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Googleshng - June 3 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK, so two or three years ago, someone talks me into openning up a CafePress account to try and sell some cheesy wares. So I did, and one person even bought a couple things, theoretically earning me 14 bucks. Now, the thing of it is, while it is somewhat irksome that they never actually sent me this meager some, it is far MORE annoying that they periodically send me an e-mail along the lines of "Hey, we have this money here, it's yours, we're not going to give it to you because either there isn't much of it, or we don't know where to send it. One of those."

So anyway, yeah. CafePress sucks and annoys me. If I ever feel like selling less cheesy wares, I'll have to find another site to do it through. You'd think after 3 years they'd quit sending me stuff though.

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Anime, entirely too common of a topic in here.

Hi Goog- long time reader. You don't have to put this in your column (duh) but I am starting to like anime and I was wondering what is a good, reputable website that rates anime series. There are so many series out makes it hard to pick. Also what series (I don't know what the plural of series is) would you recommend?

The plural of series is series.

Well, I suppose I could kill two burds with one stone and just link to my little page of anime reviews. Dear gods I really need to update that sucker. Anyway, a few good off the cuff recommendations: Trigun, Utena, Escaflowne, Excel Saga, Slayers, Those Who Hunt Elves.

Hey, someone took the bait!

Come to think of it....why do people seem to hate Wild Arms 2? The battle-graphics weren't that great, but the battles themselves play out much better than basically all the 1st generation PS2 games, and are certainly not painful to play (which is more than I can say about some...). The puzzles are a refreshing change from just shoving blocks left and right. However, it seems the translation is horrible.

I don't think it's a great game, but I certainly wouldn't give it a 4 or a 1. The only thing that really comes to mind that I think is intolerable about that game is the extra dungeons; those level 90+ bosses are practically invincible. Ouch.

Then again, I suppose I have a high tolerance for bad graphics. So long as they don't interfere with the game, I'm happy; in WA2, they don't, so that's good enough.

You know, not many games make me feel like throwing up...and this WA2 one of them. It's those games that should really earn those 1's and 2's.


That last paragraph seems a tad mangled by typos there. Anyway, why people don't like Wild ARMs 2. First and foremost is the translation to be sure. Most people claim they play RPGs primarily for the story. When the story is incomprehensible thanks to the worst localization job in history, that's a big turn off. I'm still wondering if there's any actual connection between 2 and the rest of the series plotwise.

Next on the list is probably the fact that the Wild ARMs series doesn't hold much appeal to a lot of people. It's really the only modern RPG series that follows the pattern of 16 bit games like Lufia 2 rather than aping FF7 or trying something really odd like Valkyrie Profile.

Finally, the whole Force Meter/FP system wasn't implimented very well. The idea behind it is that some abilities require you to spend FP, and others require you to have a lot of it. That's all well and good in theory (and WA3 impliments it quite nicely), but WA2 forgets to give abilities worth saving FP and abilities worth spending it to the same characters, so the end result is that mages have infinite MP, and Tim gets the most degenerate healing spell in all history. I suppose people may also dock a few points for throwing in a clearly defined main character. One of the best things about WA1 was how everyone got equal focus.

Here's a good question.

Hey google,
What do you think the chances of Sega releasing all 3 versions of Shining Force 3 on one disc? I mean that would be the best decision that ill-fated company could make. Next to releasing Dragon Force on a real system. I dont think anyone else wants to see another Sonic Remix


I'm not sure if Sega will ever realize that those are some of their best games. I mean, they sure as heck didn't the first time around. The only Saturn games I ever recall seeing advertised were Knights, and the various Virtua games. They seem to be on a rereleasal kick lately though, so you never know what might resurface over the next few years.

Musical Taste

Hey Googleshng, it's Ket Shi again.

I'm wondering, what is your favorite music from any RPG you've ever played?  For all the RPG's I've played in my life, I'd have to pick Kingdom Heart's music that plays in the intro if you leave the start screen alone for a bit.  Man, it's practically inspirational.  It's so heroic sounding and goes so well with the imagery!  So, what would you choose as your favorite?  (Lots of difficult choices, I know!)

-Ket Shi, the Cait Sith Fanatic

I assume I'm going for a specific track here? I suppose I'll go with the intro to Chrono Cross, but yeah, there's a lot of runners up.

Someone else takes the bait.
  • What's so great about that Kartia game you mention every so often?
  • What does everyone have against Wild ARMs 2?
  • Which version of MMBN3 are you planning to get?


- andrew (yes, another Andrew attacks the RPGamer world... I hate my name >_<)

Well I already answered the WA2 thing, I'll probably go with Blue money allowing, and Kartia is cool due to the innovative and interesting game mechanics, the fact that casting spells radically alters the environment, and the whole deal of having two simultanious plot lines woven together.

Must resist urge to correct spelling and song name...

Well since you need some questions and since I haven't seen this addressed...
Have you heard the new Weird Al album?  If so, what do you think?  There's even a pallendrom song.  I love that.  Oh and I'm thinking about memorizing that one long line in the toolstore song, though perhaps that means I need to find something better to do...


Pretty spiffy. You really have to respect anyone who can write a song composed solely of palindromes that still manages to rhyme and so forth.

The Last Laugh:

Holy cow. I've been running behind on everything for the last 36 hours. Oh, and I haven't linked to this rant yet have I? Well now I have I suppose.

Googleshng "I'm late! I'm late! For a very important update!"

I still say Weird Al doesn't look right without glasses.

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