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Googleshng - June 10 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I heard today they're making a third game in the Koudelka/Shadow Hearts series. This is perhaps the best birthday present I received this year. Of course, the only other candidate in the running is Munchkin 2, but still. Good news.

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Mile-a-minute Multiparter

Hello there Google, I'm a long-time reader but first-time writer. Just have a few random questions for you.
Do you know if, and when, Square will remake FF3 for the US?

They aren't planning to, but I could see them doing so in the future.

Why is FF Tactics being made for the GBA? I love Tactics, but I'm not into portable gaming, why wouldn't they make that game for PS2 or gamecube?I heard of the gameboy player for the gamecube, is that a good solution for someone like me that isn't into the portable gaming?

Well, at the moment, the GBA seems to be the place to be for RPGs, particularly of the tactical variety. The GBA player deal should suit you nicely though if you don't like the tiny screen.

I've heard rumors of a Chrono 3, is there any truth to these speculations?

It's true that people are SPECULATING, but not that such a game is in the works.

Why do videogame soundtracks only get released in Japan? I like the music from a lot of games but I can never seem to find them at a decent price, they are always expensive because they are imports.

Last I checked a few make their way over here, but it's basically just a question of supply and demand.

Do you think Square and Nintendo will collaborate once again and make a true sequal to the original Super Mario RPG? That would be awesome.

Snowball's chance on this one I'd think. What do you have against Paper Mario anyway?

Are you Looking forward to the Gamecube Zelda Four Swords with it's outdated graphics that resemble a Link to the Past? I am, I like the classic style graphics they are going for in this game.

You just used the terms "outdated" and "classic" to describe the same thing. It doesn't work that way.

Anyway, I'm not that interested, as multiplayer games have this habit of requiring, you know, multiple players.

One more question, which do you like more, Moogles or Chocobos? I like the Moogles more than the Chocobos. also, why have there been chocobo games and the Moogles haven't even had their own game yet?
Actually, that was 2 questions, but, oh well.

Thank You for your time.
A Weird Gamer From California

Moogles are far cooler, and they may not have their own game, but Mog scored some nice merchandising deals for himself back in the days of FF6.

+ Game Fun

Sup Goog,

Just wondering if you knew any games out there for the PS1 or 2 with the new game+ feature. Playing the game again with super charged characters is a lota fun!


Roughly 50% of all RPGs released since Chrono Trigger have had such a feature, but the bulk haven't implemented it too well. I seem to recall hearing though that the main gimmick of BoF5 is that you have to start new games with your stats carrying over several times before you'll be able to actually reach the end.

I am sick of seeing this letter.

To who it may concern,

I found that ur review of ffx-2 very harsh. I think you just dont undertand it much or it is not ur taste. I think you people dont like jpop much and japanese culture style games.

All the things about the game have explanations. It is peace time already and evry body goes on with there lives and choose what they want to do like yuna who has become a siner and since magic is dead already she has no ther thing to do than to sing to earn. Also the dresses are right since it is very hot and it is very trendy on there world. The music is the type of the people in the world. The game is made to be funny to show that the people are very happy to be free and enjoying peace. It is the result of fighting evil and many has go on with there lives and they have freedom for wat type of music, dress, etc that they want. They can do anythng that they want.

The people became funny and jolly since they are very happy to have peace and they are having fun with there freedom. The people there are like japanese and since the game is derived from an okinawan setting. I think the game is made for asians and japanese and jpop, anime lovers which are many here in asia.

Also why do you say that it is not fun. I enjoyed the game. the fighting is enjoyable. Lots of minigame. Sure the story is simple but the explanation here is that this game is made as a side story. So t is more of a search for ones love. Also it has multiple endings so u can stop arguing that it is short. Yuna just encounter people and help them on there way. It is really made to be short and the other quest is just side quest. The real objective is to find happiness.

I think this game will be a hit in US. Americans are not use to jopop and anime but that will change when they see this game. It is a cultur shock at forst but it will be enjoyable in the end. I fyou say that it sux then tell it to the millions who both it already.


This letter here has come to every single address RPGamer has, except oddly enough, for the reviews department. Several times in a few cases. I print it here to get a few things off my chest.

First of all, we haven't posted a review of FF10-2, or even any articles with editorial content regarding it that I'm aware of. Heck, I've actually been fairly positive about it myself. Sorta bringing back the job system gets a big thumbs up from me.

Second, when critiquing a review, you should really use proper grammar. People who do things like use "ur" in place of "your" come off as illiterate morons to begin with. Adding hypocricy to the mix is just disgusting.

Finally, people really need to learn to send complaints to the proper people. I mean, when you're griping to someone who posts screenshots for one site about a review you saw on another, that's not going to accomplish anything.

Games by people who at one point worked for Square

In a reply to a letter you said that Unlimited SaGa would have a game mechanic that would be like one from Shadow Hearts. What would that be? The only thing I can think of is the "judgement ring" system, but you say it was originally from Super Mario RPG and I don't really remember anything like that in that game; if anything I've heard of the judgement ring system being similar to something in Legend of Dragoon (haven't played that one, and based on the reviews, don't want to).

Yes, I was refering to the whole "judgement ring" concept. SMRPG really kicked off the whole concept of timing a button press to get extra damage from your attacks, so I figured I should point it out, but based on what I've heard, US handles things pretty much the same way SH did, although from screens I've seen, the wheel is decidedly less ornate.

I've started playing Xenogears and I think it's awesome. I've got one question: Does Namco actually have the rights to Xenogears or not for their Xenosaga games? I've heard from some places that they don't, but you'd think that if that were true, Square would have their lawyers on Namco like Chu-Chu on a spider, but then again, they are Japanese companies and not American ones. Either way, I'm going to have to get Xenosaga after I finish Xenogears and the price has gone down!

-The Nameless Translation Dude

Yes, the publishers in question have an agreement sealed with stock sharing allowing the Xeno team to reference their old stuff. I still say there's a bit of a fundemental flaw in the Publisher/Developer relationship though when such issues come up.

That boss was TRAUMATIC.

Okay Goog, I'm insanely desperate now. Gamefaqs doesn't help at all, and I know this is a task you've accomplished. I'm talking about defeating the last boss in Arc the Lad 2. Is he actually suppose to be invincible? Here's my situation:

  • I don't have the Romancing Stone to reduce MP cost, so all my spells cost their normal amount of MP.
  • The characters I use are Diekbeck(with Power Units 17 and 18), Elc, Sania, Lieza and Tosh. These characters(except Diek of course) are at levels 95-100.
  • All my other characters are at lv 75 or below, so I can count them out, since I can't use Arc Arena from the Romalian Sky Castle Save to level them up(ARRRRGHHHHH!!!).
  • I only have 4 Magic Apples.
I've tried to defeat this bastard twice, and it goes to hell everytime. The first boss(with 4000 HP) is easy. I stand in front of him with Tosh and Sania and attack away(to save MP for the next fight). Tosh does about 120 damage with each blow, wich is nice.

This method is fast and the only one using MP is Lieza(Cure), and she only needs to use about 100 MP before the guy transforms into the next form.

Then the bastard with 9999 HP comes. He's impossible. I can't use Tosh anymore, since he misses almost everytime, even when he counterattacks. I read that you should spread out your characters and cast spells, but when I do that, they can't reach the boss with their own spells! I've tried the Invincible-tactic, that's standing Elc in front of the boss and using Invincible every turn, while casting spells with the other characters. This tactic sucks. By the time Elc's out of MP, the boss has 8000 or more HP left. Each of my characters attack magic do about 30-40 damage to him. Go figure. WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhh *cries in agony*


Well some of the better strategies would seem to be out the window for you, but it sounds like you're in the same sort of situation I was in. I was using Arc, Elc, Shante, Sania, and... someone else who ultimately didn't help much. Sania had some item or other regenerating her MP, not the Romancing Stone but something else. I pretty much just had the main characters hacking away, and getting healed steadily from the sidelines. If you don't have ANY MP regeneration items, you're basically up the creek, but I'm pretty sure there's a few you always get, like that one that only works for Arc.

Hey, long time no see and such.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Goog-el-shng
Happy Birthday to you,

erm... hi Google, long time no see.

I can't tell whether or not Andrew got the Paranoia reference yesterday. The Computer is your friend. Communists must be eliminated. Mutants must be eliminated. Disliking the computer is treason. Treason must be eliminated. The Computer is your friend.

Well I caught it for what it's worth.

Anyway... Have you heard of any issues with the Playstation version of Chrono Trigger? One of my friends is reporting two problems:
1. She couldn't find the person in the Zeal era who asked about the plants.
2. She can't seem to find Son of Sun in 2300 AD.
Has anyone else experienced these problems, or is there some obvious requirement that she missed?

I'd chalk that up to missing something. Never heard anyone else making those complaints, and I seem to recall there being quite the convoluted sidequest involved with Son of Sun.

Oh, and I overheard some of the staff talking about a follow-up comic to the comic Andrew posted on Saturday.

Yeah, that was an odd thing to come back to after a long weekend.

Oh, one last thing... any idea how much time it takes a Media person to assemble material for an update? I'm sure that potential applicants would love to know.

That varies really. With an update that's just a few screens, one could presumably do it in under five minutes. With something like 50 screens, 20 pieces of artwork, and two movies, it really boils down to one's bandwidth, and skill at coming up with 50 little blurbs. There's an increasing degree of automation in the department though, so it's a bit faster than it was back when you worked here.

P.S. My client is sending this in plain text so that you can just copy the text wholesale instead of having to create hyperlinks for paranoia and follow-up comic. :D


Yes, but I DID still have to stick in the code to open them in new windows.


its your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHAY!!!!! make sure u eat lots of cake and get lots of video games!!! and lots of cool clothes that look great on slimes like u ;-)


I can't really think of ANY article of clothing that'd look great on a slime...

Greetings (Birthday monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I got the perfect gift for your birthday, maybe I could find a libido for you since you sure don't have one of those. What other things did you get on your birthday since I tend to not get anything since nobody remembers mine.
Imperial Mog

Heh. I believe I covered the list already. Let's see... Munchkin 2. Yup, that's the list.

The Last Laugh:

So yeah, those comics Andrew posted over the weekend. Someone asked what I thought of them. Fairly amusing, been too darn long since there was anyone sending weird stuff like that in to the column. I used to do it WAAAAAAAAAAAY the smurf back when, but now I'm too busy writing the things, CC had the same problem. Oh and then there were those odd little comics about the staff Radrisol did back when I had Gin on the weekends.

I'm tempted to gripe about being represented as some sort of ultra-bishonen/female elf, on the grounds that it gives the impression I really dig elves or something, but hey, at least I get a shoulder slime out of the deal.

Googleshng "Wow, there were six Q&A hosts in May of 99."

Not that I have anything AGAINST elves, but we all know orcs are where it's at.

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