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Googleshng - May 21 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I really need to start referencing something else... some day.

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I normally wouldn't print such things but like 20 people asked.

Hmm, you mention very good news while making references to Teen Girl Squad. The only logical explanation is that there was an announcement at E3 for a TGS RPG. Or, you just recently discovered Homestar Runner, which is an exciting thing in itself, considering Homestar Runner is awesome. Or, the good news has nothing to do with Teen Girl Squad at all. Care to divulge?

BL Alien

Well a week or so ago I was reminded that Strong Bad existed, which covers the references, but the good news to which I alluded was that the cost of a plane ticket became lower than the ammount of money I can mooch off relatives, thus making it possible for me to take a trip to Japan, which is one of those things I've been trying to do for the last three years.

More on playable endings.

Silly slime! To think, someone who has spent so much time unleashing a lethal horde of sheep upon unsuspecting monsters would forget how perfectly the ending of Dragon Warrior VII fits the hypothetical description set forth by Vyse the Expialidocious. Unfortunately, it contains little more than a lot of NPCs throwing you a lot of feasts, and ends up being rather unsatisfying. But it's a nice thought.

"This world is made of...LOVE AND PEACE!"

Well see, that would be one of the ones I would have listed if I stopped to think about it.

Finally! Some random E3 Speculation!

Hey Google,

I was looking around in the E3 impressions section, and something occurred to me. I decided that, after having written several letters, I would ask an actual question. Hitherto, I have only touched off firestorms for my racist Chinese statements and talk of dirty magazines (Boy, if I had known what reaction THAT would provoke).

I read the reviews and game information regarding Tales of Symphonia. This name really piqued my interest because, though I am an English teacher in Taiwan, I have a music degree. So do the heroes fight their way through a musical wonderland, filled with opera divas and piano-wielding behemoth virtuosi? Are the monsters and NPCs themselves living cellos, clarinets, euphoniums and marimbas? If so, I'd bet NT1,000,000 who the final boss would be. A freaking big pipe organ. Could supply its own boss music too. Anyway, just wondering if the name has any significance at all, as it rung a bell from my days of playing in the Sinfonia.

Oh, and Mikel Tidwell was right about FFX-2. I just looked at the games' screenshots and art. I need to take a cold shower now.

Ke Da-Wei

The evil Taiwanese Bushiban Teacher

I'm fairly sure there isn't any slaying of giant oboe monsters in Tales of Symphonia, but wasn't that part of the gimmick to Rhapsody? That and the characters constantly breaking out in song. I'd just chalk it up to the trend of giving games musical names. I mean, look at the Castlevania series...

I now have a mental image of Dracula playing the french horn.











Dont put this in the column

There you go, but my name isn't Dont.

If you could be any member of Teen Girl Squad, who would you be?

Member eh? So I can't say "The 'ARROWED!' Guy?" Guess I'll go with Cheerleader then, on account of the not dying.

I met a possum!

Cybernetic Empire

Glad to see we're all on the same page.

The Last Laugh:

I still find it strange that will all the E3 news flying around, all people seem to be talking about is names of characters from old FF games. Where's the chatter about Sword of Mana? Boktai? Disgaea? FFTA?

Googleshng "Diggeridon't"

What made me say that? I don't know.

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