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Googleshng - May 22 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

And lo, I realize as I type the title of today's column, someone, somewhere, just won a bet.

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Senseless Violence

Hey Goog,

For a while now, everyone seems to be stuck on Final Fantasy X-2. Some say it sucks, other's say it'll ruin the series. And they are probably right. After watching the opening, I don't find myself counting down the days until I can play.

However, this odd, yet interesting, video makes me wonder one thing. Not if the job system will work, or if Square has lost their minds. It makes me ask why the hell Rikku kicks the concert guards ass for no apparent reason. I mean, come on, they guy is just doing his job, trying to enforce rules and stuff. He probably doesn't even like the job, but he has to put food on the table. Yet despite his noble efforts to be a good father and citizen, he is severely attacked?

Very odd... very... So hopefully, you Oh great Goog of Googs, can answer my question.

The Clinically Insane, yet somehow Loveable Blueyevil

"Hey, I'm a guy"

Why question this particular case and no others? I mean, RPG protagonists are the most senselessly violent demographic imaginable. I mean, just about all of them are guilty of running around slaughtering dozens of cute little defenseless slimes and/or bunnies just because they're there. Oh, and don't try to give me the whole self-defense excuse either. You know darn well the little buggers aren't really able to hurt them.

We named the dog Indiana!


I'm sure you above all people noticed the Xenosaga series update. Whaddaya think? They say that Jr. is going to play a larger role in the episode 2, but I think he already played a huge part in episode one. The second half of episode one was almost entirely dependant on him. Do we really need to spend more time with the whole rubedo/nigrido/albedo relationship? Sure, a small explanation would be nice, but I don't think it should be anything more than a sort of side story. I think they should focus more on the new stuff... like fleshing out the smaller characters like the Vector CEO, Jin, or Nephilim (although I'm sure she'll play a much larger part later in the series, since she looks so much like you-know-who). They should start connecting loose ends that are left in between Episode one and Xenogears. Where does Abel fit in? What about the wave existence? I'm sure they'll do this responsibly in time, and perhaps I'm whining out of personal taste (Jr. was my least favorite character, and I can't stand Albedo's voice!), but I wish they'd start Episode two with a fresher premise.

What do you think?

How could you not like Jr.? He's a hot-headed gun-toting midget! Plus I wouldn't say the plot of Xenosaga 1 really revolved around him, what with him not even showing up until around the halfway point and all.

That said, I'd rather not do much speculating on the plot of a game with roughly two sentences worth of information to go on.

Shiny Happy Remakes

Hi! I am very much looking forward to "Sword of Mana", since "Final Fantasy Adventure" was one of my fave GB RPGs. Ah, a memory from the past brought back to life! I just hope they don't try to change many of the bittersweet elements of the game and if they change the ending (besides maybe adding to it), I will be royally p*ssed off. Any word if it is going to be (mostly) true to the original storyline, besides what is being added?


I doubt they'd go and make any radical changes to the plot while upgrading the graphics, so presumably you'll still have all the fun of having a cyborg chocobo.

The Last Laugh:

Busy weekend ahead for me it seems, but hopefully not for you, so you can sit around throwing questions at Andrew. Or playing games. Or building giant robots. Or having some sort of social life. You know, whatever.

Googleshng "Molyneueuoeuex"

I'll cut out the Teen Girl Squad quotage for next week. Honest.

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