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Googleshng - May 14 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

The first thing I saw upon waking up this morning was a big yellowjacket. Then I had some lemon merengue pie, and well, you get the idea.

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Someone on Sunday was wondering why we don't usually write the titles of games in quotes. Here's the answer: because you're supposed to italicize them, like book, magazine, etc. titles. There's a difference between Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy; one refers to the series, the other to the first game in the series.


Right. Of course, in this here column, nobody ever does anything with game titles, since people tend not to be very formal when writing me.


Hey, Goog.

A universal truth opened up to me tonight, when I was chocking on some water. It's the kind of truth that you realize when you look at a box of cereal and think, "Why does it advertise that it contains eight essential nutrients, when it lists thirteen in the nutrition information? Does that mean that some of these are non-essential?" Then you come to your conclusion: the packaging is full of crap, and no one reads it anyway.

Is that true for video games? How many people stand in the store/rental place/whatever, and carefully scrutinize over the text on the back of the packaging, wondering if they'll enjoy the game? And then they realize that the packaging doesn't really tell them anything in the first place?

And I'm talking about older games, not the newer ones that get full page ads in all the gaming magazines, and detailed reviews, etc.

Well back before there WERE gaming magazines and such, people pretty much had to go by box backs. Well, that and word of mouth. These days though, I doubt many people look at'em much.

I guess I just wanted to say something other than, "Hi, this is my first time writing in, but I've been reading the Q&A column for a while, and was too lazy to declare my love for a video game character, or tell a shameful story of my worst video game experience.". But now that I've said it, I'd better distract you with a question:

People have often said Chrono Break is coming out, and they insist that there's a cover-up among the RPG sites. So what I'm wondering is, what is the purpose of copywriting a title, when there's little to no evidence that Square-Enix is bringing people together for the project? Or that they ever will? It seems like a waste of time. Especially with something as odd-sounding as "Chrono Break". Unless someone else was going to make a bootleg Chrono game/cartoon/manga/etc., I don't see why S-E would even worry about it.

This is the kind of letter that makes itself up as it goes along, and I didn't really have a direction when I first started it. I guess I'd better stop now, or something.

-CW do these people write letters to you all the time without making total fools of themselves?

It's a bit like how people pay for insurance. I mean, there's not much of a chance that anyone else is going to try and release something with a name like Final Fantasy 15, or Chrono Break, or anything else like that, but it doesn't cost much of anything to get the name set aside, and if someone actually did use such a name, and then they wanted to call a game the same thing, they'd be up the creek.

On a related note...

A question I cannot find the answer to. I know that Sqaure is busy at work on FFXI and FFX-2 coming this fall, but have they dropped the notion of continuing the Chrono Trigger/Cross series? Perhaps one of my favorite titles of all-time, Chrono Cross gives a player enough to do to play a couple of times and still find new weapons/places/treasures/playable characters. I love the world and the story, the CG, and the caharcters. So when in God's name can I stop waitng and mark my calendar? By the same token, I feel Legend of Dragoon was one of the better rpg's to come out of the 90's, and I've a-been waiting on a sequel to that too! Alright, so the translation was perhaps the worst in recent history. But the powers, and battle system keep bringing me back for an annual session of Endiness ass-kicking. I limit myself to rpg's, so these days I'm feeling a bit frustrated since there's only two new (decent) titles out there. Throw me a bone, here! My PS2 is drying up like a dry sponge.

Well, Square hasn't even hinted at a third Chrono game (unless they're doing so as I'm writing this, things change pretty fast this time of year). Don't recall any official word on a LoD2 either. I have to say though that you're probably the only person in the world who thinks LoD was one of the best games of the decade. I mean, that's pretty darn close to calling it one of the best RPGs of all time you realize, and most people wouldn't even call it one of the better games from that year.


Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

Why yes. Yes I am.

Why does everyone hate Ted Woolsey, anyway? I know he did the translation for FF6, but the job wasn't THAT bad, was it?


General concensus is that FF6 had a pretty darn good translation. Anyone you ever see picking on Ted Woolsey is presumably doing so because he left Square to work on Shadow Madness of all things.

The Last Laugh:

And now back I go to the front lines.

Googleshng "E3 is always darn busy..."


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