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Googleshng - May 26 '03- 7:30 Eastern Standard Time

As the bulk of you are probably aware, this weekend was plagued by DNS troubles, keeping people (such as me) from accessing various domains (such as this site, and my mail server) on this great big internet of ours. Now that that's cleared up, I see that Andrew forgot to point the mailto link my way yesterday, and, well, the bottom line is, I don't have much to work with today as far as letters go.

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This is the only question I have today.

Is there a point at which it is too late to find asst. Scott? I have not entered the last dungeon. I have all of the robot parts and wish to get Shions last ether. I understand Scott is supposed to be in the Iron Man bar. However, he is nowhere to be found.

That particular little sidequest really can't even be done until you're more or less at the very end of the game, and Xenosaga is designed in such a way as to avoid having players miss the chance to get things, so I'd think you just need to look a bit harder.

The Last Laugh:

So yeah, like I said. Short column. Tomorrow's should be both on time and normal length... although the window for questions coming in is a good deal shorter than usual so don't quote me on that second bit.

Googleshng "I'm having an oddly intellectual conversation."

I'll probably extrapolate it into a rant later.

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