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Googleshng - June 23 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Opperating on less than two hours of sleep sucks.

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One of the most fun elements.

Hey Goog, I know this might be a little late on the response (especially since I mistyped your e-mail address the first time. those darn spaces just like creeping in), but I noticed someone mentioned that a haberdasher was not a hat specialist. It's true. In all actuallity, the term for a hat maker is simply 'hatter.' It's so simple, that it makes you want to hit yourself upside that head, huh?

And to throw in an interesting fact that I know about hatters....originally they used mercury (aka quicksilver) to make hats. Since they regularly used their own heads as dummies in the process of making the hats, they would eventually go insane from mercury poisoning. This is how the term 'mad as a hatter' came to be. I found this to be interesting since most of us know of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. It kind of explains why the character was made that way (or should it be 'mad that way'?). Anyway, later...

Your source for obscure facts,


The quest of course now becomes, how the deuce do you make a hat using a metal which is liquid at room temperature?

I sure get a lot of letters about anime...

Dear Google,
Hi, just wanted to say that you have a great column- I read it daily but rarely write. Of course you don't have to print this letter, but would you kindly give me your opinion on anime. I've been watching anime on and off for about 4 or 5 years now and I'm limited to the series (what is the plural of series btw) that air on Cartoon Network. I bought the Trigun box set, which I adored. So far its the best anime I've seen so far...along with Gundam Wing, which I loved (Tenchi and the others are good but I don't like them so much). I now am watching the Cowboy Bebop box set I bought. Anyway, I was wondering, which of the following anime series would you suggest I watch next: Evangelion, Inu Yasha, Escaflowne. Feel free to offer up any series that I didn't mention that you especially like. The only one of those three I have seen is Inu Yasha. It is good but not great IMHO.

Thanks in Advance,
John D.

Escaflowne is pretty much universally enjoyable, so that's worth checking out. Eva doesn't deserve 1/10th the praise it gets but isn't a bad show, and for a more obscure recommendation, there's Those Who Hunt Elves.

Odd little extras.

Hi, googleshng...

I've never seen this stated in a Final Fantasy VII FAQ or script anywhere. I've only seen it implied that the Date mechanics stop working at the Date sequence, and I see *so* many Cloud/Tifa supporters talk about the "romantic night" that Cloud and Tifa spend under the Highwind... along with other suggestions.

Few people seem to be aware that the Highwind scene can be played out in more than one way, and that the Date mechanics affect this scene. If Tifa's affection rating with Cloud is low, he can actually refuse and shun Tifa's affection in that scene. Here's a web page with screenshots to show what happens when the scene is played that way:

Since I don't have a Gameshark or Gamehack, I can't tell you exactly what Tifa's affection rating was when the scene played out that way, but I would approximate it to be between 0 and 5. I'd just like people to know there's more than one way for that scene to play out!


It is rather odd more people don't point that sort of thing out. That's the problem with putting in weird little variations like that, most people aren't even going to realize you did it.

The Last Laugh:

OK, so I'm more or less unconcious until just after the sun finishes setting. Odd. That's like the opposite of being solar powered.

Googleshng "The Sleeper Has Awakened!"

Dune is fun to quote.

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