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Googleshng - May 13 '03- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wait, it's only spooky on a Friday isn't it.

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E4: The extra E is for Escapism!

After reading yesterday's letter about MMORPG's happening in the real world, I relized something that would probably make such a game less popular. One reason why games/movies/books are so popular is that the player/reader/watcher can forget about the real world. It is a phycological form of escape. Sure the guy mentioined elves, dwarfs and such, but in today's society there would probably be some Affirmative Action law making elves teach Dwarves to make mythril. Ahhh... too much complications in making a game set in the real wold. I guess if there is some excuse to make the world possible, then I'd play it. But I havn't found a game I like that is set in the real world.

And on to an E3 comment. I HATE YOU ALL WHO GET TO GO. I'm stuck less than half an hour away from it, and with no ticket, and school to go to. Well, enjoy my little home village of LA whoever is coming.

One last thing. To you, what is more important, story or gameplay? Latez.

-CaptainG 22

Well you can make a game set in the real world without throwing around annoying real world elements, but yes. If you're going to wander around a simulated world talking to people, it should be a more interesting world than the one you'd see if you actually left your room.

Also, your frustration over E3 is a bit unfounded. I mean, E3 is a press show. Everyone there is working. You're either a representitive of a publisher who has to spend three days giving interviews, a member of the press running around conducting those interviews, or a model hired by a company to draw attention to games that would otherwise be ignored. It's not like there's a few hundred people running around playing demos of really cool games that won't be out for another ye- OK, fine, it is. But MOSTLY it's the work part, honest.

Finally, I play games for gameplay, I read books for stories, and I watch movies for eyecandy. If any of them offer up something else on top of that, hey, even better.

Could someone explain what this letter says that I didn't say yesterday?

Hiyas Googleshng :o)

I'm a long time reader, first time um, e-mailer, but I have to say that I LOVE the letters section. I have a morning ritual of checking out the letters here to just kinda give me some food for thought.

However, I have to kinda finally give in my two cents about the whole thing de Karlson Christopherher Kruegerson the Third and two-eighths (what a name!) was talking about.

Actually, there ARE modern MMORPG's that are out there, but to be honest, they're not doing too hot. Anarchy online springs to mind first, then Planetside is about to launch, and let's not forget about all the WWII games. Granted, some of these aren't kicking alien arse, but they ARE a bit more in the future than pointy metal objects being hacked or thrown at furry rats. The only reason you don't hear much about 'em is the fact that they bomb so quickly. So if modern/futuristic games aren't taking hold, then of COURSE compaines will stay with the tried-and-true Fantasy aspects. EverCrack has proven that it works, so just like a good cup of FF, why change around what ain't broke?

Just a few little comments :)



There you go. The average person WANTS fantasy settings in their MMORPGs. I'd still think the not so average person is a viable market to target though.


A little <3 to keep you company during E3.


Ah, but does it know HTML?

The quote's from Monty Python and the Holy Grail... whether or not it was intended to be.

Uh, what quote are you refering to exactly?

I couldn't help but notice one of the banner ads on; the guns vs. swords debate must have gotten your advertiser's attention.

What, exactly, would someone DO with a sword described as "fully functional when used correctly"?

I don't believe I've seen that particular ad, but now I want to go take another crack at Slash Mode.

The Last Laugh:

Seems to be quicky season doesn't it.

Googleshng "Brevity!"

Why is brevity such a long word anyway?

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