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   Fate doesn't want me to sleep tonight.  

Googleshng - June 5 '03- 5:00 Eastern Standard Time

I suppose I should more accurately say fate DIDN'T want me to sleep tonight. It's 5 AM standard time as I sit down to start this column, and the sun is most definitely up. I've just been subjected to such a bombardment of intellectual stimulation over the last eight hours, and it still hasn't stopped. Oh, there it goes.

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Making my job that much easier.

Hey, what's the real stor behind this rumor of Chrono Break? I've heard that Square copyrighted the name, but there's nothing else out there. I guess I just get a bit pissed that a possible sequel to my favorite series is in limbo, as far as I know.
Kenny C.

You have answered your own question as completely as anyone could. Have a cookie or something I guess.

Something's not right here...


Just a little the guy that mentioned the music in Kingdom Hearts: Pick up the Legend of Mana OST if you can. I bought the KH OST a short while after the game came out and got LoM at the same time. Both are done by the masterful Yoko Shimomura (I think that's spelled right) who also composed the music for Parasite Eve, I believe. She's an awesome artist and I would love to see more of her work in future RPGs.

It's a good time...


Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the bulk of the music in Kingdom Hearts just plucked from the various movies it engulfs? In my book that doesn't allow you to say the soundtrack is by one particular person. Those other games you mentioned do have pretty spiffy soundtracks though.

Opinions... opinions! Tentacles!

I am truly curious as to your thoughts on the new SaGa game, think it will be good? I myself am looking forward to it, though I doubt anything will reach the glory of Romancing SaGa 3.

Also, what about Windwalker? I may have a good deal on it, but I'm not gonna waste my money on another crappy cube game.

- Galvatron

I believe I already gave my opinion on what I've seen of Unlimited SaGa yesterday. If you'd like me to add to that, descriptions I've heard of the visual style seem inaccurate, as I have seen not one fractal in these screenshots. Plus unless I'm confusing it with another game, I believe it has a game mechanic people will hail as incredibly innovative despite being lifted straight from Shadow Hearts, which at that was really just expounding on a concept from Super Mario RPG.

As for Zelda, get the freaking game already! And I have to wonder what lousy CG games you're comparing it to. I can name a couple, but I don't see why you'd equate them to Zelda.

I assume this is a reference to SOMETHING, but it could be ANYTHING!

::click:: La la la la...I'll just walk over to this thing here.... AHAHHH! It's an evil LAAARGE RAT! DIE!

^.^ Had to do that.

I have always been a big fan of totally random outbursts.

The Last Laugh:

Goodbye everybody, I'm most likely going to take a four day weekend to avoid having to do anything on my birthday and for Andrew to negate some guilt from last week.

Now remember kids, when life hands you lemons, check into the nearest detox system because if you think that life itself is somehow capable of physically manifesting before you to dispense fruit, you are clearly hallucinating bigtime.

Googleshng "Quick! To the Ormr-mobile!"

OK, you REALLY would have had to be there.

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