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Googleshng - June 2 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's never a good sign when the weekend Q&A guy posts the Friday column and proceeds to drop off the face of the earth for the weekend. There's dead air for two days, and then I get back to see the letter pipeline is pointed the wrong way. So, let's see if we can get an entertaining column thrown up for you today.

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Oh hey, a real letter snuck in here!

Ok, so the front page is getting a bit ridiculous. It was kind of nice when they started putting sticky tags on some of the news stories so that we could see the important stuff. But lately, it seems like every other story needs a sticky tag. ThereÕve been days when IÕve had to scroll half-way down the page to find the newest stories, past things that are two weeks old. Just thought IÕd share that itÕs annoying. Your flatulence is appreciated.

First off, I'll have to point out that you're exaggerating quite a bit there. The only things that ever stay locked in the top slots for more than two days are contests and job applications, although granted we've had both recently. Plus the last time I can recall seeing three items locked up there was something like two years ago, and then only for like 3 hours.

All that said though, those first two story slots have been reserved for something like three weeks straight lately, and yeah, it is annoying when you're checking for new updates every day. That's the sort of thing that happens around E3 though. It should clear up around tomorrow though.

So what did the words "are", "browse", "the", and "let" do to avoid being hacked up? Maybe they ratted out the rest to score a better deal...

R us sia n M a il O rd er Bri de s

Tir ed of Da ting S poi led A me rica n W om en?

R us sia n W om e n are Uns po ile d, De vot ed and G rat efu l!
(Browse the F R E E P ict ur es T HEY Se nt I n!)

W e'll P ost Y our F R E E A d on O ur R us si an S ite.
Let W om en C om e To Y ou F or A C han ge.

I've never "da ted" any "s poi led A me rica n w om em" actually, so no, I don't suppose I could be "ti red" of it. Furthermore, it's rather biggotted of you to imply such sweeping generalizations regarding all "w om e n" from "R us sia" like that.



HI,Googleshng,Do you want a GOLD CARD?
If you can't get a credit card or
just need another.
The Economy is tough
So make Your Life Easy.

I've never seen the point of credit cards. If I don't have enough money to buy something, I'm not going to borrow money from someone to pay for it. As is, I would have no way of paying them back. If I had a stable income on the other hand, I would be much better off waiting until I could afford the thing on my own (as prices generally drop), than borrowing money and paying it back later (with interest).

I don't think I could do this job with dialup.

How much time do you waste because of a slow Internet connection?
You probably spend more time waiting than actually doing anything online.
You don't have to. Your connection is probably malfunctioning.

Actually, I have a broadband connection, so I tend to get things as quickly as the server can send them. The only thing that ever wastes a lot of my time on the internet is having to delete a lot of spam. Foe example, just today I got this letter from someone trying to trick me into installing some sort of spyware under the guise of "internet connection repair software" or somesuch.

This one only got under the spam blocker by a tenth of a point. I still say that bar needs to be lowered.

Rates can't stay low forever, why wait?

We help you find the bes t rate for your situation by matching your needs with hundreds of lenders! This service is 100% FREE to home o wners and without any obli gation.

It only takes a mi nute to fill out our quick and si mple form to get incredible rates!

I already explained why I don't borrow money to the credit card guy.

The big catch.

Why was this email sent to you? At some point you registered or made a purchase on a Web site with privacy policies explaining that they may share your information with partners who will send you valuable offers from time to time.

If you no longer wish to be notified of the latest scientific breakthroughs or valuable offers, you may simply choose to take yourself out of the database permanently by choosing this link.

Actually, since this e-mail came to an obscure redirect address which I have never in my life used when filling out any form, and indeed never do anything with save for linking to it on a single web page, I can say with certainty that you are wrong, and I am actually receiving this because the address in question was picked up by an automated sweep, or used by someone else when filling out a form because they didn't want this sort of garbage coming to their own mailbox.

Furthermore, while it is entirely possible that if this weren't a redirect only address, were I to reply, you might remove me from your lists temporarily, you would then have evidence that it was an actual valid address which you could sell to your 5000 other spammer friends.


Please see the attached file.

You didn't attach a file.

The Last Laugh:

I could keep this up all day, but for the sake of brevity, I'll just delete the rest of this spam and prepare to answer actual questions tomorrow.

Googleshng "I really can't stand spam."

Both this variety, and the creepy canned pseudo-meat.

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