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Googleshng - May 27 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

They didn't ask me if I've ever been sick though, which is just as well because, I mean, I have.

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Four questions, mostly about Hippie Luvcraft

Since I've been hearing all over the place that H.P. Lovecraft is the best thing since sliced bread, and what I do know of his works from reading the Call of Cthulhu D20 guide looks pretty awesome, I think I'll get one of his books to read over the summer.  Since you've made a few references to him in your rants, I assume you know something about his books.  So, I have a few questions for ya:

1. Do the books sound like they were written by Shakespeare or Charles Dickens?  Although I am a fairly good reader, I get bored very quickly when I have to think about what I'm reading.

No, they were written around the turn of the century so they aren't THAT antiquated. He does have a habit of using a rather large and strange vocabulary (gibbous, non-euclidean, and squeamous are found about as often as the), and having every story told from the perspective of the character farthest removed from the action.

2. Would you recommend his books to someone who is not entirely interested in the horror genre but does have an interest in the fantasy/sci-fi genre?

Everyone should read SOME stuff by H.P. Lovecraft if only to catch the references.

3. Is there a lot of talk about Hell or eternal torment?  For some reason, those kinds of stories freak me out (I'm a wuss, I know).

Nope. Just slimey tentacle covered space monsters.

4. Does this look like a good deal?


As for an RPG related question, which E3 RPG interests you the most?  And am I the only person unimpressed by Boktai?  The game play looks ok, but the whole going outside thing does not interest me at all.  I mean, the last time I did that, I got sun burned!  Maybe it's part of a scheme to raise profits for the sunscreen companies.

BL Alien

I'm going to say FFTA. Boktai looks fairly interesting really, and it isn't that hard to sit in the shade while holding a GBA in sunlight.


Hey Goog,

Gotta ask you a question.  Have you ever become somewhat...disenchanted with today's games, and look to yesteryear for your gaming fix?  I don't just mean with RPGs specifically, but games in general.  I ask because in the last few months, I've gotten a little bit tired of Final Fantasy X, Chrono Cross, Lord Of The Rings, Grand Theft Auto III, the latest WWF games, and I dug out my nintendo and started playing Super Mario, Castlevania, Contra, Punch Out, Mega Man, and all the classic games that I haven't touched in years, and I had more fun playing them than I've had playing games in a really long time.  I felt like today's games just aren't fun anymore...the games back then didn't have much graphics and soundwise, at least compared to games in the year 2003, but just have a basic element of fun that today's games don't.  Do you ever feel this way?  I think it's an understandable feeling considering that sense of nostalgia, but I was just wondering what you thought about it.

Robust Stu

I have never in my life thought that old games were better than new games. I have however on many occassions found that I prefer well designed fun games to lousy sequels that get shoved out the door too soon, which covers your current situation pretty well I'd say.

Andrews off the port bow!

Hi (uhhh, is a slim joke required here?)

First time submitter, long time reader.

I was looking forward to give a try at this whole Q&A thingy. I really like RPGamer and I always enjoy this part of the site. I really like how there is two extremes in the Q&A (you and Andrew)

One question, in the reviews I see often Andrew Long writing some. Is it the same Andrew as here???

No. For some reason, RPGamer attracts far more than its fair share of Andrews. Currently we have an Andrew Duff doing Q&A and an Andrew Long running news and writing the occasional review. Then there's probably half a dozen other Andrews who have worked here in the past.

A comment this time ^_^ Don't you just love how in Wind Waker, you can sail away from an island and look at it becoming a shadow. You have no black loading screen, no disconnection... just one huge world. Of course it's just an illusion, but isn't it just the greatest illusion you have seen in  long time. You almost get to forget about the Gamecube... total immersion in the game ^_^

I wonder of that Pirates of the Carahibe (probably wrong spelling here) game is like that... Would be amazing!!!!

Have yourself an amazing day and I hope this letter is of RPGamer's Q&A's level

Soul "Death before dishonor"

Yes, just about the only thing more impressive than the size of the world in Wind Waker is the fact that there is absolutely no transition whatsoever between running around on one island, hopping on your ship, sailing across the ocean, and running around on another.


I ate a DNS bug once.  Yum.



I am suddenly reminded of a creepy old children's song.

How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

I really wish people would remember to mention what game they were talking about with things like this. One would assume if it's possible for the answer to be more than one log per round, it would be one for low level woodchucks, but once you get up around 50, you can count on throwing 5 or 6 at a time.

The Last Laugh:

For those who care about such things, last night I threw a new rant up, and started messing around with the beginnings of a text adventure or three. Anyone here know of a good way to impliment objects which amoung other things change the result of "examine myself" in Inform?

Googleshng "You are eaten by a grue."

This wouldn't happen if you had new Grue Away™!

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