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Googleshng - June 11 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Dang I'm busy this week.

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Corrections to Corrections

*Sighs* I need to make a point to be in the Staff Channel on weekends more just so Andrew can ask me these things directly. Well, here's all the stuff I can answer anyway-

1: *Suikoden 2 Spoilers* There are a couple diffrent reasons why you coulden't get the 3rd ending. Did you get all 108 stars BEFORE assaulting RockAxe castle? Did any of your stars die in the Strategy battles? When you hit the Dialogue box for Nanami, did the Hero spin his Tonfa's around? After the Battle, did Huan ask to talk to Shu alone? Before the Rockaxe battle, did Leknaat unlock the Forgiver Sign spell? If none of those 3 things happened, then you didn't save Nanami. Picking Valeria or Kasumi has no bearing, same with importing Sui 1 data. Kiba will ALWAYS die.

2- The story about Ogre Battle? How about that it was just an EXTREMLY limited printed run of the game, so bad that it was virtualy impossible to find a copy of it? Even worst was that the PSX Re-Release was JUST as hard to find -_-

Yes, but there was also an issue if I recall correctly with the SNES version of Ogre Battle including a copyright infringing song.

I'm generally not a fan of rampant speculation.

Finally! A third Koudelka/Shadow Hearts game! Koudelka was one of my favorite alternate flavor RPG's for the PS1, and Shadow Hearts is perhaps the most overlooked RPG for the PS2 out right now (that's worth looking at, that is). I've always loved their pre - WWI time setting, back when things in the world were a TAD different than today! Any speculation on the exact setting this time around? I hope that it actually takes place during WWI this time; I was bummed out when all Shadow Hearts really did was vaguely allude to it at the very end. The battles were particularily horrific during that conflict, and would be a great setting for some interesting gameplay; may I dream of even a quasi - tatical transformation? Probably not, but hey, I can dream.

A quote from a letter yesterday...

"It is peace time already and evry body goes on with there lives and choose what they want to do like yuna who has become a siner and since magic is dead already she has no ther thing to do than to sing to earn."

After reading this, I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Just thought I'd mention that.


Well, there is essentially no information to be had except that they're making a third game, but since Shadow Hearts vaguely hinted at some sequel potential, I'd guess they'd make Hailey a fairly important character and set in in America in the 1930s or so. I doubt they'd want to do anything tactical though, since Shadow Hearts reached a significantly larger audience after ditching that system.

At least Mega Man gives subseries their own names...

Dear Google,

A while ago, when I first heard about Final Fantasy X-2, I heard Square was also planning a remake or a sequal to FF7. Is this true? Is it going anywhere? Are they waiting to see how FFX2 does?


Not so much planning as considering. Anyway, yes, the odds of that becoming a reality are most likely heavily dependant on how FF10-2 does.


do do do do doo

Just sending a completely unimaginative brithday greeting ripped from a Beatles song. Wait, your birthday isn't even today? Ohhh... *quietly walks away*

Was Monday in fact.

I thought you WERE the shoulder slime...that elf is just an elf you've been munching on for years

See, that's what's so spiffy about that sig pic. It's so very open to interpretation.

The Last Laugh:

I had few people ask me where I heard the third Koudelka game "rumor" over the last 24 hours. There's a few significant differences between rumors and news items you realize. News items come from credible sources, rumors don't. News items I'll talk about, rumors I won't. I could go on I suppose but I covered the two that apply here. Seriously though, you'd figure doing this as long as I have would lend me some credibility on these things.

Oh yeah, and I threw a rant up.

Googleshng "HAT!"


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