.

Googleshng "It seems moths can permiate solid matter."

Or this one flew through a working air conditioner in a scene straight out of a Star Wars movie.

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