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Googleshng - June 12 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's always interesting to learn new words, especially when they sound so darn 1800sish. More on that down in the quickies.

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Various Questions

Hey there, g,

I've been away from the gaming world for about a month (getting married and all). I've read most of RPGamer's news and E3 stuff, but I've still got a few questions. If you have time, I'd love some answers.

1. Have you heard anything about the Elder Scrolls III "Game of the Year" edition? I would guess you haven't played the original, but the Xbox version was rife with game-wrecking bugs. I could have kept playing for another 100 hours if it hadn't become impossible to walk around for 15 minutes without crashing the game and risking damage to my save file and Xbox. Anyway, have you heard anything about these bugs being fixed?

I'd never heard of any bugs to begin with. Sure it isn't just your copy?

2. Have you played the GBA Lufia? Is it worth picking up?

I haven't had a chance to myself, but word on the street is that it's surprisingly mediocre. Still a heck of a lot better than The Legend Returns there though.

3. Was that nifty in-game world map included in the original Dragon Warrior II on NES (it's in the GBC remake)? That was an awesome game, and such a world map would have been quite innovative for an NES game.

Nope. I really wish it was though. Finding that one space island in the middle of the ocean was a royal pain.

4. Do you think there is any chance Fable will do even half the things it promises? If all that stuff described in RPGamer's article works, I think I'll actually cry.

Thanks for your time, g.


Call my a cranky old cynic if you must, but I have yet to see a game by Peter Molyneux come close to living up to the pre-release hype. Find some old articles on Black and White if you want to see what I mean.

Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

Damn, man, that's just downright spooky. How did you know Shadow Hearts was getting a sequel? What sort of bizarre Deep Throat/Helba/Prophet of Delphi connections do you have, anyway?
-Cactuar Joe

I work at a videogame news site. You're looking at said site right now. It's thus a regular occurance for me to overhear what the newsies are working on at any given time. Just doesn't usually make a difference as I normally don't notice these things until five seconds before the story is posted.


Dear Google,

I have a few questions for you now. Some concerning RPGs, some Anime related, and some, just... well, to be determined.
*Spoiler for Xenosaga*
First, I've been playing Xenosaga lately, and I am currently at the point in the game where the team is swallowed by a gnosis, and I'm at the center of said gnosis. I'm really stuck on the boss where Cherenkov gets attacked or something by the Zohar. It has two side attackers where all they do is cast some evil attack that does quite a lot of damage. All my characters are at level 15, except Ziggy, and my AWGS are all at full health, so, can you help me? Please don't refer me to a strategy guide, as most spoil what happen and most guides are written poorly.
*End spoiler*

I pretty much went the whole game without remembering AWGSes existed. I suppose you could go run around and character build if you need help, but the standard tactic of kill the side bits then concentrate on the main chunk should work well enough. And of course if you really need the extra help, you can always start out fighting on foot and hop into the mecha when you're about to die.

Second, I've read your rant, and yesterdays Q&A, and you speak of Munchkin. Please, could you enlighten me, and others who are uninformed, about what this is, and why you like it.

Munchkin is a card game by Steve Jackson modelled after dungeon crawling D&D campaigns where all the PCs are backstabbing little min/maxers. It's very silly, and very fun.

Third, Trigun is great, I've rented the episodes, as I don't have the privilege of Cartoon Network. Are there any other Japanese Animes that are like this, or as good?

Thanks for your time,
Ricky Takare

Now there's an open-ended question. I suppose I'll recommend Hellsing to you. Same animation studio, ergo the same visual style, but I can't think of anything too thematically similar to Trigun off the top of my head. Well, maybe Irresponsable Captain Tylor...

Broad Cultural Stereotypes!

Exactly how familiar is the Japanese population with the English language? They obviously know the alphabet, but I see English words all the time in certain Japanese video games...the DDR imports, especially, seem to be in almost complete English. Can they only read it, or learn words? Can they speak it? What's goin' on? I'd like to go to the Land of the Rising Sun one day...just curious.

- Feep

From what I've gathered from people who live there, most people in Japan BELIEVE they have a pretty good grip on the english language, but the average person doesn't really know it well enough to find fault in the amusing random english gibberish found on all manner of Japanese products. Of course, everything you're talking about is likely done by people who have actually done some serious studying up on the matter.

A big long gripe about pirates.

I just thought I would direct everyone to an excellent editorial I read on the RPGamer website. The editorial talks about piracy, and I think it is one that every serious gamer (or not so serious gamer) should read.

I sell games for a living and I intend to get a job where I am producing software. Every day I experience people who have no respect for the hard work that goes into producing games, music, movies or anything else that is being pirated frequently. People will come into my store and ask me how they can STEAL a game rather than purchase it. They will stand in front of me and expain to their friends that rather than pay money for a game they can just STEAL it off the internet.

I have heard all the excuses. "If the games didn't cost so much I wouldn't have to download them." The reality is that even if the games were cheaper, those people still wouldn't pay for them. Besides, if everyone who played them actually paid for them, maybe they could be cheaper. "It only costs pennies to print the cd, why does it cost $50 to buy it?" Pennies to print the CD, but MILLIONS of dollars go into the development. If a game sells well, the company makes money, but when a game flops, the company does not. They need to find a price that balances the potential risk with the potential gain. Besides, on top of the printing costs there is also marketing cost, licensing fees, and many other costs. "Well, I never intended to buy that game anyway, so they are not really losing any money." How about "Well, I never intended to buy that car, so I figured it would be okay to steal it. They are not losing any money."

Personally I love how people will try to rationalize everything in order to avoid the fact that they are stealing. It does not matter whether you steal a car, a song, or a game, the result is the same. Someone loses something. The only difference is the likelihood that you won't get caught. If you steal a car, there is a good chance you will go to jail. If you steal software, there is very little chance you will see any kind of punishment. We live in a society where our actions are not based on what is good or morally correct, but rather they are based on how likely it is we will be punished for doing wrong.

To turn this into a question, I would like to know what you, and your readers think of this matter? Do you agree? Do you disagree?


"Do not go on arguing what a good person ought to be. Just be one." - Marcus Aurelius

I'm always shocked at how often I hear video game store clerks telling stories like that. You'd think people would show more discretion. Anyway, the whole piracy issue has always bugged me quite a bit, and honestly, the more I do, the more personal it gets. I've been in situations where I can say things like "I've met the people who developed that game you're pirating. They probably make less money than you do, they spent the last three straight years of their lives creating it, and if it doesn't make enough money, they won't get a green light from the publisher to make a sequel. Pay for the freaking thing!" Naturally, if I ever reach the point when I can replace "they" with "I", that subject will REALLY set me off.

Rumor Mongers

Hey-o slime-o!!

Considering your earlier comment on random speculation about games that have absolutely no solid information about them what you would consider to be the most outrageous incident of totally unfounded speculation that you knew of on a game that, at least at that time, had either not yet been officially announced or had no specific info on it (e.g. Crono Break, Kingdom Hearts 2, Final Fantasies 12-infinity).

If you cant find anything good I'm sure your other readers could dredge some interesting tidbits from the bowels of the internet to share.


-The Krello

Definitely Chrono Cross. As you may recall, there were five years between it and Chrono Trigger. About one year into that gap, some weird baseless rumor caught on that there was a sequel in the works, and it spread like wildfire. You have no idea how often this column got letters on that subject.. and admittedly, the idea I have is a bit fuzzy.


Yeah, the correct term is Haberdasher, not hat maker.

Hat maker=Haberdasher.


Y'know, cuz you wanted to find a hat maker and all to make you one a dem dere badass hats...

That. Is. Such. A. Cool. Term.

"I can't really think of ANY article of clothing that'd look great on a slime... "

a fez.


A good half dozen people wrote in with stuff like that, but I think fez wins. Have an ampersand. &

The Last Laugh:

See, here's what's great about being in my position. All I have to do is mention that I want a really outlandish hat, and a dozen people start e-mailing me on how hats are made.

Googleshng "Haberdashery!"

Seriously, that's a smurfing cool word.

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